Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 835

Chen Feng was still that temptation.
“Well, if you agree, the money will be given to you.”
Chen Feng’s calmness caused the red-haired young man to shake slightly. He looked at Chen Feng and opened his lips, but still did not make any response.
“This is a real three hundred thousand, if you don’t want to, then I can only forget it.”
“do not!”
Seeing Chen Feng’s remorse, the red-haired young man finally couldn’t help shouting.
Chen Feng smiled at him.
“what’s happenin?”
“Do you really give me 300,000 just like this?”
“Not for you, but for all of you.”
Chen Feng looked at the person standing behind him.
And this time it’s not just the red-haired youth who are not calm.
Three hundred thousand, although there are more than a dozen of them, it is still tens of thousands per person, which is not a small number.
Someone leaned in.
But the red-haired young man immediately rebuked.
“Why do you want that? Who knows if he is playing with us?”
He said and looked at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng did not respond.
“But boss, that’s 300,000. Let’s check it out immediately. If there is none inside, it will not be too late for us to come back. I’m afraid he can run.
The red-haired young man thought for a while, he smiled at Chen Feng.
“Big Brother, I was blind just now, and I didn’t even see the identity of Big Brother. I told Big Brother that there is really nothing that can’t be solved with money. It’s not wrong to have money. It’s not wrong at all.”
“Right, things that money can solve are not things. You still pay less. Or you can tell your boss that if you can raise the price ten times, you can ask again.”
The red-haired young man nodded seriously, as if he was really thinking about the possibility of doing this, then said.
“Big brother is right, if it is tenfold, I will sell myself, I am willing. Big brother, you see if you give us the money, we will go back and talk to the boss.”
Chen Feng held the card in his hand, and he was still smiling.
“I know you definitely don’t believe it yet, but you will naturally believe it later. If you take the money and don’t do anything, I can tell you that what you can do with money is not just that simple.”
His tone suddenly fell cold, and the red-haired young man was startled. He knew what Chen Feng meant.
Since 300,000 can be used to let them leave, then naturally more money can be used to make them suffer.
He nodded repeatedly.
“Big brother what to say, as long as we take the money, what we should do, we will do what we do. Don’t worry, brother, don’t look at us like this, we are very trustworthy.”
Qing Zhi, who had always been sitting on the sidelines, didn’t care how Chen Feng did it, but for the old man, Chen Feng had spent so much money in this way, he couldn’t introduce him anyway.
If it hadn’t been for Qing Zhi to stop him, he might have stepped forward to stop Chen Feng.
But now it looked as if the other party was about to take so much money away, and the old man couldn’t restrain it anymore.
He says.
“What are you doing, even if you have money, you can’t take it away to this kind of person.”
The old Chinese is cold and has no temper with Chen Feng.
But before Chen Feng could speak, the red-haired young man angered.
“Old man, I’m talking to my eldest brother, you’re a fart here, let me stay away.”
Chen Feng glared at him.
“It’s your turn to speak?”
And hearing Chen Feng’s words, the attitude of the red-haired youth is completely different.
He flattered.
“Big brother said, I don’t speak, I shut up.”
Chen Feng was too lazy to talk to him and threw the bank card in his hand to the other party.
“Get out of here.”
The card flew by and fell into the opponent’s hand like a fallen leaf.
They looked at this card carefully in their hands, and seemed to think it was so incredible that there were three hundred thousand in it.
“Why do you want to be fierce after taking the money?”
Chen Feng’s voice sounded, and the red hair hurriedly led the people back into the car, and said as he returned.
“Big brother, how dare we, we have all received the money, so naturally we will not make trouble here again, and we will never come again in the future, brother, don’t worry.”
While looking at Chen Feng, he urged the people around him to get into the car quickly.
After a while, these cars came with dust and returned with money.
But not everyone is happy, the old man is obviously not happy.
With a cold face, he said to Chen Feng.
“I want you to be nosy, what about them, that’s my business with them, you think I will be grateful for this. Humph! You are no different from them.”
The old man smashed his head and covered his face and said, Chen Feng also knew that in the eyes of some people, rich people are as dark as crows in the world.
But he felt that it was really nothing. Just a small amount of money could get rid of this group of poppies. If they kept their promises, they could even get it all done once and for all. This was much more cost-effective than wasting time with them.
But naturally, it is impossible for an old man to understand Chen Feng’s thoughts, which may be incomprehensible in the eyes of many people.
“Father, I have no ill intentions. It’s just Qing Zhi coming to you. It’s not easy for her to be disturbed. If you don’t understand me, I can leave. After the Qing Zhi peace talks are over, I can come again. .”
It might make the old man angry anyway, Chen Feng said simply.
But the old man didn’t say anything bluntly, maybe the solution was his problem.
He still turned around angrily and walked towards his home.
Since he didn’t speak, Chen Feng would not honestly say what he said just now.
He also walked over behind Qing Zhi.
The room is not big, but there is nothing wrong with accommodating three or four people sitting there to meet guests.
When the old man returned inside, he sat on the stool and said nothing, so he didn’t need to think about tea.
Qing Zhi said.
“Have you guessed why I am looking for you.”
Chen Feng listened silently, as if they were about to talk about something incredible.
The old man really nodded.
He says.
“I didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen, but it’s normal. If it weren’t for you and I knew this, I’m afraid there wouldn’t be what you and I have now.”
Chen Feng was shocked.
And then Qing Zhi said again.
“Even if it’s a loop, what we have to do is the same as those people have done. You have been hiding here for so many years, even these poppies can already be bullied, you might as well give up from the beginning.”
Chen Feng was thinking about the conversation between the two of them, and footsteps came from outside the door.
When Chen Feng turned his head to look, he walked in with a man who looked like the old man seven to eight, who looked very young.
And Yang Xingyi also didn’t expect a visitor at home.
But still enthusiastically.
“Father, there are guests at home?”
The old man just nodded and said nothing.

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