Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 837

With that said, before Chen Feng agreed, he slipped past Chen Feng.
And Chen Feng wanted to turn around to catch him, and a man with a knife really came up from the corridor. He didn’t know what happened, and he wanted to cut someone with a knife.
Chen Feng thought that this kind of thing could not be solved so privately, so he closed the door, and when the man left, he was asking the redhead.
Back in the room, there was no shadow of red hair in the bedroom, so Chen Feng found the bathroom and found that he was hiding behind the shower curtain, as if he was very scared.
Chen Feng looked at him and said.
“You come out of it.”
The red hair cried.
“Big brother won’t kill me too, it’s really not my fault. It’s all that woman.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said again.
“Others didn’t find you, you came out of it, but you must tell me the truth. If there is any concealment, I will throw you out.”
Redhead looked at Chen Feng and wasn’t joking, so he slowly walked out from behind the shower curtain. He looked at Chen Feng and asked carefully.
“Big Brother really won’t sell me?”
But Chen Feng just glanced at him, and he walked into the bedroom.
The red hair followed.
Chen Feng asked one person sitting on the bed and the other on the chair.
“Say it.”
“Brother, it’s really not my fault. His wife is going to sell, and I have no reason not to make money, but he will come and cut me back, what can I do, my brother is not here, otherwise I am sure Let him know what chrysanthemum residue is.”
He had a vicious reverie as he spoke.
“Nothing? He just killed you for this matter?”
“Big brother, what I said is true. I didn’t do anything. That guy has a problem with his brain. I can’t do anything about it. Don’t let me meet him next time, or I will definitely teach him to be a human being.”
I always feel that this guy is timid and wants to be ruthless, and Chen Feng declined to comment.
The matter has nothing to do with him, and it is impossible to say that red hair is right, but for Chen Feng, he doesn’t need to manage.
“Then you wait for a while, if he leaves, you go out.”
But the red hair begged.
“Brother, can you wait for my brothers to come, if I go out like this, if he meets me, I will definitely not be able to eat.”
He said so, but Chen Feng had no patience, because this guy had been disturbed twice.
But just as he was about to refuse, there was a knock on the door again.
The redhead looked at the door in fear, he thought it was the guy with the knife.
Chen Feng didn’t feel like it. If it were him, he would definitely be even crazier.
But in order to cause unnecessary trouble, Chen Feng let the red hair hide in the bathroom.
“If I don’t speak, don’t come out.”
After he finished speaking, he went to open the door.
But I didn’t expect it would be Yang Xingyi.
“Why are you here, um, how do you know we live here?”
Chen Feng immediately thought that he might not know.
But then Chen Feng knew from Yang Xingyi’s expression that he really didn’t know, and it seemed that such an encounter was also accidental.
“Why are you?” Yang Xingyi said.
“Don’t you know we are here?”
“I’m here to find someone, but I didn’t expect to let me meet you.”
Now that he had explained it clearly, Chen Feng no longer accidentally encountered Yang Xingyi here, so he asked.
“Who are you looking for, how come you knock on the hotel door?”
Yang Xingyi replied.
“It’s just a friend. I looked at him as if he was coming, but I don’t know which room I entered.”
Chen Feng nodded, but naturally he was still puzzled, but Yang Xingyi didn’t want to say so, so he didn’t ask much, but thought that he might be looking for red hair, so he still asked.
“Is your friend with red hair?”
But Yang Xingyi denied it directly.
And since it was not red-haired, Chen Feng didn’t need to say much, and Yang Xingyi also left afterwards.
He said red hair so simply, naturally because he never thought about covering red hair from the beginning, and as long as it was not a direct contradiction, he didn’t mind telling Yang Xingyi.
But the person Yang Xingyi was looking for was not red-haired.
Back to the room, Chen Feng said.
“There is no such guy outside the door. Find another place to hide by yourself.”
After finishing speaking, he ignored the pleading look in the red hair and drove him out.
That night was so quiet.
But when the police sirens sounded early the next morning, he didn’t expect the car to stop at the door of their hotel.
Someone seems to have died.
Chen Feng didn’t care either. Dead people are daily life, and he and Qing Zhi still have their own things to do.
But it was still because the dead person was delayed for some time, and it was already afternoon when the interrogation was over.
But Chen Feng also knew who the dead person was.
He didn’t expect that the red hair would be hacked to death in the end, but even if he saw that it was red hair that died, Chen Feng didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong in driving him out yesterday.
As for the interrogation, he didn’t say anything, there was no surveillance in the hallway, he just told himself that he didn’t know anything and was asleep.
The same is true for Qingzhi on the other side.
Since they had nothing to do with them, and there were direct suspects, the two of Chen Feng were naturally released.
As soon as he left, Qing Zhi urged Chen Feng to rush to Old Man Yang’s house.
It was in a town nearby, so it didn’t take long.
When they arrived at the door of Old Man Yang’s house, Yang Xingyi was sitting there knocking the seeds.
“My father has been waiting for you for a while.” Yang Xingyi said.
Chen Feng didn’t talk about what they had encountered, only a few perfunctory words, and then followed Qing Zhi into the room.
Yang Xingyi also followed.
“You are here.”
Old man Yang sat there smoking a dry cigarette, and they came in at Chen Feng, he didn’t even lift his head.
And Qing Zhi asked directly.
“Don’t tell me you give up after thinking about it for a day?”
Chen Feng was thinking about how Qing Zhi could question this way, but he didn’t expect Old Man Yang to really nod his head.
But how did Qing Zhi see it, he didn’t do anything.
Chen Feng can only regard all this as Qing Zhi’s understanding of Old Man Yang.
“Sure enough, you are just a complete bullshit. In that case, I will take away what you promised.”
After she finished speaking, Old Man Yang said.
“You can’t take it away.”
“Why? It was agreed at the beginning. If you give up, you will no longer be eligible to own him.”
Chen Feng was puzzled. He didn’t know what the two people were talking about, but he felt it should be very precious.
“Because he is no longer by my side, I can’t give it to you.”
“What, you lost it, how could it be possible? Could it be that someone else took things away from you?”
Old man Yang shook his head and said.
“I can’t tell you, but I will choose to give up, also because of it.”

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