Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 839

This is the first time Chen Feng has heard this explanation, but it is also possible that he can only come into contact with it after reaching the master.
And Qing Zhi has continued to explain.
“But as the ancient martial arts withered, the pace of the suitors began to slow down and gradually stagnated. In order to distinguish it from the current martial arts, that period was called the ancient martial arts period by the martial artists.
The opposite of the Guwu period is the current system, and the difference between the two will actually have a landmark stage. ”
“Buddha going east.”
Chen Feng still knows this period of history. Various moves from Persia, India, and the West soon influenced the martial arts in the Central Plains. More importantly, it was the inheritance of Buddhism. Just like the North and South Shaolin, they soon became one of the martial arts masters. He was even respected by the martial artists as a master of martial arts.
But from the beginning, he did not originate in the Central Plains, so after impacting his original martial arts status, after looking at the integration and digestion, he gradually had the inheritance of the current martial arts.
Qing Zhi nodded.
“It’s true. The so-called Buddha Lotus Twelve Sons are involved in the most important secrets in martial arts today.”
“It’s related to Datong?” Chen Feng asked again.
“I don’t know, but it is said that if you get the twelve sons of the Buddha lotus, you will know Datong and you will be able to achieve the realm of the unity of nature and man. This is a secret that all our masters guard together.”
“Since you have the twelve buddha lotus sons, why don’t you get the secrets inside, but each guard one of them like this. You don’t know that there is a treasure in front of you, but you can hardly resist moving him.”
Chen Feng asked curiously.
But Qing Zhi didn’t answer. It seemed that she had answered Chen Feng’s question when she said this. Now she would like to know where the old man Yang’s lotus seed is.
Chen Feng didn’t conceal it either, and relayed the eight words Yang Xingyi had told him to Qing Zhi.
“Unexpectedly, Dao Xuan was not dead yet, and the Sea Lion Tower was also guilty of leopard gall, even Daoxuan dared to collect it.
Qing Zhi naturally understood the meaning, and Chen Feng also wanted to ask to understand, but Qing Zhi already seemed unwilling to talk to him.
As for the Sea Lion Tower and the Tao Xuan, Chen Feng felt that there was no need to worry about knowing what Sea Lion Tower would naturally be in Qingzhi’s next place.
So when the car drove onto the main road, Chen Feng asked.
“Are we going to the Sea Lion House?”
But Qing Zhi once again said something that Chen Feng had never heard.
“Attic in the world.”
Chen Feng glanced at Qingzhi suspiciously and wanted to wait for her explanation, but if this woman could say one less word, she would never say half a word.
Chen Feng had to ask.
“Where is the attic in this world?”
But Chen Feng hadn’t waited for his answer, and a red supercar chased him directly from behind, completely ignoring him and forcing him to stop in front of Chen Feng.
I just looked at Qingzhi in distraction just now. When I turned around, a supercar stopped in front of the car. He hurriedly turned the steering wheel in the other direction and slammed the brakes to the end.
But so, he still inevitably hit the guardrail.
When everything was over, Chen Feng just felt sore in his wrist, but there was nothing else in it, so he went to examine Qing Zhi.
Qing Zhi looked bitterly resentful, as if he was blaming him for driving carelessly.
Chen Feng was also helpless, but seeing Qing Zhi there should be no problem, so he was relieved.
However, Chen Feng couldn’t let go of the red supercar parked in front of their car.
He got out of the car, ready to go forward and theorize.
And it seems that after seeing Chen Feng get off the car, the other party also got out of the car.
The man who came down was a very gentleman, but thinking of him doing something like this, Chen Feng didn’t feel any gentleman anymore.
When Chen Feng walked in front of the man, before he could speak, the man asked first.
“You are Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng replied unceremoniously.
“Why are you looking for your ancestor?”
After being scolded, the man was not annoyed, but said with a chuckle.
“That’s right, go and lie down with me.”
Chen Fengdao.
“Walk with you? I don’t know you, and I don’t want to go with you, now I just want to beat you up.”
With that said, he was going to go up and punch the other party, he might not be able to beat him to death, but he could still do it if he suffered.
But after the punch passed, the pair dodged and dodged.
“I know you are great, I may not have beaten you, but I think if you don’t come with me, you may regret it.”
Chen Feng didn’t wait for him to finish, he already punched again. This time he knew that he had practiced his punches and kicks, so he didn’t have too much worries.
Flying over his chin, Chen Feng quickly changed his move. From the beginning, he never thought that he could hit it directly, so he hit his chest with one punch.
The man bent his body to avoid Chen Feng’s fist and fell directly to the ground.
Standing in front of him, Chen Feng said.
“I’m only slightly relieved now. As for the things you said, you can say it again.”
As for whether he would say it again, Chen Feng didn’t want to know.
But maybe he still feels that the matter is important enough, the gentle man really said while covering his chest.
“Someone wants to see you, and if you don’t go, your whereabouts will be sent to the Tianshan faction as quickly as possible.”
Chen Feng said grimly.
“Are you threatening me?”
The other party covered his chest and did not dare to speak.
Chen Fengdao.
“You are just running errands. I don’t care like you. Take me to find that person. I want to see who it is.”
Afterwards, he returned to the car.
Qing Zhi didn’t ask anything, and Chen Feng took the initiative to say.
“I don’t know who is looking for me. I may have to solve it. If you don’t want to go, I can send you to a nearby city.”
Qing Zhi asked.
“How long do you need.”
“I don’t know, I don’t know who the other party is, I can only talk about it later.”
“I don’t want to bother anymore. When you finish, we will set off directly.”
The person lying on the ground got up with some difficulty, even if he was punched by Chen Feng, he still had to lead Chen Feng, the person behind him would be quite good at teaching his men.
The sports car restarted, and in order to take care of Chen Feng’s speed, he did not drive fast.
Following him, he turned around again, passed the village where he had just come out, and continued walking for a while, and then entered a small road.
But although this trail turned in from the main road, it was extraordinarily wide, and it seemed inferior to the main road.
At the end of the road is a villa, where people who want to see Chen Feng live.
But even though the other party wanted to see Chen Feng, he still put Chen Feng in the reception room and waited for a while before Chen Feng saw him.
The old man with a cane slowly walked down the stairs, followed by a girl, holding something in her hand, covered by a cloth, and didn’t know what it was.
Chen Feng sat there, and did not stand up because of the arrival of the other party.

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