Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 840

The old man just walked over with a smile.
He sat down on the seat next to Chen Feng and said after sitting down.
“Chen Feng, Master Chen?”
Chen Feng looked at him. Although he was getting older and had some wrinkles on his face, his face remained radiant, his complexion was ruddy, and his spirit was very vigorous.
“I am, but I can’t bear you calling it that way.”
“Chen Shao is joking, not to mention your status in the business world, it is your strength at the peak of your strength, I don’t think anyone dares to say that you can’t afford it.”
Chen Feng sneered.
“But you still ask me to come, let me know, if I don’t come, tell the Tianshan faction about my whereabouts. You should have said this yourself?”
Hearing Chen Feng questioning, the old man did not apologize, but said in a calm tone.
“If I don’t say that, it may be difficult to invite Shao Chen, but I can guarantee that if Shao Chen really doesn’t want to come, I won’t be able to do that. I have always admired Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng was stunned for a moment, and said in surprise.
“Do you admire me? Is this a new joke?”
The old man still had no response, he said.
“Master Chen, let’s talk about business. I don’t think you want to waste your time on such trivial matters since you are here.”
The old man wanted to fool around, but Chen Feng seemed to really not pursue something, but he always looked at him unhappy.
“Since you are willing to talk about business, then talk about business. Don’t worry about other things. When your so-called business is over, we will talk about it.”
The old man gave a dry laugh, and said.
“If it weren’t for Chen Shao’s 300,000 wave, I wouldn’t know that Chen Shao came to this desert. Although that 300,000 made me do a lot more, but since it was Chen Shao, I would not complain. .”
He said with a smile, and Chen Feng also smiled.
“I told the red hair and asked him to tell you that the matter can’t be done. That can only mean that the money has been reduced. I really can’t blame me. I didn’t expect to buy them for 300,000 yuan. More, I might not bring that much money. Didn’t they tell you.”
When Chen Feng said this, the old man seemed to be a little uncomfortable on his face, but he restrained him, but his tone was no longer as gentle as before.
“That’s it. But we are not as rich as Shao Chen. For Shao Chen, 300,000 is just a small amount of money, but for us, it is all hard-earned money.”
“Don’t, it’s all hard-earned money.” Chen Feng interrupted him immediately.
Maybe the quarrel would still have nothing to say, and the old man would not bother in this regard, he continued.
“Old man, I am not arguing with Chen Shao about this matter, but to get back to business. I know that Chen Shao is here, and I know that Chen Shao is strong, so I thought of one thing that might happen to be interested in Chen Shao.”
Chen Feng curiously asked.
The old man motioned to the girl beside him to put things on the coffee table in front of Chen Feng and them.
The girl slowly uncovered the cloth. Inside was a box. The box was not big, with golden threads embedded on the outside, and very rich snag peony.
“Turn him on.”
Hearing the old man’s instructions, the girl inserted a small key into the keyhole on the box, turned it slightly, the lock was dark, and it was opened directly.
Chen Feng poked his head out to look curiously, but he didn’t see anything. It was actually an exquisite pure gold box inside.
Not only Chen Feng, but even Qing Zhi stared there.
Looking at the curiosity of the two, the old man asked the girl to put the small box made of gold in front of Chen Feng.
“What’s inside?” Chen Feng asked.
The old man said.
“It’s just a trivial thing. But before that, I want to ask.”
“What do you want to ask? Having said so much, I will lose patience.”
“It’s not an important thing, but if I don’t ask, I can’t go on, so I still need to ask the old man.”
“Okay, okay, just ask, just don’t like to deal with people like you who are very particular about ghosts.”
Chen Feng said with some dissatisfaction.
The old man was not angry, and continued.
“I know that Shao Chen is not just the kind of person who is greedy, cunning, and inhuman, like the rumors of the outside world. Even his relatives and friends can betray him.”
“Stop, stop.” Chen Feng hurriedly waved his hand to stop the old man from continuing, he asked suspiciously.
“What rumors, why didn’t I know that I would be so unbearable. Greed, cunning, and inhumane. Who on earth came this out?”
The old man just chuckled.
“It’s not what I said. It’s just starting from the Chen family’s home to Yanjing and Cangzhou. Almost all of them are able to inquire about Chen Shao’s messages. It’s impossible to go that far.”
Although the old man stood by Chen Feng’s side, Chen Feng did not appreciate his thoughts.
It’s just that he didn’t know that he would be so infamous, notorious.
Qing Zhi on the side looked at him and gave a sneer.
Chen Feng sighed.
“Forget it, just say what they like. If they plow them again, they will only speak more powerfully.”
The old man was still smiling, and when Chen Feng stopped, he continued talking.
“After saying so much, I just want to ask Chen Shao if he is willing to pay a sum of money? If we have this money, then we can have a follow-up start. If not, then naturally there is no need.”
Chen Feng looked at the old man suspiciously, and he asked.
“how much is it?”
“Not much, two billion.” The old man slowly raised two fingers, and the years also engraved marks on both hands.
Although the amount was large, it was more than enough to buy a village, but Chen Feng still looked as usual.
“Two billion, this is not a small number. If it is three hundred thousand, I can give it to you casually. If two billion, I must know exactly what you want him to do?”
The old man smiled indifferently.
“I know that Shao Chen will never refuse directly for the sake of two billion. As long as you are still interested, the old man is sure to let Chen Shao out the two billion.”
Chen Feng came interested, he asked.
“I’m curious about how you took my two billion dollars out of my pocket.”
The old man pointed to the pure gold box in front of him and said.
“The answer lies here.”
After speaking, he asked the girl who was standing by to start.
This box made of gold is more gorgeous than the wooden box just now. Although the volume is much smaller, the carvings on it are exquisite. Only the faint lines on the leaves can be seen, just like real leaves. .
Just like Chen Feng is so used to seeing famous antiques and fine art, I still have to sigh that this is by no means a common product.

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