Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 843

I got in the car, the car started, and on the vast ground, a lonely car rushed towards the end of the sky.
There are white clouds in the sky, and above the vast azure blue, the clouds are wanton and imaginary.
The warm sun was shining on him, Chen Feng drove the car, Qing Zhi sat aside, and Yue’er put her vest on her lap, as if she was about to fall asleep.
The car drove into a gas station. Chen Feng got out of the car and asked the staff to fill them up. He just walked into the convenience store next to him and bought some food and water.
When he came out, three or four black SUVs drove into the gas station together and surrounded Chen Feng and their cars.
Yueer sat behind and panicked at what had happened, and Chen Feng also guessed who the other party was.
He walked slowly over.
The one who got out of the car was indeed an old man with a cane, and the steel hit the ground with a sonorous sound.
He coldly looked at Chen Feng in front of the convenience store.
The tone was somber, “Even if Shao Chen doesn’t believe me, you can’t do such a thing.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly in his heart, this is really not what he wanted to do.
But I didn’t treat this person very much, and it didn’t matter.
“You brought so many people here, it seems that you want to snatch them back. I just don’t know, you don’t have this ability.”
The old man snorted coldly, “I know that you are in a very high realm. There are not many people who can beat you in this world, but if you underestimate the heroes of the world, then you will not be far from death.”
Chen Feng also smiled and said, “I didn’t underestimate the heroes of the world, I just underestimated you.”
The old man’s expression immediately became scared, and then another guy walked out of the car, a moustache hung gently at the corner of his mouth, he wiped his hand, and looked at Chen Feng feeling very tired.
“You are Chen Feng? Since you can escape from the hands of the Tianshan faction, you should have some abilities if you think about it.”
Chen Feng was also a little wary of the other party. He had never seen this person before, but since he knew he would dare to say such things, he shouldn’t be an unknown person.
“I just don’t know who you are, maybe it’s just a guy who borrowed a name from me, or I’m afraid I’m too lazy to know how to do it.”
The mustache sneered, “I want to let you know where you died. Duguyun, known as Qianyun Xingyihe, is here.”
Chen Feng said, “So it’s you!”
I have heard of the name Chen Feng, the most famous warrior in Mobei, but with a solitary temperament, he can rarely hear his deeds.
The most famous thing was just a duel with a grandmaster three years ago, and it took 18 strokes abruptly before he could barely fall. It should be regarded as the strong man in the peak of Huajin.
Chen Feng admitted that he could not survive the three moves in Qing Zhi’s hands, and it seemed that the opponent might be much better than him.
But Chen Feng didn’t have the habit of just surrendering before he played. At the worst, there was still a seat in the car.
And the old man on the other side said at this moment: “Young Master Chen, it was because there was still some love between us, so I didn’t shoot you. We didn’t even tell the Tianshan faction, but I didn’t expect you to do this. Such a despicable act, then we can’t tolerate you either.”
Chen Feng said: “Stop talking nonsense, fight as much as you want, I will accompany you.”
As soon as he finished speaking, Duguyun had already stepped forward, and his body was so strong as expected, just looking at it with a light palm, it brought strong winds.
Chen Feng was able to escape, but then the opponent got another palm with a thick palm strength. If he eats this palm, I am afraid it will be severely injured, injuring the internal organs.
Chen Feng retreated quickly and hit the glass door behind him. His figure was clever and vigorous. The glass was naturally unharmed, but then Dugu Yun flew over and swept across, and the glass broke.
The clerk in and around the shop just watched the excitement, and now they have all escaped. Some are taking out their phones to call for help, while others are hiding in the corner and dare not come out.
Chen Feng escaped Duguyun’s kick again. This time it was the sign next to the store that broke. The momentum and speed were so intense that it was overwhelming.
It seemed that looking at the situation, Chen Feng could only evade, and he was secretly crying out in his heart. This guy was really powerful, and the continuous attacks made Chen Feng unable to fight back.
But naturally he can’t give up either.
Chen Feng finally found a chance between the opponent’s breathing, and he played a series of moves, and the opponent naturally had to turn around and parry.
Just as they were moving, the old man walked to Chen Feng’s car with a cane, opened the door of the car, and Yueer sat inside, looking at him helplessly.
“If I haven’t come out yet, I’m really getting more and more ignorant.”
Ke Yue’er retreated in fear, and the old man was about to come forward to catch him seeing this.
Qing Zhi grabbed the old man’s wrist and said lightly, “I brought her out, and I have the final say if she can’t leave.”
The old man looked at Qing Zhi in amazement, he naturally didn’t expect Qing Zhi to stop him.
But it’s a pity that he didn’t know Qing Zhi, so he sternly said.
“Little girl, I advise you better not to do it.”
Qing Zhi didn’t even care, and directly pushed him out.
The old man leaned back, the crutches couldn’t support him, but fortunately, someone behind him supported him and didn’t let him fall.
On the other side, Chen Feng and Duguyun were also inextricably separated, and Chen Feng was at a slight disadvantage.
“Very good!” The old man snorted coldly and said again.
“In this case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”
After speaking, instructing the people around him to do something, a group of guys sitting in the car quickly rushed down, mostly with weapons in their hands.
But unfortunately, the person they met was Qing Zhi.
Qing Zhi pushed the door of the car and walked down slowly. It was quite inconsistent with Qing Zhi’s identity to act with them.
So she decided to fight quickly.
When Duguyun forced Chen Feng back by two steps, many people were already lying under Qing Zhi’s feet.
The old man leaned against the car, unable to make him stand even with a cane, looking at Qing Zhi in horror.
“Who are you?”
At the same time, Duguyun who was fighting with Chen Feng also noticed the situation here.
When he saw Qing Zhi’s face, he was immediately frightened, and Chen Feng took the opportunity to punch him on the body.
He murmured: “Why did she appear here?”
But Chen Feng didn’t care what he was afraid of, but he had already kicked out and kicked his face.
Fortunately, Duguyun had returned to his senses, struggling to protect his face with his hands, but was kicked out a few steps without being injured.
He looked at Chen Feng and said in a haughty tone: “I didn’t expect that she would be with you. In that case, I will spare your life today. Next time I meet, I will definitely not show mercy to you.”
As he said, he turned around and was about to run away. Chen Feng also wanted to chase immediately, but looking at Qing Zhi, he still gave up.

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