Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 844

Back to the car, Chen Feng looked at the fuel tank that hadn’t been filled up, and simply took the fuel gun by himself and put it on the car.
On the other hand, he said to Qing Zhi.
“With this woman, you will definitely have this kind of trouble.”
Qing Zhi opened the door and said, “I know.”
Since she felt that it didn’t matter, Chen Feng could only stop talking.
The car left the gas station, leaving behind a mess. Yue’er hid behind with a little fear. Looking at her expression, she seemed to regret it.
This is the first time for this girl, and she is still hesitating.
Chen Feng only glanced at her, and Chen Feng didn’t care what decision she would make.
After driving for a long time, I finally heard Yue’er speak.
“Am I doing something wrong, I shouldn’t do it, right?”
I don’t know who she is asking, Qing Zhi just looked out the window and said: “There is nothing right, you have grown up, you have your own ideas, not everything can restrain you.”
Chen Feng glanced at Qing Zhi curiously, and said something like this that didn’t fit her personality.
“But Grandpa is actually very good to me…”
“Do you want to go back?” Qing Zhi interrupted her coldly.
When Yue’er was asked a sentence, there was no voice, and she might still hesitate in her heart.
While driving a car, a piece of paper fell on the front windshield. Chen Feng looked carefully, and it turned out to be a hundred-yuan bill. It was strange that it was suddenly another one, and then a heavy rain of money floated outside the window.
Many red paper tickets floated behind them, looking in the direction from which the paper money came, and someone in a yellow Maserati was throwing money outside.
“I didn’t even dare to play like this when I had money. Now people really don’t have a sense of ethics at all.” Chen Feng complained.
But then, the car in front shook on the road, swinging back and forth as if drunk.
Chen Feng followed behind, not daring to accelerate past them at all, for fear of being hit by the opponent.
Not long after they came over, their car stopped by the side of the road. Just as Chen Feng wanted to overtake, you rushed out a man and a woman, forcing Chen Feng to brake suddenly before hitting it.
Although he stopped, Chen Feng was very annoyed, thinking that anyone would be unhappy when he encountered such a thing.
He simply stopped the car, and the man and woman walked towards this side at home.
Chen Feng said to the two women beside him: “I’ll go take a look.”
With that, he got out of the car.
After getting out of the car, the other party was a very young man and woman. The man was dressed in arrogance, brand-name suits all over his body, and an expensive watch with gold studded belts.
And the same woman is also very beautiful. From the point of view of her dress, the perfect curve outlines her figure, the necklace jewelry, and the leather bag she wears can be seen as genuine.
But Chen Feng wouldn’t care about this, he just walked up to them and shouted at the man.
“You’re looking for death. You don’t want to see where this is.”
Hearing someone talking to them, the man looked at Chen Feng, did not apologize for his own fault, and even shouted at Chen Feng.
“You fucking nosy, this is your house, I can do whatever I want, and let me go.”
Chen Feng wasn’t used to him either. He just slapped up, the man was completely beaten up, and the woman was immediately furious when she saw that her man was beaten.
To Chen Feng, he said, “How can you hit someone? Are you sick?”
As she said, she rushed to support the guy who was slapped by Chen Feng, seeming to have completely forgotten who just pushed her down.
Chen Feng was unwilling to talk to them, and was going to return to the car.
But the woman suddenly came up and grabbed Chen Feng and shouted, “Don’t go.”
With a light push, Chen Feng pushed the person to the side of the road again.
This group of people was stuck in the road, and several more cars came one after another, so the woman yelled frantically after being pushed.
The man finally stood up. He looked at Chen Feng, angrily.
“You dare to hit me, do you know who I am, I tell you, you are dead.”
Even if he said this, he still stayed far away. He should have been slapped by Chen Feng’s slap just now.
Chen Feng became interested, so he looked at him and asked.
“Then I am really interested in knowing who you are?”
“Hmph, do you know what kind of car it is?” The other party didn’t answer directly, but pointed to his own Lamborghini and asked towards Chen Feng.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”
The man snorted coldly.
“Tubaozi, do you know how much my Armani suit is worth? It’s this watch. You have never seen it before. Just now, I want you to lose money.”
The crowd on the side of the road had begun to whisper. Some of them seemed to know the rich man, and soon someone came up to reconcile.
The slightly chubby guy yelled flatly at the son-in-law next to Chen Feng.
“Sao Luo, what’s wrong with you?”
Shao Luo looked at him and said angrily.
“The hillbilly who didn’t know where he came from, dare to be nosy and beat me.”
Hearing that Luo Shao was beaten, the guy immediately changed his face and asked hurriedly with concern.
“Sao Luo, you are not injured, it doesn’t matter, do you want me to take you to the hospital.”
Shao Luo didn’t care: “It’s okay, but I have to send this guy to jail, don’t you know who is that? Give me a call to him.”
The woman standing on the side also shouted, “Yes, you must never let him go, you must let him taste the taste of jail.”
Chen Feng just looked at all this with a sneer, and the guy who was obviously here to help these two, as if kindly walked in front of Chen Feng, he pretended to be gentle and said to Chen Feng.
“Do you know who you are offending?”
Chen Feng was stunned and curious.
“I asked him just now, but he didn’t say.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s answer, he seemed to say very sadly.
“You offend someone who shouldn’t offend, you are miserable.”
Then Shao Luo yelled at Chen Feng again: “Why are you talking so much nonsense to him? Find someone for me. I want to kill him. I want him to lose his fortune.”
The adjusting guy said to Chen Feng again.
“You confessed a mistake to Luo Shao, and I will see if I can explain it for you so that you can pay less.”
Chen Feng sneered in his heart, but asked curiously.
“What if I don’t admit my mistake?”
The guy looked disappointed, shook his head and said, “There is no way, you may have to sit in jail and go bankrupt at the same time.”
Chen Feng said, “It’s gone, if it’s gone, I will leave.”
“Why don’t you listen to people, don’t you understand what I said? Whom you offended? That’s Master Luo, you think you can go away and let you admit your mistakes. If you are not happy, just wait to be arrested. .”
The man looked like he hated iron and steel.

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