Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 845

As he was talking, this guy inadvertently saw Qingzhi sitting in the car.
He asked Chen Feng.
“Is that woman your friend, or is it?”
Chen Feng looked in the direction he was pointing, and found that it was Qingzhi, and Yueer was sitting behind, he hadn’t seen it yet.
Chen Feng asked, “What do you want to do?”
The man smiled and said, “That woman looks good. If you are willing to let her stay with Luo Shao for one night, maybe Luo Shao will let you go when he is happy.”
Chen Feng thought to himself: “This guy is really daring, and he actually brought his attention to Qing Zhi’s head.”
Chen Feng didn’t speak. It seemed that Luo Shao had already talked to someone on the phone. According to his expression, everything was arranged. It is estimated that someone will come to catch Chen Feng in a while.
Persuading the person to also urged: “If you don’t think about it anymore, when someone comes, you won’t have a chance to speak.”
Chen Feng felt that the excitement seemed to end here, and he was going to call people he knew, otherwise he would be in trouble if he was hunted down here.
But when he was about to call, Shao Luo seemed to have noticed the people in Chen Feng’s car and looked over with a look of horror. Chen Feng also stopped his thoughts curiously.
Shao Luo cautiously walked towards Chen Feng and his car. The beautiful girl beside him wanted to ask him what he was doing, but he pushed him away. She started crying again, but Shao Luo ignored her. , Just walk to the car.
After looking carefully from the front of the car, he shouted in surprise, “How could it be her?”
Luo Shao looked at Chen Feng suspiciously. He asked, “Why is Li Ziyue here? Why is she in your car? Did you kidnap her?”
Chen Feng was also stunned. After thinking about it, he realized that Li Ziyue should be Yue’er, but why Luo Shao was so scared to see Yue’er.
Without waiting for Chen Feng’s answer, Luo Shao rushed to the rear door of Chen Feng’s car. He stopped, took a look at his appearance, and after pulling his clothes neatly, then carefully opened the door.
Because Li Ziyue was in a bad mood, he glanced at what was happening outside and didn’t care.
But now that someone suddenly opened the car door beside her, she was still taken aback.
“Miss Li, hello, I am very glad to meet you.” Luo Shao said to Li Ziyue with a smile on his face.
Seeing that it was a strange man, Li Ziyue retreated instinctively, and then asked.
“Who are you? Do I know you?”
“Ms. Li, you may not know me. At your birthday banquet, I once paid homage to the beauty of the lady, so I still remember it. Since I saw you, I must come over to greet you.”
What he said was really polite, and it was completely opposite to his attitude towards Chen Feng.
But Li Ziyue was not in the mood to talk to him, just politely said.
“Sorry, can you close the door, I don’t want to be seen here.”
Shao Luo immediately offered flattery.
“Okay, Miss Li.”
Chen Feng and the guy beside him didn’t expect such a dramatic scene.
“Who is that woman?”
“You didn’t see it? Didn’t Master Luo say it?” Chen Feng smiled.
“I know that Shao Luo said it naturally, but…”
After Luo Shao closed the door, he walked to Chen Feng and the others.
He looked at Chen Feng and said, “What is your relationship with Miss Li?”
Seeing his sudden change of attitude, Chen Feng just said casually: “It doesn’t matter much, it’s just a friend.”
“You are Miss Li’s friend, just you?”
“Why, or I ask her to come down and tell you.” Chen Feng suggested.
Shao Luo hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, no, I believe it.”
Chen Feng asked again: “Then can we leave? There shouldn’t be anyone coming to arrest me, right?”
Luo Shao respectfully said: “Yes, yes. Ms. Li’s car can naturally be casual. It was a joke just now, how could someone come to catch you. Haha.”
“Then I slapped you before, do you want me to pay, I may not have much money, I think my family will be ruined.”
Luo Shao said solemnly: “That slap was my fault, and I should be punished. How can I make the eldest brother pay? I should have paid for it. Asking eldest brother to go to drink and apologize.”
Chen Feng waved his hand and said generously: “Even if you eat, if something happens next time, don’t play like this on the road. It’s very dangerous.”
Luo Shao nodded repeatedly.
With that, Chen Feng turned and left.
Leaving the fat man and Shao Luo there, the fat man asked Shao Xiang Luo curiously, and said, “Master Luo, what’s the origin of that woman!”
But as soon as he finished asking, he didn’t expect Luo Shao to slap him on the face. He covered him in pain and looked at Luo Shao, but Luo Shao coldly said.
“Don’t ask if you know something.”
At this time, Chen Feng was sitting in the car and looking at him, and Luo Shao immediately changed a smile to look at Chen Feng.
When Chen Feng and the others left, he chilled.
And soon the sun was about to set, but the surrounding area was desolate, and even looking forward, there were no villages, let alone cities.
Parked the car on the open space beside the road, Li Ziyue pulled Qing Zhi and ran towards the sheltered place. Chen Feng also got out of the car and walked in the other direction.
After he relaxed, he walked out from behind the rock.
Li Ziyue and Li Ziyue hadn’t come back yet, and there was a piece of silence around them, and there was almost no gap between the stars and the endless canvas of the sky.
Sitting on the rock by the side of the road, Chen Feng wondered if he should ask if the legend about the grandmaster was true. Qingqiu might have only heard of it, but since Qingzhi is a grandmaster, he must know.
But seeing Li Ziyue pulling Qing Zhi back, he just looked at Qing Zhi’s expression of keeping away from strangers, and he felt that he still shouldn’t try it lightly.
“Let’s rest here tonight, there is still no city any further.”
When they came, Chen Feng said.
Qing Zhi had no objection, but Li Ziyue said with some fear.
“Is it in the wild? Isn’t there any danger?”
Chen Feng joked when she saw her being careful.
“Since you are afraid, you can try to walk forward by yourself. If you encounter a village, maybe you don’t have to spend the night here.”
Li Ziyue screamed in fright when she thought of walking on a dark road alone.
Chen Feng grinned happily.
It’s just that he didn’t notice that Qing Zhi’s expression seemed a bit solemn.
After eating something and drinking water, I can only wait for the next day to dawn. There is no way to deal with it overnight in the car.
But when Chen Feng fell asleep in a daze, he heard Qing Zhi’s voice beside him.
“Wake up!”
Chen Feng opened his eyes.

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