Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 847

Chen Feng looked at her puzzled, and he asked, “Why? Did something happen?”
Qing Zhi just said, “There is indeed something.”
That’s just the case, and I didn’t continue to explain it.
Chen Feng asked, “Don’t you want to explain to me, or I can help you.”
It may be that Chen Feng’s words are unrealistic. Qing Zhi raised her head and looked into Chen Feng’s eyes. She said, “There is no need, you don’t have the ability to help me. Go to the Sea Lion Tower and wait for me. I will find you there.”
Chen Feng wanted to say something, but Qing Zhi had already stood up and left.
Maybe, Chen Feng wouldn’t think that even Qing Zhi felt tricky things that he could solve by himself.
When Qing Zhi returned to the room, Chen Feng was also ready to rest. He thought it would be a quiet night tonight, and at least he could sleep peacefully.
But only in the middle of the night, Chen Feng heard something coming from outside the door.
He fumbled and got up, walked carefully to the door, leaned against the door and listened to the movement outside the door.
As if there was a fighting sound, Chen Feng naturally thought of Qing Zhi.
He couldn’t take care of that much, he just opened the door to help Qing Zhi.
Sure enough, everything came from Qingzhi’s room. Chen Feng came to Qingzhi’s door, the door was open, and he walked in directly.
But when he walked in, he found that everyone inside had fallen.
He saw Qing Zhi standing by the window, looking out of the window, as if what happened in the room had nothing to do with her, and the person was so quiet, with a slight sadness, except that a cigarette was missing.
Just so indifferent, Chen Feng was even unwilling to break this tranquility, but he still asked, “What happened here?”
Qing Zhi turned around and looked at Chen Feng. She said, “Things seem to be the same as I thought. You take Yue’er to the Sea Lion Tower and wait for me. If you don’t want it, I won’t force it.”
In the end, Chen Feng didn’t ask her what happened. Maybe Chen Feng knew that Qing Zhi’s answer was no answer.
Qing Zhi left early the next morning, and Li Ziyue went to call Qing Zhi’s door, but there was no response.
Chen Feng also came to Li Ziyue’s side and watched her knock on the door repeatedly. He said, “She has gone.”
Li Ziyue looked at Chen Feng somewhat unexpectedly and asked, “Sister Qingzhi is gone? Where did she go?”
Chen Feng replied: “I don’t know, she didn’t say.”
After Chen Feng finished speaking, Li Ziyue was a little lost, as if he hadn’t thought about what shouldn’t have happened.
Chen Feng asked again: “You want to be with me, if you don’t want to, I can send you back.”
From the beginning, there was no plan to bring Li Ziyue with him, so Chen Feng asked naturally.
It’s just that Li Ziyue looked at Chen Feng and seemed to be thinking about this issue.
Chen Feng said to her: “You don’t need to worry, at least we won’t leave this morning. Let’s go eat something first.”
After speaking, he turned around and walked downstairs, regardless of whether Li Ziyue followed.
After walking two steps, Li Ziyue ran to follow in small steps, and she whispered: “You won’t leave me.”
Chen Feng glanced, she seemed to be very worried about this question, and a little worried awaiting Chen Feng’s answer.
Chen Feng thought for a while, and said, “Don’t worry, I promised Qingzhi will keep you safe. But I think you’d better go back. It’s always safer there.”
But Li Ziyue didn’t respond, just followed Chen Feng and walked downstairs.
The breakfast shop outside the hotel is very lively now, and many people line up.
Chen Feng said to Li Ziyue, “You go to line up and buy me two buns.”
Li Ziyue looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, as if he was wondering if he had heard this sentence incorrectly.
“Why, you don’t want to. Forget it, I will go by myself.”
Chen Feng said so.
But Li Ziyue seemed to think of something, and immediately stopped in front of Chen Feng, and said with some resentment: “I’ll go.”
Chen Feng smiled lightly.
He walked to the convenience store on the side, ready to buy some food and water, maybe he will encounter a situation like sleeping out in the wild.
When he came out, Li Ziyue didn’t have the turn of the shop early. She looked bored and kicked the stones under her feet.
Chen Feng walked over and asked her, “That’s right. Are you rich?”
She angrily said, “Of course I have money, otherwise what am I doing standing here.”
Since she was rich, Chen Feng ignored her and went back to the hotel. Because Qing Zhi gave a long time, he was not in a hurry to set off immediately.
After a while, Li Ziyue returned.
She knocked on Chen Feng’s door, and Chen Feng walked out and looked at the bag of buns she was holding.
Li Ziyue handed the buns over and said, “Here you are.”
Chen Feng took the bun and asked, “You’re not angry with me, are you?”
Li Ziyue said, “No, just buy a bun.”
Chen Feng asked again: “Did you think about what you asked you before? Do you want to follow me to find Qingzhi, or let me take you home?”
Li Ziyue whispered, “Can I follow you, will you bully me?”
She seemed to have seen the truth, but Chen Feng smiled and said, “You think too much, how could I bully you. Now that you have decided, then follow me to find Qingzhi.”
Li Ziyue nodded.
“Eat the steamed bun while it’s hot.”
After speaking, she ran back to her room.
Chen Feng looked at the bun in his hand, it was indeed still hot, and there was a layer of mist on the bag.
Not long after eating the buns in the room, Li Ziyue came to look for him.
“What’s the matter?” Chen Feng asked.
Li Ziyue said with a timid expression, “Can you go shopping with me?”
Looking at her expression, Chen Feng naturally understood what she was going to buy.
He thought for a while. For Li Ziyue, he is indeed unfamiliar with the place of life. If he encounters trouble, according to the little insight of this girl, it is estimated that he will only be bullied.
So he said, “That’s fine, but you have to listen to me.”
Li Ziyue nodded hurriedly.
The town here is quite lively. There are a lot of pedestrians on the road. The two walked together. They were about the same height and about the same age. They looked like a couple.
It seems that after coming to such a lively place, even Li Ziyue’s mood has become a lot more cheerful.
She could not help but look around curiously, talking to Chen Feng around, pointing and pointing, as if she had seen these things for the first time.
Chen Feng hadn’t enjoyed such a peaceful afternoon for a long time, and everything was so unpretentious.
Walking to this small town may be the only shopping mall, Li Ziyue rushed in even more impatiently.
Chen Feng wanted to scold him a few words, but after thinking it over, at least she was still a lively person, so she just let her escape like that.

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