Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 848

Li Ziyue pulled up a long skirt and came to Chen Feng, with a look of excitement and said, “Do you think this skirt looks good?”
It was a red floral dress, and Li Ziyue had a good figure. Clothes that could reflect her figure would naturally look good.
It’s just that she rushed into the changing room without waiting for Chen Feng to speak.
This time it is a red strapless T-shirt, which is a bit more sexy than the one just now.
She asked the same thing again, but she didn’t seem to expect Chen Feng to answer at all.
Sitting there watching Li Ziyue tossing back and forth many times, Chen Feng finally asked, “When are you going to see this?”
After that, Li Ziyue was somewhat restrained. She chose a few things that he looked best, and then went to the front desk to pay the bill.
A coquettish woman beside her spurned and said: “The little fairies are really good at hooking up with men one by one, and they are willing to even have this kind of place, and they are not afraid that they will have no food next month.”
Chen Feng hadn’t noticed yet, but Li Ziyue asked, “Who are you talking about?”
The coquettish woman ignored it, as if she thought it was very sexy, she just walked to the counter and put the clothes she had chosen on it.
She said to the waiter: “This month’s new product styles are really not good, I don’t have anything to buy**.”
The waiter smiled at the coquettish woman and said, “Sister Mei, I’m really sorry, I promise to be the first to notify you when new products come next month.”
The woman was somewhat distracted and said, “Okay, okay, I’m not talking about you, I’m just being discouraged by some people.”
Li Ziyue didn’t want to quarrel with her anymore, but when he heard this, he rushed over with an angry expression.
“Who are you talking about? You are a fairy, and the whole family is a fairy.”
Chen Feng just realized that this woman talked about himself and Li Ziyue, and he also walked over angrily.
And the woman looked at Li Ziyue disgustingly, and sneered: “If you have no education, you have no education. If you think you look good, you will lose your face and skin. She drags a man to buy things and buys things, and she doesn’t know who the flowers are. money.”
After speaking, he must carry his things and leave.
Li Ziyue naturally refused to let her leave like this, and immediately stopped her in front of her, saying angrily: “I spent my own money. It is all my own money. I am not that kind of woman. Don’t talk nonsense.”
“Get out, don’t let me hit you.” After being stopped, the coquettish woman pulled Li Ziyue angrily to let her go.
But Li Ziyue stubbornly stopped where.
“I won’t, unless you apologize to me, otherwise I will stop you.”
Just after speaking, the coquettish woman raised her hand, as if she was going to hit Li Ziyue.
Li Ziyue closed her eyes in fear and tried to hide. For a long time, there was no response. She opened her eyes and saw Chen Fengzheng grabbing the opponent’s wrist with one hand.
“It’s not your turn to teach her.”
Chen Feng coldly said to the woman.
The coquettish woman struggled a few times before Chen Feng let go of her hand.
Freed from the shackles, she looked at Chen Feng viciously, and said angrily: “Just like you, you want to be a hero to save the beauty, and you don’t want to find a mirror to take a picture. Is it that virtue?”
Chen Feng didn’t get angry and laughed instead: “Are you rich? Or let’s make a bet, if my money is more than yours, you just take your clothes off here and go out.”
The woman looked at Chen Feng in amazement. She didn’t seem to expect Chen Feng to say this. She slowed down for a few seconds before saying: “Neuropathy. Both are neuropathies.”
He said he was leaving with things.
Chen Feng was unwilling to let this woman go. He also stopped in front of the other party and smiled: “What, don’t you dare? Don’t you think I am a pauper? Don’t you even beat a pauper.”
“Go away!” the woman shouted.
Chen Feng was retreated by her, and the waiter on the other side finally came up to persuade him.
“Sir, this is a public place, please don’t make such unreasonable trouble.”
When Li Ziyue heard the waiter say this, she was also angry and said, “Why didn’t you talk when she said about us?
The waiter hurriedly said: “Sir, can you not bother with a lady? It’s very unmannered.”
Chen Feng smiled, and he said, “Demeanor? I don’t need it. I just want to know if this woman has money or not.”
The waiter raised his voice a little bit and said, “Sir, we will call the security guard if you do this.”
The waiter obviously didn’t dare to offend the regular customer named Mei Mei, and naturally stood by her side to deal with Chen Feng.
Chen Feng scanned all the clothes here, and he smiled: “Isn’t it just money? I’ve wrapped up all your clothes here. Don’t talk, OK?”
The waiter also didn’t expect Chen Feng to say such a thing, but she didn’t think about whether what Chen Feng said was true, but about how much commission she could get if it was really all-inclusive.
It seems that even the eyes are full of money.
The coquettish woman shouted at Chen Feng: “A madman, he’s a fucking madman through and through.”
Chen Feng didn’t want to scold her at all, he didn’t have any interest in it.
But seeing the trouble getting worse, even Li Ziyue was unwilling to continue entangled. She walked to Chen Feng and said in a low voice, “Or let’s just forget it. Anyway, we have nothing to lose.”
Chen Feng looked at her as if scared, and whispered, “You agreed to listen to me after you came out. Why do you regret it now?”
Li Ziyue shook his head, but felt that he didn’t want to go on like this, so he hesitated and didn’t know what to say.
When Li Ziyue stopped talking, Chen Feng looked at the coquettish woman again and said, “If you don’t want to read, apologize to her and say that you are nonsense. Otherwise, I would dare to strip you myself. Up.”
Speaking of later, Chen Feng’s tone became cold, as if he really dared to do this.
The coquettish woman tightly squeezed the bag in her hand, seeming to be considering Chen Feng’s opinion, but this matter was really a shame to her.
But Chen Feng’s fierce face was still there, and she was a little scared.
Chen Feng pinched the bridge of his nose, seeming to feel a little tired, and then he said, “Well, I don’t have much time.”
The woman finally lost all her resistance, and she was a little broken as if she was about to cry. She looked at Chen Feng and whimpered, “Excuse me…”
Chen Feng said coldly, “What, I didn’t hear it.”
The coquettish woman probably has the desire to die, she raised her voice a little bit and said, “I’m sorry.”
“I asked you to apologize to her, what are you doing?”

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