Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 849

The coquettish woman looked like she was about to come up and kill Chen Feng, even Li Ziyue felt a bit too much.
She gently pulled Chen Feng’s clothes, and whispered: “Don’t bully her like this, she knows it’s wrong.”
Chen Feng looked at Li Ziyue, and said in his heart: “Really a simple child, I guess I have forgotten what this woman was doing to you just now.”
But for Li Ziyue’s sake, Chen Feng said to the coquettish woman with relief, “Look, she is so good, I don’t know how to thank her, forget it, get out.”
After Chen Feng finished speaking, Sister Mei sobbed and turned to leave.
This scene was like a simple storm, and the waiter in the store directly looked at Chen Feng with an admiration, and even greeted him with a smile when he paid the bill.
He even kept introducing other clothes in the shop to Chen Feng, as if to remind Chen Feng to wrap up all the clothes in the shop.
But even though Chen Feng had money, he wouldn’t really do such a thing, and he didn’t want to bet.
When he left, he didn’t buy all the clothes in the waiter’s groaning eyes.
But Li Ziyue’s feeling towards Chen Feng seemed to be completely different. She felt that this person and the somewhat exhausted fellow in her impression were completely different.
But she couldn’t understand either, but she accompanied Chen Feng back in silence along the way.
Chen Feng didn’t know what was going on, he just thought it was what had just made her a little frightened.
Back in the hotel, Li Ziyue went back to his room silently, and Chen Feng naturally didn’t say anything.
The night passed in silence like this.
Chen Feng thought that he was still on the road. He felt that if Qing Zhi arrived one step earlier, he didn’t want Qing Zhi to wait too long to do anything painful to him.
Knocked on Li Ziyue’s door, she seemed to be in a good mood today, and she smiled when she saw Chen Feng.
Dragging a small box and carrying a bag she brought when she first came out, she seemed to be looking forward to starting their journey.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything, and didn’t think about carrying the bag for her, just walked in the front alone.
Although he could not see Li Ziyue’s somewhat resentful face.
“Humph! He’s still such a big bad guy.”
But Chen Feng heard such words.
When I got into the car, everything was ready, but Qing Zhi was missing, and I always felt that something was missing. Although Qing Zhi didn’t speak much, as long as I sat there, I could feel an extra person’s peace of mind.
Chen Feng didn’t think much, but drove the car on the road with one kick.
Li Ziyue seems to have completely forgotten the pain of running away from home since yesterday, and is always full of surprises at the scenery on both sides of the road.
Chen Feng seemed to realize that she was such a noisy person, not quiet enough at all, and even thought of throwing her on the side of the road alone.
But in the end this plan was still not implemented.
“What’s that?” Suddenly Li Ziyue yelled toward the burning bonfire on the side of the road.
Chen Feng was also taken aback by the shout, and then looked towards the bonfire. It seemed that there were a lot of people around, doing some kind of celebration.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I’m not interested either.”
He naturally didn’t want Li Ziyue to go, but Li Ziyue had already aroused curiosity in her heart. She was a little bit coquettish and said, “Let’s just go over and take a look, okay? It won’t be long.”
Chen Feng still refused: “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”
But Li Ziyue suddenly fell on Chen Feng’s shoulder, and she massaged Chen Feng’s shoulder for a while, and then said: “Let’s go and see if it’s okay, it’s really only a while.”
Chen Feng felt the tenderness from those bare hands, and the feeling on his shoulders was so slippery, and his heart couldn’t help but ripple.
But it seemed that because of the face just now, he couldn’t agree directly, so he could only say: “Just take a look and come back.”
Hearing this, Li Ziyue wouldn’t bother to come back after just taking a look, she yelled and made a noise.
In the end, Chen Feng drove the car in that direction.
A lot of cars have been waiting there, and there are many very luxurious cars that are very valuable.
Chen Feng found a gap and stopped the car. Li Ziyue couldn’t wait to get out of the car, and Chen Feng immediately got out of the car.
The bonfire was in the center of a clearing, surrounded by bare rocks, and scattered vegetation did not seem to grow.
And around the bonfire are men and women, there are about a hundred people, such a pair of dances in front of the bonfire, standing around and watching.
When Chen Feng and the others passed by, they didn’t arouse anyone’s attention. It seemed that they were used to this kind of people coming and going.
Li Ziyue had already pulled the crowd away and looked inside, enjoying the cheerful dance in the audience.
Chen Feng used to talk to a thin man who was also standing there and looking inside, “Is there any activity here?”
The other party looked at Chen Feng and replied: “We are praying for blessings, and dancing is a blessing dance.”
“What are you praying for?”
“Most of it will be love, but there are also some other things.”
Chen Feng thanked him and looked for Li Ziyue too, but she was no longer by her just in the blink of an eye.
After searching for a while, I found out that she had already squeezed to the front.
She looked at all this with a smile, as if she wanted to join in.
Chen Feng walked to her side and said, “I have seen it now and we can go back.”
But immediately Li Ziyue pouted and said to Chen Feng coquettishly: “Let’s look at it for a while, and watch it for a while.”
Chen Feng felt as if he could not refuse, so he had to agree again.
Li Ziyue was happy again in an instant.
She leaned to Chen Feng’s side and said, “Look, they danced so beautifully. The bonfire was printed with their shadows. What a wonderful feeling.”
Although Chen Feng thought it was pretty, he wouldn’t be as obsessed as Li Ziyue, he didn’t speak.
After waiting for a while, Li Ziyue seemed to be finally unable to bear the urge in her heart. She took Chen Feng’s arm and said, “Let’s go in and dance together. It will be fun.”
She seemed to take this as a very fun thing, and she didn’t know what they were doing, it was they who were praying for love.
When Chen Feng was about to explain clearly to her, Li Ziyue had already pulled him towards the center of the field.
Helpless Chen Feng is not good at explaining anything.
The men and women who were dancing, saw Chen Feng and the others coming, and smiled and gave way to a place, seeming to pass their joy to the people around them.
Following the carnival rhythm of those people, Chen Feng gradually began to dance, and Li Ziyue seemed to be particularly talented, and he was already familiar with the dance after just watching it.

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