Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 851

Chen Feng looked at her expression, remembered what had just happened, and wanted to ask something, but it is estimated that asking her directly would never answer.
So Chen Feng apologized in a gentle tone: “I’m sorry for what happened just now, I’m just trying to save you.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s apology, Li Ziyue also eased. She secretly looked at Chen Feng and said in a slightly aggrieved voice: “You really didn’t bully me?”
Chen Feng said hurriedly, “If you don’t believe me, I can swear.”
Li Ziyue also said anxiously, “I believe you will.”
She just unconsciously stood up and leaned back again, and said, “But what happened just now, didn’t I fall asleep?”
Looking at her expression, Chen Feng seemed quite confused, and asked, “You really don’t remember anything? Can’t you remember what you just did?”
Li Ziyue shook his head and said, “No impression.”
Chen Feng thought for a while. Since Li Ziyue couldn’t say anything, he still had to go back to where he was yesterday, and only there can know the reason.
He comforted Li Ziyue a few words before turning around and hurried back.
Rested on the road for one night, and finally rushed back to the campfire place in the afternoon of the next day.
Li Ziyue asked curiously: “Why is it only me that has the problem? Aren’t you with me?”
Chen Feng also thought about it, but he didn’t think about it clearly. In the end, he could only think that his body was stronger.
When I came to the place where the bonfire was held, a lot of people had gathered here, and a few cars were still so familiar.
But Chen Feng didn’t pay much attention. The bonfire in the field has not yet been lit. People gather in groups to chat or play these games.
But it feels like everything is in harmony.
“Couldn’t anyone have the same situation as Li Ziyue?” Chen Feng thought to himself.
But looking at the current situation, it seems that nothing really happened.
He walked around, trying to find someone to ask.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng walked over when he saw the thin man that day.
“Do you come here every day?” Chen Feng asked.
The man seemed to recognize Chen Feng, but he was not too surprised, and said, “What are you talking about, aren’t you?”
Chen Feng looked at him curiously and asked, “Why? Why do you come here every day?”
The man was confused, and said in doubt, “It’s just for blessing! Only when God hears our prayers can we stop.”
Chen Feng looked at him, but couldn’t understand what he was saying, so he had to give up.
After leaving, Chen Feng returned to the car. He did not let Li Ziyue get out of the car, but was worried that it would cause her to be hurt again.
But Li Ziyue asked worriedly after Chen Feng got into the car, “How is it? Did you ask him anything?”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “It is still unclear. It seems that these people are just trapped here. There may be other things in the evening.”
Li Ziyue just nodded.
The two waited in the car until the bonfire in the center of the venue reignited before Chen Feng got out of the car.
With the rhythmic music playing in the venue, Chen Feng took a closer look and found that they were driving the car’s stereo.
And when the music sounded, men and women kept walking up to the bonfire and began to dance, as if they were going up spontaneously, but Chen Feng felt that there was something weird in it.
It’s as if music is driving them.
Chen Feng lightly sniffed the smell in the air, and there was no psychedelic fragrance as he imagined, but Li Ziyue also didn’t come into contact with anyone except himself.
But looking at the people standing on the periphery, they didn’t seem to be seduced by the music. Chen Feng walked over and asked a guy.
“Why don’t you go up and dance?”
The man replied, “Did you not see that I am a man and a woman?”
Chen Feng looked at this guy who might be single and didn’t know what to say.
But after thinking about it, I still asked, “Do you want to go up and dance?”
The man nodded: “Naturally, I want to. When I find my partner, I will dance with them.”
Chen Feng noticed that when he looked at the center of the venue, it was an obsessive look. Chen Feng also believed what he said, as long as there is someone who can dance, he will definitely go in.
It seems that it is not only the pair of men and women, but also the people who are standing outside have been tempted among them.
And while he was thinking, Li Ziyue got out of the car, her eyes were full of enthusiasm, and she came straight towards Chen Feng.
When Chen Feng wanted to ask her why she was going down, she had already grabbed her arm, and seemed to want to walk to the center of the venue.
Chen Feng wanted to stop her, so she didn’t move at all when she was being pulled, but when Li Ziyue couldn’t take Chen Feng to the side of the bonfire, her body trembled unnaturally, and even seemed to develop into convulsions. same.
Chen Feng imagined the painful look when Li Ziyue twitched before, and he could only give up.
And he also needs to feel the strange atmosphere again and try to find the cause of the matter from it.
Li Ziyue, who was let go, immediately became full of vitality again. She pulled Chen Feng into it, and her body began to dance unconsciously.
Chen Feng could only sway gently in accordance with her rhythm, but did not put his spirit on it at all, but instead paid attention to the changes of the people around him.
They are obsessed with it, and the men and women sway their bodies intimately, as if intoxicated in happiness. Some people close their eyes and just feel the sound and touch, and even the smell of the opposite sex from the people around them.
The sky gradually darkened, and the bonfire in the field became brighter, and everyone’s faces were glowing red, like sunset clouds.
It’s more like the heat after excitement.
Looking at Li Ziyue next to her, she didn’t get there either.
Just constantly dancing around Chen Feng, fitting, as if trying to pull her away from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng whispered: “Li Ziyue, wake up!”
But she didn’t respond, and Chen Feng went to pull her clothes, but it was still the case.
Li Ziyue dragged her skirts and moved them, as if swaggering in the wind, or touching her lover.
After watching it for a long time, it was just these drunken people, and Chen Feng couldn’t wait any longer.
Maybe everything is still in that music.
He was about to leave the dance floor and walked towards the various stereos in the car on the side.
But just after leaving, I thought that Li Ziyue, who was already there, was fine, but Chen Feng noticed that she was sticking to another man beside her who already had a partner.
As a result, the three of them danced together.

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