Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 852

Although Chen Feng looked weird, he still walked to the speaker on the side.
There was no one guarding the car, and the electricity to the speaker came from the car. The closer the sound was, the louder the sound. Chen Feng frowned slightly and walked over.
He cut off the power of the speaker very directly, but there were two others in the field, so the music still rang.
Chen Feng stood there and waited for a while, but no one came to stop him. He was a little curious, wanting to see what would happen if all the speakers were cut off.
Thinking of this, he walked towards the other two cars.
After he cut off the power of the speakers in the last car, the music in the center of the venue stopped abruptly. Without the music, the dancing crowd became chaotic, but he still did not stop his movements.
It’s like a group of sloppy and muddled children doing some weird movements meaninglessly.
Music cannot solve this problem, and people without music will not wonder who turned it off.
Chen Feng reconnected them after thinking about it, the music played again, and the rhythm in the crowd began to come back again, each one seemed to have been professionally trained, and every beat was so accurate. .
And if the reason is not in the music, then what is it, and who prepared the music?
Thinking of this, Chen Feng returned to Li Ziyue’s side again.
He couldn’t see Li Ziyue sticking to a stranger there, shaking his waist constantly.
He walked over and grabbed Li Ziyue, pulled her into his arms, and accompany her to complete the rhythm of the dance.
This may be jealousy, but Chen Feng didn’t want to know why. He just lightly smelled the faint smell of Li Ziyue’s body, and his heart became much quieter.
After a long time in this way, Chen Feng seemed to smell something again, but at this time, he was completely indulged in the soft beauty next to him, and could no longer remember to explore the cause of the matter.
When the sun hits the face, a new day comes again.
Chen Feng opened his eyes, but there was no surprise from the last time, and he just sat up slowly.
Li Ziyue beside him was still asleep, and the men and women around him were still sleeping. The bonfire had long since gone out and turned into a pile of ashes.
At least there was nothing to do all night, and Chen Feng felt a lot more settled.
But everything happened without a clue to him. He didn’t even know how he was in a coma, let alone find someone hiding behind the scenes.
After Li Ziyue got up, his consciousness was sober. It seemed that he could vividly remember what happened last night, but his face was more shy and puzzled.
“Do you remember what happened last night?” Chen Feng asked.
Li Ziyue nodded: “But it always feels like it’s not like me. That…really good…shame.”
His face was already blushing.
Chen Feng naturally knew that she was definitely not self-conscious at the time, but he didn’t know why it was so, and he hadn’t even figured out the twitching-like withdrawal reaction.
It’s not that Chen Feng didn’t think of giving up, but if he gave up, Li Ziyue might always be like that. He couldn’t bear it. He looked at Li Ziyue who was not knowing what he was thinking, and Chen Feng said.
“May we stay here for a few more days?”
“Why? Aren’t we going to see Sister Qingzhi?” Li Ziyue still didn’t know what had happened to him.
Chen Feng just said perfunctorily: “Because I need to deal with some things here. Just listen to me. Let’s go to the nearby town, clean up, and come back at night.”
Li Ziyue thought of everything that happened here at night. I wanted to refuse. She thought it was bad for a girl like her, but she didn’t know why she had some faint expectations in her heart.
After going to the town, eating, drinking, and washing, everything was refreshing, and after three or four o’clock in the afternoon, Chen Feng took Li Ziyue to the campfire again.
It doesn’t seem to always be a group of people here. For example, the thin and weak man I saw last night, Chen Feng never saw each other again, and there seemed to be a few new faces in it, and he didn’t know if it was new.
But the scale of hundreds of people has always been there.
Chen Feng didn’t dare to let go of any details this time, so he was ready to be there from the beginning to the end.
When the sun was about to set, someone removed the firewood from a truck. It was supposed to be the wood for the bonfire. Chen Feng chased it when he saw it, preventing him from moving the wood down.
The man looked up and saw Chen Feng and asked, “What are you doing?”
“Who asked you to send this firewood?” Chen Feng kept holding onto the arm he was carrying.
“I don’t know this, someone gave me money and I gave it away. It’s not a dangerous thing.”
Chen Feng looked at him, not as if he was lying, and asked, “Then you are sending wood from Tiantianchao?”
The man nodded and said, “It’s been so noisy here every day, and it has been going on for a month. I don’t even understand why these people can continue to play.”
Chen Feng was surprised, but he didn’t expect it had been going on for a month.
“Then didn’t anything strange happen here?”
“Strange things? Isn’t it weird enough that this group of people are making trouble here?” He thought it should be.
“I mean someone is missing or injured or something?”
The man shook his head: “I didn’t find it. I won’t tell you, I will pile these firewood in the middle.”
Chen Feng said, “I’ll help you with it.”
He touched the piece of wood, which was no different from ordinary wood, so he asked, “Where did you come from?”
“It’s the logging farm nearby, what’s the matter? Don’t you organize things here yourself?”
Chen Feng didn’t answer, but he gave an acknowledgment.
But naturally these things have nothing to do with him.
When the wood was moved to the field, the man waited until six o’clock to pour the fuel for combustion into it and light the bonfire.
But unlike the people here, he didn’t stay here, he left after finishing the fuel.
Afterwards, the carnival of this group of people had already begun, and Li Ziyue had the same reaction, and Chen Feng could only accompany her to enter it again.
Having had two experiences, Chen Feng knew that the reason for the coma was probably because of the aroma emitted later.
But he didn’t know why. When he smelled the scent, he was already defenseless, and he felt as if he was indulged in that kind of madness.
But he always felt that there was no strange place before that, even his consciousness was sober, but he was fainted there in the end.
If I don’t understand, Chen Feng can only consider trying again, maybe this time there will be a different result.

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