Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 853

But the light rain fell on his face and woke him up. He thought it would be the same result, but suddenly it seemed that something was missing.
Li Ziyue was gone, and there was no such little girl in the red dress beside him.
Chen Feng was shocked, he hurriedly stood up and looked around, but after searching around, he did not find her.
People have disappeared out of thin air.
No, he didn’t know everything that happened after he fell asleep, and it was natural that someone took Li Ziyue away at that time.
But who it will be, and whether Li Ziyue will have life safety now, Chen Feng has no idea.
The light rain is getting heavier and heavier, and the group of people on the ground also get up early. They are like young men and women after a night of partying, and it’s a new day after waking up.
Some people have already drove away, and some have waited for a while.
Chen Feng asked them, but they didn’t know anything, just enjoying this joy, and also believing that this was just a process of praying.
Chen Feng felt a trace of despair, but just when he had lost his direction and had no clue, he noticed a man walking down the court alone.
And everyone in the court should be a pair of men and women.
Chen Feng wondered if he would lose his female companion just like himself.
He hurriedly chased after him, and asked the man, “Are you here alone?”
The man was not too wary of Chen Feng, and replied naturally, “I came with my wife?”
Sure enough, Chen Feng felt that he was right.
“What about your wife?”
The man smiled and said, “She was chosen by the God of Fortune, and she should be being blessed now. After returning in two days, our blessing ceremony was successfully completed at that time.”
Chen Feng was surprised, and hurriedly grabbed the opponent, and asked hurriedly, “What do you mean by being selected?”
The person seemed to think that Chen Feng was asking knowingly, and said, “The one who is selected is the one who has been selected, and he is going to meet God.”
Chen Feng couldn’t understand what was taken for granted in the other party’s heart. He asked, “Then do you know where God is?”
He believed that Li Ziyue was also captured by this god.
The man shook his head, “This is God’s secret, and most people will not be told easily.”
Chen Feng was anxious. He was naturally worried about Li Ziyue’s safety. After thinking about it, he changed the question: “Then how do you know your wife will come back? Has anyone done this before?”
The man nodded, he was so sure.
But Chen Feng was even more surprised. Isn’t the other party afraid that his place will be leaked, or that they have enough confidence that those who return will not leak them out.
With the address in his hand, Chen Feng came to a community in a nearby town.
This address was the address of a woman who had come back from God he knew before the man told Chen Feng.
When he came to the door of the other party’s house, Chen Feng knocked on the door, and soon someone answered.
The one who opened the door was a young woman in her twenties. She was beautiful, gentle and virtuous, and she couldn’t do without her eyes if she just looked at it.
Chen Feng became more worried that Li Ziyue was taken away because of her beauty.
The woman saw the stranger outside the house and asked curiously, “Excuse me, are you?”
Chen Feng said, “Do you remember the bonfire party outside the city?”
The woman blinked at Chen Feng, then nodded slowly.
Chen Feng introduced himself and said, “I was also one of the parties, but my wife was taken away by the God of Fortune. I want to ask you what the situation is.”
It may be that I heard that Chen Feng was also a member of the bonfire dancing, so my vigilance against Chen Feng was reduced a lot in an instant.
She invited Chen Feng into her home and made a cup of tea for him.
Then I slowly talked about it.
“If you believe her, you will always encounter many beautiful things. Thank you for that kind of Fury, he will make you happy.”
Chen Feng didn’t come to listen to this. He needed to know where Li Ziyue was now, and hurriedly asked, “I heard that you came back from there? Can you tell me where it is?”
But the woman shook her head gently, and said, “That is unknowable. Everything is so meaningless.”
Chen Feng didn’t know how those people brainwashed them. Chen Feng could only find another way. He said, “I can buy this information from you. You can quote a price. I can accept it no matter how much it is. ”
This is already a price that cannot be unlimited, but I don’t know if it’s because the other party doesn’t believe it, or because the mysterious power is too strong for her to say it.
The woman still refused.
“This is not something you can buy with money. It is a mysterious happiness that will make people feel satisfied, so I can’t betray my feelings.”
Chen Feng looked at her, at least the demure temperament made people feel comfortable, but he couldn’t understand why.
“One million, this can already buy this house.” Chen Feng still said the price.
The woman was stunned. It seemed that when she heard the real money, she was still a little moved.
“Don’t tempt me, I can’t betray.”
Chen Feng increased the price again: “Two million, I can give you a check immediately.”
With that, he took out the checkbook.
It was just this action that immediately calmed the woman. She never seemed to want to exchange money with checks in the past, but she also seemed to have a new understanding of Chen Feng’s so-called purchase.
“Are you really willing to pay two million?”
Chen Feng nodded, but the woman still hesitated.
This is by no means a small number, but in the face of this number, the other party is still entangled in what kind of faith can be compared to two million in cash.
But since it was not an unwavering concept, Chen Feng had no scruples. If two million were not enough, he could get three million.
“Three million, just buy you a message.”
Chen Feng knew that there was only one step left. He directly wrote the amount on the check, and then handed the check to the other party.
The woman looked at the tangible numbers on the check, and she had no faith to keep her going.
The woman held the corner of the cheque, still unable to believe that it was true, or even that Chen Feng was true.
She pursed her dry lips and said to Chen Feng, “I can tell you that place, but you don’t tell anyone that I said it.”
Chen Feng understood naturally, nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I don’t even know your name until now. Even if I want to say it, I can’t say it.”
It seemed that this was the case. The woman thought for a while and said, “Actually, I came out from there, but I don’t have much impression of going back.”

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