Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 854

Although the other party’s memory was vague, Chen Feng followed her memory to come here.
It is said that the whole area of ​​Zhuanglin is private. Standing by the fence, there will be a camera at almost every distance.
And beside this fence, Chen Feng saw a helicopter parked on the apron inside, where it was quiet at this time, and there were many luxury cars beside it.
No one was seen nearby, and Chen Feng searched for a long time and finally found the gate of Zhuanglin.
Naturally, he couldn’t go in directly. As soon as he walked to the door, a security guard came up to stop him.
Chen Feng is now anxious for Li Ziyue’s safety, even if the opponent prevents him from entering, he has no scruples.
“Stop, this is a private domain.”
Chen Feng ignored him and walked directly to the gate beside him, so someone immediately came up to stop him.
The security guard grabbed his arm and said, “Who are you, you dare to enter here casually.”
Chen Feng pushed back, and the guy was pushed to him. He was immediately angry and started shouting.
Three or four people came out immediately from the security room, with batons in their hands.
“What’s the matter?” someone asked.
“I don’t know what’s going on, this guy just rushes as soon as he comes up.”
So the others looked at Chen Feng together.
But Chen Feng had already stepped inside the door.
“Hey, stop.” Those people were about to stop Chen Feng when they went up.
They opened the door and ran after them one by one.
Chen Feng was worried about Li Ziyue’s safety, and when he saw a house not far away, he rushed over immediately. Several security guards chased him, but couldn’t catch up.
Finally, when he came to the door of the house, Chen Feng stopped. He looked at the house as if it were a palace. The exterior decoration alone was not comparable to ordinary people.
The few people behind him finally caught up. As soon as Chen Feng was about to walk through the door, the solemn red wooden door was pushed open.
A man in a gray outfit walked out, his face was unnecessary, he was very clean and tidy.
At least it can be felt that he should have practiced before.
Chen Feng also stopped and looked at the other person, who also looked at Chen Feng.
“What are you running? You can really run!”
The security guards behind him finally chased him down, but Chen Feng was too lazy to pay attention, stepping forward on the ladder, and hitting a palm without warning.
But the other party seemed to have expected Chen Summit to take action, and fisted to block it.
The two had only exchanged dozens of moves in the blink of an eye, and the other party was obviously also a master of martial arts, at least in the phase of transformation, even reached the peak of transformation.
But after three or two moves, Chen Feng felt that the opponent’s moves were insidious, unlike decent martial arts.
Even the moves are fatal, without the slightest scruples. The moves often played are also life-for-life fighting techniques, which are quite laborious to resolve.
However, between a few breaths, the two of them pushed back, and did not know when a woman standing at the door stopped each other.
Chen Feng also looked towards the other person, the woman was charming and enchanting, dressed revealingly, holding a cold light dagger in her hand.
When Chen Feng looked at her, she also looked at him with a charming smile, but she looked like a very close person.
But Chen Feng naturally didn’t know her at all.
“This man is very strong in martial arts, and you will definitely lose in less than a hundred rounds.”
The woman said this to the man with strong pretense, but the other party didn’t seem to agree, and looked at Chen Feng coldly.
But the woman didn’t care, and said to Chen Feng, “I don’t know why your Excellency came to my Jiuyou Pavilion. It seems that you are not invited here.”
Chen Feng didn’t want to worry about what place it was. Whether it was Jiuyou Pavilion or Babaolou, he was only here to save people.
“Hand over the person, or I can find the person myself.”
Hearing this, the man with strong pretense was immediately annoyed and said, “If you want to fight, I will accompany you.”
But the woman stopped drinking and said, “Lin Chengzhi, do you want to be subject to the law?”
It seemed that Lin Chengzhi retreated angrily when he heard the word “Ge Fa”, and then the woman smiled at Chen Feng and said, “If you are here to find someone, it’s natural to say it. It’s just that you’re too unreasonable to come in like this. Some. Or come in first, and I will ask for you.”
Chen Feng didn’t know if he was here, but since he was here, he had to ask at least what he could leave.
So he followed each other into this splendid house.
The living room is extremely large, with carpets on the floor, all mahogany furniture, and expensive crystal utensils, all of which can be owned by a really rich person.
But to Chen Feng, they were nothing more than foreign objects, and everything that could be bought with money was dead.
The woman walked to the mahogany seat, and Chen Feng sat down very generously. She asked the woman, “Did you make the campfire outside the city?”
It seemed that the woman suddenly realized when she heard the bonfire.
“It turns out that you came here because of that. You didn’t expect that there would be the woman you were looking for.”
When Chen Feng heard the other party saying that it was a woman, he probably already knew that Li Ziyue was in their hands.
Then he asked: “I don’t care what you are doing, but return my people.”
The woman smiled and said, “That’s natural. We dare not offend a person at the peak of transformation. If you don’t get it, it’s trouble.”
Chen Feng didn’t know if what she said was true or false, but for the time being, he could only believe it, and said, “She was taken away by you last night.”
The woman still smiled and said, “Then you are waiting here, and I will see it for you. If you are already here, then I will bring it directly for you, but the time may not come yet. You probably have to wait until the evening.”
Chen Feng naturally did not want to be delayed by them, and immediately asked, “If she hadn’t been here, where is she now?”
The woman hesitated: “I don’t know this. After all, it’s all the following things, but don’t worry, those people will never touch our things.”
Chen Feng was also annoyed when he heard the other party describe Li Ziyue as a commodity, but he tried his best to hold it back.
He said, “I hope you better not lie to me.”
The woman smiled at Chen Feng and left the room.
There was only Lin Chengzhi standing in the corner. Soon a maid brought tea. Chen Feng looked at the steaming cup with tea leaves. He did not move. He was careful. He didn’t dare to do anything about the tricky tricks of this group of people. The slightest carelessness.
But after sitting there for a long time, you still didn’t see the woman coming back, so Chen Feng wanted to go out to have a look, but was stopped by Lin Chengzhi.
“Without her permission, you can’t go out now.” He said hard.
Naturally, Chen Feng was not to be outdone, and said, “Then I have to go out?”
After he finished speaking, Lin Chengzhi’s eyes told Chen Feng that he could not wait to fight this fight.

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