Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 856

Chen Feng couldn’t bear the charm of this fairy a little, and he closed his eyes again when he couldn’t see.
It may be that Chen Feng really didn’t have the thought of talking, and Xianglan also cut off his own thoughts.
It’s okay to harass once, but again, she is also afraid of Chen Fengcheng’s anger.
And the threat not long ago was not completely indifferent to her, so just click and stop.
After so restful for a long time, I heard someone come in again.
It was Lin Chengzhi, who ran to the pandan sitting beside Chen Feng in small steps.
What was whispered in her ear would naturally not be heard by Chen Feng.
When he heard what he said, Xianglan’s face changed unexpectedly, even in the face of death.
Then, she looked at Chen Feng and said, “Master, someone here is going to come over, you have to go upstairs to hide.”
Chen Feng naturally looked at her curiously and asked, “Why, who makes you so scared. If you send the person I want immediately, I can consider helping you.”
“Master, you don’t need to worry about this, and I really can’t send you the person you want right away.”
With that said, Xianglan was about to let Chen Feng go upstairs.
Since it was their trouble, Chen Feng didn’t need to mess around, he just came back to Li Ziyue.
So, according to Pandan’s words, he hid in a bedroom on the second floor.
Although I don’t know if it is Pandan’s room, it is a female boudoir, with a faint fragrance in the room.
Chen Feng naturally walked to the chair in front of the desk and did it.
The room is still messy, the table is full of various things, and some unworn clothes are piled on the chair. It is probably a lazy woman.
Chen Feng picked up a short skirt slightly, but it looked very fashionable.
However, he didn’t have the habit of peeping into the female’s boudoir. He just sat down casually and began to listen to the movements outside.
Sure enough, after a while, there was a noise in the hall, and someone came in.
However, because the soundproofing of the room was very good, Chen Feng didn’t hear anything. After a few minutes, he suddenly heard a noise, which was a man shouting.
Although Chen Feng was curious, he still did not go out.
After waiting for half an hour, I heard someone knock on the bedroom door, and then Pandan walked in.
Her face was a little bad, and her mood seemed a little low, but she still smiled when she saw Chen Feng, and said, “Master, didn’t you mess around in Pandan’s room?”
Chen Feng didn’t answer her joke, and asked, “That person is gone?”
Xianglan nodded, but looked as if he didn’t want to mention it, and Chen Feng didn’t ask much.
It was almost evening in time, and Chen Feng naturally needed to see Li Ziyue. He said, “It’s already evening!”
Pandan seemed to have settled her mood quickly, and the frustration just now seemed to disappear instantly on her face.
“That’s natural, I also came to take you to meet people.”
Until now, Chen Feng was finally relieved, but before the last moment, Chen Feng couldn’t completely trust the other party.
Followed Pandan out of the bedroom and walked downstairs. There must have been something in the hall just now.
Chen Feng saw that one corner of the mahogany chair had been broken, and it would be uncomfortable to make the originally smooth chair look so uncomfortable, it should have been made by the person just now.
And after removing this, debris and water stains can also be seen on the ground. Although they were quickly sorted out, they also existed after all.
Chen Feng just walked over without asking anything.
After going out with Pandan, the sky was gloomy and the ground was already wet. The rain in the afternoon washed away a lot of stains and made the world look much quieter.
Walking beside Xianglan, Chen Feng was not ready to ask anything, but Xianglan spoke.
“Lord, if you see the person you are looking for, will you do something to us?”
She said jokingly, but Chen Feng knew that this was not a joke, at least for him, he had thought about it.
But now, no matter what, he would not speak out his thoughts.
“I don’t want to care about your affairs, as long as you don’t provoke me.”
Xianglan smiled and said, “Lord, don’t go back when you say this. Although we are bad guys, we still count on our words.”
Chen Feng didn’t say a word, but what he was thinking in his heart was not to turn back.
When we arrived at the place, there was already a car waiting at the door.
Xianglan walked over, opened the door, and then notified the truck to come in.
Chen Feng saw that the owner of the car was the driver who delivered the wood. He didn’t expect that he also noticed Chen Feng when he walked in, but he deliberately avoided Chen Feng’s gaze.
And Xianglan stood on the side and said to Chen Feng: “The selected people are all inside.”
Naturally, Chen Feng was worried about Li Ziyue’s safety, and did not care that Pandan did not speak. He walked directly to the back of the truck and opened the door. Sure enough, there were a few people lying in the truck, and Chen Feng saw the man in the red dress at a glance. Li Ziyue.
He hurriedly climbed into the truck and pulled Li Ziyue into his arms, but Li Ziyue was in a coma, and Chen Feng kept calling her name.
But she couldn’t wake up all the time, and Chen Feng looked at Xianglan standing at the door of the truck, naturally questioning her, but before Chen Feng could speak, Xianglan explained.
“It’s just that the time for the drug hasn’t come. It may take a while before I wake up.”
Chen Feng just checked that Li Ziyue was still alive, otherwise he would definitely think that Li Ziyue was killed by them.
At least he was sure of Li Ziyue’s safety, and Chen Feng was temporarily relieved. He checked whether the other women who were also sleeping in the truck were all beautiful.
They just didn’t know what they were doing to capture these women, but Chen Feng didn’t want to ask anymore. Some things will naturally be taken care of, but it may not be him.
Now that Li Ziyue has been found, Chen Feng is ready to leave.
But Xianglan stopped Chen Feng who was holding Li Ziyue. Chen Feng thought she wanted to go back, so he looked at her coldly.
“what are you going to do?”
It seems that as long as Xianglan says anything to stop Chen Feng, he will do it.
But I didn’t expect Xianglan to kneel directly in front of him, calling for help, “Master Feng, help.”
The tearful eyes whirling, arousing pity for life, she was a petite demon, now she is kneeling on the ground and there is a kind of pity that I see.
But Chen Feng also said directly: “Don’t save it.”
It seems that Xianglan didn’t expect Chen Summit to be so decisive. It took two seconds to collect the pitiful appearance, and asked a little lonely: “Feng Ye, don’t you want to ask me what I beg of you.”
Although Chen Feng had some curiosity in his heart, he knew that this would only be trouble, so he simply didn’t know, and was unwilling to touch this trouble.
“No interest.”

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