Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 857

Chen Feng’s final decisive answer made Xianglan seem to have lost her last hope. She slumped on the ground and no longer prevented Chen Feng from leaving.
Chen Feng bypassed her and returned to the way he came.
But when he was about to walk out of the gate, Lin Chengzhi stopped in front of him again.
He is no better than Pandan, but he didn’t make such a thorough request. He just asked: “How can you help?”
Looking at his still indifferent face, Chen Feng just said lightly: “The only intersection between us is still such unfriendly, why do you think I should help you.”
“I see.” As he said, he walked away.
It was getting late, and Li Ziyue was still in a coma, so Chen Feng took Li Ziyue to live in the town.
Just like this, Li Ziyue stayed by her side and waited until she woke up.
Li Ziyue opened his eyes slowly, as if after a dream, the first sight he saw was Chen Feng.
It’s just that she has no memory of what happened to her, so she just wonders why she sleeps here.
Chen Feng looked at her and smiled, and with the confusion on Li Ziyue’s face, Chen Feng did not intend to explain anything.
After talking to her for a good rest, Chen Feng returned to his room.
Maybe they will be able to go back on the road until the next morning.
Chen Feng thought so.
In the middle of the night, the door of his room was quietly opened. Chen Feng slept very lightly, so he could easily detect the noise.
He sat up and waited for the man to come in.
In the darkness, a thin figure covered his chest and staggered in.
Chen Feng did not speak, but watched quietly, and the other party hadn’t noticed that Chen Feng had woke up, and walked into the bathroom just like that. After a while, he heard the sound of water rushing inside.
The other party didn’t light up the light, and he was probably afraid of being seen by outsiders.
Chen Feng listened quietly to the sound inside. After a while, the man walked out, as if he was about to leave.
Chen Feng said lightly, “Since you have come in, you might as well stay a little longer.”
The figure leaned toward the wall like a frightened bird.
When Chen Feng was about to light up the bedside lamp, a woman’s clear voice came.
“do not!”
And listening to the voice, Chen Feng felt familiar, and he asked, “Pandan?”
And the figure seemed to be particularly surprised, she was surprised: “Feng Ye?”
“I said, I won’t help you, what else are you here to do.”
The first thing Chen Feng naturally thought of was that Xianglan found him again.
But all this is just a coincidence, Xiang Lan said: “I really didn’t expect it to be Master Feng, I just escaped here after being chased.”
Chen Feng is still a little uncomfortable: “Being chased and killed?”
“Since Master Feng refuses to save my life, I can only rely on myself.”
“Where is Lin Chengzhi?” Chen Feng asked.
“Maybe already dead.” Xianglan said, but she didn’t seem to have a trace of emotion, just an unrelated person died.
Chen Feng didn’t ask much, just said, “You can stay here until tomorrow morning.”
This is Chen Feng’s trivial help to her, but Xianglan still shook her head and said: “No, some things have to be done, there is no way to escape.”
After speaking, she turned and walked towards the door.
There was a bang.
The glass in the room where Chen Feng was was shattered. He avoided the residue from the broken glass, but immediately there was a person standing in the room, standing in front of the window that had just been broken.
This is on the sixth floor, and the other party jumped in directly. With this effort alone, it is already very strong.
Before Chen Feng could look at the other’s face, the man suddenly recognized him.
“It’s actually you.” The man looked at Chen Feng in surprise.
Chen Feng then looked over curiously.
Sure enough, it was someone he knew, traveling thousands of miles and a crane, but Duguyun, but he didn’t expect to meet here.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Do you know that those who walk through the window are all thieves, and people who don’t behave like thieves, are you at fault?
Duguyun didn’t seem to expect that the first sentence between Chen Feng and him was so boring. He just said, “Haha, I didn’t expect you to be here. That day, you forced me to leave. Let you taste my skill.”
After he finished speaking, he rushed over without paying any attention.
Chen Feng dodged a palm, turned over the quilt, and stood by the bed. There was still only a pair of underwear left on him before going to bed. Although there was a woman present, she wouldn’t mind if she wanted to come.
“Huh, where is that woman?”
But Duguyun suddenly thought of something, he asked Chen Feng.
Chen Feng knew that he was talking about Qing Zhi naturally, but he just smiled and said, “Or I will call her, or we will fight more lively, she may come by herself.”
Duguyun stood there thinking, he was still very jealous of Qing Zhi.
He looked at Chen Feng coldly, or looked at Pandan, and hesitated for a long time, but Chen Feng was not anxious at all. He even said, “What are you doing, hit it if you want. Run. It’s meaningless at all.”
Chen Feng finished speaking, and Duguyun also seemed to have made up his mind. He said, “I will spare your life today. I want to see how long this guy can protect you.”
He obviously said to Pandan.
After he finished speaking, he jumped directly from the window behind him. Since jumping up from the height of the sixth floor is easy, jumping down is not too much effort.
After ten seconds, the room became quiet again.
Chen Feng looked at the window and there was no more movement, he said, “He should be gone.”
Looking at Xianglan again, Chen Feng didn’t think that the person she offended was Duguyun, but now it was not his intention, but he still saved Xianglan’s life.
He did not expect Pandan to repay anything.
Pandan said: “Then I should leave too.”
Chen Feng thought for a while, but stopped him: “He shouldn’t dare to come back again. Just stay here for one night, and I won’t drive you away.”
Xianglan seemed to want to persist, and Chen Feng said, “You have also seen that he originally had an enemy with me. Since he knows that you are by my side, he will definitely not dare to come over again. It doesn’t matter to me. ”
Originally, Pandan still wanted to find Chen Feng’s asylum, but due to Chen Feng’s direct rejection today, she felt that Chen Feng would not keep herself, and now that Chen Feng has said so, she did not insist. Necessary.
“Then I will hide here for one night, and I will leave tomorrow.” She was still worried about Chen Summit’s opposition.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything. Tomorrow was just tomorrow, and he didn’t need to pursue it now, but there was only one bed in the room, and it seemed difficult to make a decision.

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after the world martial arts competition, I can’t really follow the story anymore
It’s like pump to me that there’s have another story plot that didn’t conect after WMAC and I Feel like Chen Feng is not dominating on other Character anymore like he became bit weak,,,but I love the story very Good! thank you for always be updating!???❤️❤️❤️

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