Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 858

Chen Feng walked to the bed, it was not a big deal at first, and he said casually: “If you don’t mind, just spend the night in bed together. I’m not that kind of person myself. But if you mind, just take it yourself. The quilt sleeps on the ground.”
After that, he didn’t wait for how Pandan chose, so he opened the quilt and lay on the bed, and by the way gave up half of the space.
It took a while before Chen Feng heard Pandan’s voice. She walked to the bed without actually pulling down the quilt, and then lay on the bed with her clothes.
Chen Feng could feel her nervousness, but Chen Feng didn’t expect it. After all, he could still be so close to him during the day, but now he feels very scared.
But naturally Chen Feng wouldn’t do anything, and was speechless overnight.
The broken window made it difficult to offset the cold wind blowing in even when the heater was turned on. By the next morning, the two of them hugged each other tightly, warming each other.
After Xianglan woke up, Chen Feng did exactly what he said, and did nothing. Although she hugged each other, she didn’t care much compared to the others, but she didn’t know whether her face was happy or annoyed.
The movement of her getting up awakened Chen Feng, and Chen Feng looked at her.
When I woke up in the morning, Pandan’s hair was a bit messy, but because it was bare-faced, it lost the coquettishness of makeup, but it was also a little more pure.
Chen Feng just took a look and said, “How is your injury? Is it serious?”
When Xianglan came in last night, she covered her chest with her right hand. Naturally, she should have suffered internal injuries.
When she heard Chen Feng’s question, Pandan shook her head and said, “It’s not too serious, just take a few days of rest. Now it’s the next day, it’s inconvenient for me to continue here, so I will leave.”
Chen Feng did not answer. He watched Xianglan walk into the bathroom to wash up. After a while, when she came out, her hair had been tidied up, but her face was still a little haggard.
She spoke to Chen Feng.
“Thank you for taking in last night. Pandan left first.”
With that, she walked to the door.
Chen Feng knew that if she walked out of this door and met Duguyun, then she would still be inevitable. Although I don’t know what happened to her and Duguyun, from the attitude of Duguyun yesterday, Xianglan would not Was easily let go.
The door of the room responded, and if Chen Feng wanted to stay, Xianglan would agree, but Chen Feng didn’t say a word until the door was closed again.
It was the same sentence, the pandan matter had nothing to do with him.
After Xianglan left, Chen Feng also got up and went to Li Ziyue’s room.
From the experience like yesterday, Chen Feng was still afraid that she would leave some shadow, but when Li Ziyue opened the door and saw that it was Chen Feng, she muttered and said to Chen Feng full of resentment, “What are you doing? Wake me up so early, I am sleeping soundly.”
It was already past seven now, but Li Ziyue still looked as though he was not awake, scratching his head sleepily, making messy hair even more messy.
Chen Feng didn’t have a good air: “Heartless guy.”
Although he said so, he still told Li Ziyue to go back to sleep.
And he went to the town to see what else to buy.
The town is always full of vitality. In the park in the early morning, grandpa and aunt come here to exercise early. There are sword dances, horizontal bars, and some stretching. Although they are old, they are physically fit. More tough than young people.
Chen Feng enjoyed this kind of comfort, and sat down on the bench in the park, watching the excitement in the park.
But even this kind of small leisure will always be destroyed by someone.
A man wearing a mask and a hat sat next to Chen Feng. At first Chen Feng didn’t care about him, but the other party spoke first.
“Master Feng, someone asked me to bring you a letter.”
Chen Feng was stunned at first, and then he realized that the other party was calling him, and Chen Feng had only used this pseudonym in front of Pandan, and immediately understood that the other party was sent by Pandan.
“what’s up?”
Because the other party obviously didn’t want people to know his identity, Chen Feng also lowered his voice.
“But before I spoke out the letter, the man asked me to ask Master Feng a question.”
Chen Feng frowned slightly, he always didn’t like troublesome things.
After Xianglan left Chen Feng, she had nowhere to go for the time being. If she returned to Zhuanglin, she would definitely be caught by Duguyun, so she thought about it and went to a friend.
It was not very far from the hotel where Chen Feng was located, but she did not dare to take a ride from the main entrance and quietly got out of the window of the toilet on the first floor of the hotel, looking at no one around, and then walked to the main road. , Stopped a taxi.
In her friend’s house, a woman of the same age as Pandan walked towards Pandan with a chuckle and two cups of Baileys.
“I really have no choice but to hide with you temporarily. After this gust of limelight, I will leave.”
The woman has long black and beautiful hair, bright eyes, bright lips and white teeth, and smiled at Pandan: “I don’t mind what else you and I have seen. You can stay here as long as you want.”
Passing the wine to Pandan, she also sat on the sofa next to Pandan, took a sip, and asked, “What the hell happened to make you so embarrassed.”
Pandan also had a sad look. Thinking of what she had encountered, she had a very headache, and she was upset and said, “No way, I have met someone who is unpleasant.”
The black-haired woman laughed, “You’re so long-sleeved, and you still meet people you can’t offend. It’s just the few you deal with, and none of them can be offended by you. What is happening now? Being forced into such a field.”
“Don’t laugh at me anymore. If I really did what you said, I wouldn’t be forced to hide from you. However, I didn’t expect that the other party would say that I turned my face and turned my face, and it was still true. I take the blame. I can only think about how to avoid him in the back.”
After speaking, Xianglan lay down tiredly in the other’s arms, leaned on her lap, and sighed.
“Fortunately, you can take me in.”
The woman chuckles and said, “I don’t have as much skill as you. If the other party really comes to the door, I will sell you the first one.”
When Pandan heard it, she pretended to be angry and said, “Dare you!”
The woman stroked Pandan’s smooth hair and said, “I’m a little girl, can I still be as easy as you are in front of those big people. But speaking of whom, you’re never going to be a desert wolf. Li’s family.”
And it seemed that this desert wolf was very terrifying, she even had a guilty conscience when she said it, looking at Pandan, she was afraid that she would actually say this name.

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