Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 859

Seeing her so nervous, Xianglan’s expression also became solemn, as if she had really guessed it.
But just when the other party was about to exclaim, Xianglan smiled.
“If it were really Molang, I wouldn’t dare to hide from you. I would find a place to die early and it would be easier. Even if I gave me ten courage, I wouldn’t dare to mess with Molang.”
The woman just relaxed, but then looked at Pandan angrily.
“I kindly took you in, you still lie to me like this.”
Pandan also hurriedly apologized: “Okay, I know I was wrong. I will buy you the latest clothes this season, okay.”
The woman’s complexion only slightly eased,
However, Xianglan said again, “Although the person you provoke this time is not a desert wolf, it is not easy to deal with. Do you know that a crane travels a thousand miles?”
The woman exclaimed, “Why did you provoke him? He is notoriously cruel. The person who died in his hands has never heard of a complete one.”
Xianglan sighed, “I’m also a ghost, so I shouldn’t be worried about the smoke cloud beads in his daughter’s hands. It is no longer a human being inside and out. The old people on it are scared when they hear that they are Duguyun. I can’t wait to send me directly in front of him and let him get rid of it.”
The woman frowned, too, as if she couldn’t think of a way to help Pandan.
“Yan Yunzhu, what is that?” she asked.
“A treasure, a very rare treasure, as long as you see it, you will definitely be attracted by it. It is also because I can’t control the affair with it, so I will take action. Otherwise, how could I be damned to Duguyun? The daughter does it.” Xianglan seemed to recall the thing, with an intoxicated expression on her face.
“Can it be so magical? I don’t believe it.” The woman shook her head.
Pandan seemed to know what she said, and the other party would not believe it. She said, “If you don’t believe it, I can take you to see it.”
The black-haired woman exclaimed, “You dare to hide by your side?”
Pandan had an indifferent expression and said, “I want to return the things to him, but after he saw me, he didn’t say a word, so he wanted to kill me. If that’s the case, even if I die, Let him not find that treasure.”
The woman thought for a while, but didn’t know how to comment on Pandan’s decision. She just asked curiously, “Did you bring things with you?”
Pandan immediately shook his head and said, “How is that possible? I naturally put it in a safe place. A place that only I know about.”
After listening, the woman didn’t care: “I don’t want to get involved, you don’t need to tell me. Otherwise, I don’t even know how I died.”
Even after thinking about it, Pandan gave up this idea.
At the same time, Chen Feng, the person next to him took out something from his pocket. He held it in the palm of his hand and did not show it directly. He stretched out his hand to Chen Feng, meaning that Chen Feng would catch it.
Chen Feng also stretched his hand over, and the other party immediately put the things in his hands.
The tentacles of the thing were slightly cool, it was a sphere the size of a pigeon egg, and slightly heavier. Chen Feng estimated it was a stone.
When he was about to go to see it, the man said, “He is precious, and I hope Master Feng can store it properly. As for the question I want to ask, it is also about such a treasure.”
Only then could Chen Feng open his palm, and saw what was in the palm of his hand, which was indeed a gem the size of a pigeon egg. He looked at the other person in doubt, wondering why the other person didn’t hand it over to him.
“What does this mean?” he asked.
“Master Feng, if Duguyun wants to take this gem, will you give it to him?”
Chen Feng couldn’t see the other party’s expression, everything was hidden under the mask and sunglasses, and he couldn’t judge the other party’s meaning.
Chen Feng said: “The things are already in my hands, so what’s the point of giving it to you?”
The other party nodded and said, “Since the things have been given to Master Feng, it is true that this question is a bit redundant for me. But I still hope Master Feng can tell me.”
Chen Feng did not answer him. Instead, he said, “The woman hopes to use this thing to cause a fight between me and Duguyun so that she can escape. If you go back and bring her a sentence, she may have miscalculated. .”
After speaking, he had no interest in seeing the scenery in the park anymore, got up and left.
Pandan also sat up from the black-haired woman, picked up the cup of Baileys on the coffee table, took a light bite, and was thinking about something solemnly.
The black-haired woman sorted out the short skirt messed up by Pandan, and did not disturb Pandan, got up and walked to the shelf by herself, picked up a half-read book and continued to look through it.
The two might have spent an afternoon quietly like this, but the door of the room was knocked before the woman turned two pages. The very rough knock on the door sounded like she knew it was not a good thing.
The woman looked at Pandan, seeking her decision.
Pandan was also awakened by the same horror. She looked at the knocked door in horror. She was stunned for two seconds before she saw the black-haired woman and said, “Hurry up and hide.”
“What do you do? Hide with me.” The woman said.
“No, if they don’t see anyone after they enter the door, they will search for them, and they can’t harm you.” Pandan said firmly.
With that, she stood up and came to the woman’s side, pulling her into the room.
The woman was manipulated and walked into the bedroom.
“Hide.” Seeing her pretending to be calm, Pandan finished speaking and closed the door.
But she walked to the living room and waited, like a closed prison, without any possibility of escape.
After a while, the door was finally opened, and the metal iron door was bent from the middle, obviously receiving a huge force, and standing outside the door was Duguyun who had just put his foot down.
His eyes were gloomy and his expression was indifferent. He didn’t feel any joy at all when he saw Pandan sitting on the sofa in An Ran.
And Pandan first said, “Don’t you want to know where the Yanyunzhu is?”
“After I kill you, I will know that you can die without worry.”
Pandan shouted, “I put it where only I know, kill me, and you will never get it.”
But Duguyun didn’t seem to care, her feet had already begun to move, she quickly got close to Xianglan, and she held Xianglan’s head with one palm, then threw her out of the sofa and fell heavily to the ground.
Pandan didn’t even have any chance to fight back. The gap was too big. She wanted to prop up her body, but she felt that her entire internal organs were not hers anymore, and it was so painful that she just wanted to faint.
“You dare to hit me with your idea, this is your fate.” Duguyun walked towards Xianglan with a vicious face, as if the next move would kill her.

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