Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 860

Pandan had already accepted his fate, and in the face of absolute force, any resistance would be futile.
She glanced at the closed door, hoping that the woman inside would never come out, but unfortunately, the thing she most didn’t want had happened.
“Don’t kill her,” the woman shouted, standing in front of the bedroom door.
Duguyun was startled and looked at the woman. He asked, “Who are you again?”
“My name is Qian Xiaoyun, and I am her friend.” Qian Xiaoyun mustered up the courage to speak, and then said: “You let her go, or I will find someone to kill you.”
Duguyun seemed to have heard the funniest joke, he smiled contemptuously: “Are you looking for death?”
Xianglan also struggled and shouted: “You…can’t kill her, her surname is Qian.”
I didn’t care about it just now, but when Xianglan mentioned it, Duguyun had to be cautious again.
Qian’s surname is a small surname, but it has different meanings in this desert. If the desert wolf is the hunter of this desert, then Qianjia is the emperor of the desert.
There is a king in the northeast, and the desert is called the emperor.
Power is the only truth in this world.
“She is from a thousand families?” Duguyun murmured.
“If you let her go, I will let her return that thing to you. Otherwise, I will definitely find someone to kill you.” The woman said very hard, and I don’t know why there is such a powerful thing in that delicate body. power.
Duguyun looked at Qian Xiaoyun in silence, and after a two-second pause, he said, “Are you really the Qian Family? No one will know if I killed you here.”
What a vicious idea, even when he looked at Qian Xiaoyun, his eyes were full of murderous intent, and he was walking towards Qian Xiaoyun step by step with his fists, as if he wanted to turn his thoughts into reality. .
“What…what are you going to do?” Qian Xiaoyun was frightened and retreated into the room.
“If you kill her, Qianjia will definitely not let you go. If you use the lives of both of us in exchange for yours, it will be worth it properly.” Xianglan sneered.
When Duguyun heard it, he also stopped, then turned around, walked to the front of Pandan, and slapped her on the face without warning.
“Smelly bitch,” he cursed.
Xianglan endured the scorching pain from her face, and the corners of her mouth were slightly sweet. It was blood that had just been beaten out, but she just looked at Duguyun viciously, and knew in her heart that Duguyun shouldn’t attack Qian Xiaoyun. Up.
“Fuck, your life is really hard.” Du Guyun cursed at Pandan again.
But even if it escaped, Xianglan still wanted to take out the smoke cloud bead, Qian Xiaoyun in the bedroom still wanted to stop Duguyun, and didn’t want him to be that right.
But because of the intimidation she had just given, her legs were still soft now, and she was in a daze, and she couldn’t say anything.
Her surname is Qian, and she is also from a family of Qian, but it is estimated that Duguyun would never think that she is just a person who is not worthy of a thousand families.
She was raised in this apartment, but she did not have any freedom. Thousands of people refused to let her show up, saying that it was a shame for them.
But also no one in the thousands of family members have come to see her, because her existence would only make them hate the family. If it were not for some reason, it might be the family who wished her death the most.
However, using the surname “Qian” to save Pandan’s life, she felt it was worth it.
She muttered in a low voice: “This may be the biggest help this surname can do to me.
Chen Feng looked at the stone in his hand, it was indeed a very beautiful gem, thinking that Duguyun was chasing Pandan for such a stone, which seemed too unreasonable.
Or maybe there are some strange secrets in this stone, but just studying the stone itself, Chen Feng still found nothing.
But when he arrived at the mall without knowing it, Chen Feng simply didn’t think about him.
If Duguyun really comes, if the other party wants to fight him directly, then there is no need to give this stone to him.
But presumably, Duguyun was still quite afraid of Qing Zhi, and it might take a while for him to discover that Qing Zhi had left.
Chen Feng thought that this time would take three or four days, but Duguyun came fast enough.
Before he returned to the hotel, he was stopped by Duguyun at the door of the hotel.
When Chen Feng saw him, two women stood beside him, one of whom Chen Feng knew was Pandan, and the other beautiful long-haired woman, Chen Feng had never seen.
But they are not important, Duguyun seems to be bothering Chen Feng.
He sneered: “You lied to me last night. You were so scared that you didn’t even have the courage to fight me. It’s ridiculous.”
Chen Feng knew in his heart that this time she had to fight, but when she looked at Pandan, she was straightforward, and actually sold herself like this.
Xianglan noticed the look in Chen Feng’s eyes, and she hid in guilt, but Qian Xiaoyun next to her was looking at him directly.
Chen Feng didn’t mean to be too annoyed with Xianglan, anyway, he and Duguyun always had to fight.
After thinking for a while, Chen Feng said, “Have you already met the young lady in the Li family? You haven’t done anything to her, right?”
Chen Feng just asked this, but he didn’t worry too much. Duguyun was originally the old man from the Li family who had invited him to help him retrieve Li Ziyue.
Duguyun said: “You still care about yourself. Today, you must let you taste the power of my pair of iron fists.”
Without even waiting for Chen Feng to answer, he rushed over, the soles of his feet were windy, and the speed was surprisingly fast.
Chen Feng was still carrying the things he had just bought from the supermarket, and he couldn’t care about it, so he could only throw the things aside and step forward to fight with Duguyun.
The fist wind is strong, and every time there is a sound of breaking through the air, it is like a punch that blasts the air.
Chen Feng didn’t dare to carry it hard, so he could only do his best to avoid it. Du Guyun smashed the glass of a car next to Chen Feng with one punch, and the alarm sounded.
Then there were people watching.
Chen Feng shouted: “If we continue to fight here, there will be more people watching.”
Duguyun snorted coldly, “No matter who comes today, you will die in my hands.”
While talking, Duguyun broke another piece of glass.
Hearing such an obvious alarm sound, naturally there is no shortage of idlers to come and watch.
Chen Feng yelled again: “Why don’t I change the place and be seen as a monkey here, I’m not interested at all.”
After finishing speaking, he also kicked Duguyun’s lower Yin.
After being parried by him, he looked at the people around him a little, and said, “After one, two and three. Everyone should stop together. Let’s change another place to fight.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Yes, I’m fine.”
So Duguyun began to count.
Although I read it in my mouth, my hands and feet did not stand still at all, I was afraid that I could not wait for Chen Feng to be beaten to death within these three seconds.

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