Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 862

After the boy appeared, Qian Xiaoyun and Xianglan over there also started talking.
“Is that guy from your thousand family? I remember it’s called Qianning. By all accounts, he should be your brother.” Xianglan looked at Qian Xiaoyun and said.
But Qian Xiaoyun hurriedly denied: “Don’t talk nonsense. If you let your family know about this, I will inevitably be punished again.”
When Xianglan heard Qian Xiaoyun’s words, she was also angry and said, “I really don’t understand why you can still recognize that family, all born from the same parents, don’t you think it’s unfair?”
Qian Xiaoyun was also disappointed and said, “But so what, after all, I am also a member of that family.”
And Xianglan also gave up to persuade her, she didn’t know how many times she had said it, but she could not change Qian Xiaoyun’s thoughts.
“Forget it, it’s up to you.” No longer on this topic, he looked at Qianning again.
“But why did he come here? Does he know you are here?”
Qian Xiaoyun thought for a while, and said with uncertainty: “He told me that he could smell my body, and he would know where I was no matter how far away he was? But… I don’t know if it’s true. .”
Although Xianglan couldn’t believe such a strange statement, she shook her head and said: “You believe this, maybe he has installed a position on you. No one from a thousand families is a good thing, even your little brother is no exception.”
Although Xianglan said so, she only dared to be in front of Qian Xiaoyun. If she was in front of Qian’s family, she probably couldn’t even understand her words.
Qian Xiaoyun knew that Xianglan was of this temperament, you just smiled and didn’t say anything.
“Does he want to fight those two guys?” Pandan asked again.
“Probably not. Although Qianning is very talented, he is still less than those two people. Even if he is one-on-one, he may not be able to fight, let alone one enemy two.” Qian Xiaoyun analyzed Tao.
But Xianglan disagreed and said, “He can join forces with that Feng Chen, so two people will have a chance of winning against Duguyun alone.”
But Qian Xiaoyun immediately shook his head and said: “Qianning is very arrogant, he is absolutely impossible to join hands with others to deal with others.”
Pandan whispered and cursed: “I haven’t practiced martial arts to its peak, but I have a very withdrawn temperament. Maybe I will suffer in the future.
Naturally, Qianning couldn’t hear Pandan’s words, and just as Pandan said he couldn’t team up with either of the two, so if he wanted to fight, either one-on-one or one-on-two.
Qianning first rushed to fight with Duguyun. Before the fight, he could already see that his realm was slightly inferior to Duguyun, and it was very difficult to defeat him.
But also for Duguyun, he didn’t dare to do his best to fight Qianning. Chen Feng, who was standing by the side, hadn’t moved until now, just watching quietly, but he didn’t know that Chen Shengeng would not take advantage of it. When he revealed his flaws, he suddenly attacked.
So always set aside one or two minutes of energy to guard against Chen Feng.
After fighting for a while, they actually fought well, but Duguyun knew that it would be meaningless to fight like this. He could even feel that Chen Feng, you were already eager to try.
When the time is right, he is ready to escape, and this is what Chen Feng is waiting for.
At first, he didn’t join forces with Qian Ning. First, he was not familiar with Qian Ning, which would cause constraints in his moves. Second, he waited for the moment Duguyun wanted to escape and gave him the most ferocious blow.
So just after Duguyun made the move to escape, Chen Feng started it.
A surprise, from Duguyun in Qianning’s blind zone, he punched decisively, and this punch was because Duguyun wanted to escape and didn’t care about defending too much. It was even more in the blind zone caused by Qianning. , So it was easy to hit Duguyun’s heart.
Chen Feng also almost exhausted all his strength, so even if he didn’t die after receiving that punch, he would not be far from death.
But what Chen Feng didn’t expect was that Duguyun who received a punch seemed to be fine, still struggling to distance himself from Chen Feng.
This is almost unimaginable.
But Chen Feng quickly stabilized his mind. He knew that he would definitely let Duguyun go, so he didn’t care about being unfamiliar with Qian Ning, and decisively shot two to one.
But unexpectedly, he immediately wanted to chase, but was stopped by a sword light. Chen Feng had no choice but to retreat, and Du Guyun was the opportunity to continue the infighting between Chen Feng and Qian Ning. He had already thrown away seven or eight positions. .
But Chen Feng couldn’t directly chase him, Qian Ning stopped in front of him, glaring at him.
Chen Feng said angrily, “What are you doing? I helped you, and you hit me.”
Unexpectedly, Qianning was even more filled with righteous indignation, saying: “You act so despicable, even if you help me, I will be ashamed to walk with you. I don’t kill you now, it is considered to be the most benevolent.”
Chen Feng didn’t know what he was talking about, it was like meeting a madman talking nonsense.
But if you want to catch up with the escaped Duguyun, you must first cross Qianning, but there is no grievance with Qianning, so fighting it will only make it easier for Duguyun to escape.
Chen Feng could only helplessly watch Duguyun leave like that.
When Duguyun could no longer see him, there were only four of them left in this grassland. Because Chen Feng didn’t do anything, Qianning ignored Chen Feng and walked towards Qian Xiaoyun alone.
“Is he going to take you away?”
Seeing Qianning coming over, Xianglan asked.
“It should be, but the family hasn’t seen me for a long time, and I don’t know what he is doing when he comes over.” Qian Xiaoyun said plainly, as if this didn’t happen to her.
“Don’t go with him, there is really nothing to do with that house.” Xianglan said again.
But Qian Xiaoyun still did not speak.
Sure enough, when Qian Ning walked to Qian Xiaoyun, she said coldly, “Qian Xiaoyun, come back with me.”
It seemed that he couldn’t notice the pandan blocking in front of Qian Xiaoyun.
And Qian Xiaoyun looked at Qian Ning, but her eyes were very gentle. It was an indescribable affection. She smiled and nodded.
When she heard this answer, Xianglan lowered her head helplessly, Qian Xiaoyun still couldn’t let go of the bondage of her family.
So when Qianning left with Qian Xiaoyun, she had no way to stop her.
It wasn’t until Chen Feng spoke in her ear that she retracted her gaze looking at Qian Xiaoyun’s departure.
“Should you explain to me?” Chen Feng’s tone was plain, but full of indisputable.
And Xianglan turned her head to look at Chen Feng, but immediately changed her face, as if she was dying, and shouted in a weak voice: “Master Feng…”

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