Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 863

Then suddenly fell towards Chen Feng.
Logically speaking, Chen Feng would have to hold Pandan no matter what, but he didn’t. He watched Pandan fall forward, and even avoided where she could touch her.
So Xianglan fell to the ground unexpectedly. Just closing her eyes, she already felt that Chen Feng could not let her fall.
But now lying on the ground, a little surprised, Chen Feng’s voice also sounded.
“You are indeed weak now, but you are nowhere near the point of fainting. And you are like this, I can only think that you have something to do with me.”
Pandan thought, “Even if I have any intentions against you, you can’t be so cruel to make a woman fall to the ground.”
But thinking like this in my heart, I still got up slightly wronged.
Facing Chen Feng, he still greeted him with a smile, and said, “Master Feng, why are you so unfeeling.”
Chen Feng said, “You have a temperament that is so changeable. I am an honest person, but I can’t stand it. I’m afraid I will cheat you.”
Xianglan stood up, cleaned up the weeds on her body, and said, “Master Feng, don’t joke with Xianglan. When did Xianglan fool you when she talked.”
And when Chen Feng thought about it, it seemed that when the two were together, Xianglan hadn’t really said anything to deceive, but it was always right to beware.
He took the stone out of his pocket and said to Pandan, “Then what’s going on?”
Xianglan was still smiling, but the big eyes that traced the corners of her eyes turned around twice before she said: “Naturally, it is a gift to Master Feng, as an apologetic for the person who caught you by mistake.”
Chen Feng naturally didn’t believe it. He said, “Since it was a gift to me, then I will accept it.”
Xianglan’s face was obviously stagnant, but she quickly smiled and said, “What did Master Feng say? Since he said it was for you, it embarrassed Xianglan if you didn’t accept it. Although this thing is not a treasure, But at least it’s worth some money.”
Chen Feng didn’t know whether she was telling the truth or not, and she always felt that this woman would not be so simple.
But Xianglan had already said so, and Chen Feng put the beads back in his pocket.
“Since it’s mine, you don’t want to go back.”
Xianglan smiled and said, “Lord is naturally not afraid of that Duguyun.”
Chen Feng knew what she meant, but ignored her, and just asked the boy just now: “Do you know the two who left?”
Xianglan replied, “Thousands of people.”
Chen Feng asked, “What kind of people?”
Seeing Chen Feng’s expression did not seem to be teasing her, Xianglan was surprised: “Feng Ye hasn’t heard of Qianjia?”
Chen Feng curiously asked, “Are they famous?”
Chen Feng hasn’t heard of him, and I can’t blame him. If he came into contact with such a realm two years earlier, he would have known thousands of families. At that time, there were 18 heroes from thousands of families, and there were so many talents and masters.
If the whole piece of Huaxia Land didn’t know about Thousands and Eighteenth Young Masters, it would not be a strange thing to be criticized as loneliness and ignorance. Those who came out of the ravine would not be regarded as strange, but it was only two years before the Thousands and Eighteenth Youngers were defeated one after another, and even more abolished. Martial arts, so everyone started to fall into trouble.
Suddenly, Qianjia was also afraid of being targeted, and simply began to ban Qianjia personnel from traveling in the martial arts world. Gradually, they lost their reputation, but in this desert, Qianjia was still respected as an emperor.
Xianglan said in surprise, “Haven’t you heard of the Heavenly Sword of the Thousand Family Training?
Chen Feng still shook his head. This name is indeed familiar, but it may have only been mentioned occasionally.
Xianglan was even more surprised, but in front of Chen Feng, she didn’t dare to be presumptuous. She just said: “If you say it, Qianjia is the oldest family in this desert. No one knows when he came here. A desert, but everyone in this desert remembers their names.
The Heaven-Training Sword is also handed down from a long time ago. The legend is a magic weapon. Drinking blood does not count. It is the blood of the master. I don’t know how much I have tasted, but it’s a pity that the world only knows this sword. But I have never seen it before. However, his name resounded throughout the continent, not because of how amazing he was, but because it was said that there were thousands of supreme masters in this sword. ”
Chen Feng also had some curiosity about this ancient family. He asked, “Is the martial arts of Qianjia very good?”
Pandan said: “It should be very powerful! I have never seen it before, just listen to what others say. But since everyone says that, it is naturally very powerful.”
When Chen Feng looked at Pandan, he knew only one thing, but didn’t know the other, and he also lost the desire to ask.
When talking about Duguyun, Chen Feng hit the center of the mouth. If it weren’t for his peculiar cultivation technique, he could protect himself when the heart was hit. Maybe the punch would kill him on the spot, but even so, he Also suffered serious injuries.
Fortunately, the stunned kid helped stop Chen Feng, and he could escape.
And now in the private consultation room of the Li family, the Patriarch of the Li family of Molang is sitting next to Duguyun’s bed, his face is cold, his breath is cold, and he looks like a stranger.
With the golden dragon-head crutch in his hand, he stared aside, as if thinking about something.
In the entire consultation room, there was no one else except Du Guyun who was lying on the bed for infusion.
Duguyun said, “Lord Wolf, if it weren’t for that Thousand Family kid suddenly intervened, I would definitely bring that guy’s head back now.”
When the old man heard what he said, he just raised his head and glanced at him faintly, and said, “You don’t need to worry about this for now. I will send someone else over. You brought Yue’er back, it’s enough.”
But Du Guyun was a little unwilling, saying, “Lord Wolf, I can’t bear this tone anyway. I have to let that fellow suffer.”
The old man said: “This matter has already involved Qianjia. If you continue, you will only anger them even more. We still can’t break our face with Qianjia.”
Duguyun still wanted to say something, but the old man glared at him, he could only clenched his fist, and said, “I see.”
Seeing Dugu Yun’s softness, the old man’s attitude became milder. He said, “Don’t worry, there will always be one or two hungry wolves in the wolves. They are released but they want to eat meat.”
Duguyun calmed down and said, “Let the wolf go.”
The old man was stunned for a second, and said, “Is it a wolf? Is it a bit too big to be a trivial matter?”
But Du Guyun insisted: “If it’s not a wolf, other people may still suffer from him. If it is possible, the wolf owner had better go to Sir Sirius. After all, I don’t know whether that grandmaster will reappear. ”
With that, the old man thought about it seriously.
The master Duguyun said was naturally Qingzhi, and the old man knew it too.

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