Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 864

When Chen Feng and Xianglan returned to the hotel, someone came up to ask him.
“The lady with you, sir has checked out and left. When do you want to withdraw?”
Chen Feng wondered: “You’re talking about that skinny little girl? Why did she check out?”
The person replied, “We don’t know about this, but it is indeed the room she left at the front desk. Or you should ask her yourself?”
Chen Feng’s expression turned gloomy, and the first thing he thought of was Duguyun. He had promised Li Ziyue would take her to find Qingzhi, but now he has lost all of her.
Seeing Chen Feng’s faint anger, Xiang Lan asked, “Master Feng, is there something wrong?”
Chen Feng said coldly: “It has nothing to do with you.”
After a boring discussion, Xianglan just heard that the little girl who was with Chen Feng was taken away. She guessed that it was because of this, but she didn’t know the relationship between Chen Feng and the little girl.
I was just waiting, but I heard Chen Feng take the initiative to ask her, “Can you find Lonely Cloud?”
Xianglan was stunned, she couldn’t even hide, why would she go to him actively, and she was about to say something joking, but looking at Chen Feng’s expression still, she had to say seriously, “Although Dugu Yun is called the One Thousand Mile Trip Crane, but there is still a place to stay. But behind him is a desert wolf, in this desert, it is very difficult to find him.”
Chen Feng said impatiently, “I just want to know how to find him.”
Xianglan was uncomfortable with the almost murderous look, so she could only hesitate and said, “If you really want to find Duguyun, the best way is to ask Qianjia for help.”
Chen Feng stared at Pandan, and said lightly: “Okay, then take me to find Qianjia.”
Xianglan was naturally unwilling in her heart, she was hated at first, not to mention that Qianning took away her good friend, but she was afraid of Chen Feng again, after thinking about it, she could only agree.
Although the reputation of Qianjia has not been obvious in the past two years, after all, Qianjia is a big family that has passed on for thousands of years. The wealth accumulated from generation to generation is enough for Qianjia to stand on the head of most people.
Pavilions, waterside pavilions, houses and pavilions, it is September, and there are already fallen leaves falling, and the fall of the leaves knows that autumn is coming.
Chen Feng sat in the water pavilion. There was someone standing by the pavilion, with fruits and melons in front of him. A cup of tea was warming up.
But the host’s house has not arrived yet, Chen Feng just waited.
A delicate woman was playing with a **-year-old child across the pool. From time to time there was laughter. The child had a fair face and exquisite dress. It was probably the owner’s child.
Just watching, someone came by the water pavilion.
Looking at his face, he was only in his twenties, about the same age as Chen Feng, without hair or hair, and with long limbs. He was also a handsome young man.
Before I saw Chen Feng, he had already walked over with a smile.
When I met Chen Feng, he introduced: “I am in Xia Qianxun Yi. I don’t know how to call my husband.”
Chen Feng said: “Chen Feng.”
I thought that the other party should not know me, but I didn’t expect Qianxun Yi to look surprised, and said: “The gentleman is Chen Feng who defeated the king of the Northeast. The Tianshan faction is catching him.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, thinking in his heart, probably because of these things, he wanted to keep a low profile and couldn’t keep it down.
But when he looked at the other party and didn’t mean to turn his face with him, he also smiled: “It’s really me. It’s just that the Tianshan school misunderstanding is too deep, and I can’t explain it to the two masters.”
Qianxunyi didn’t seem to want to delve into this matter, just haha, and said, “Mr. is able to visit the humble house. It is naturally an honor for my Qianjia. I just don’t know why my husband comes to Qianjia.”
The two were doing it face to face, and Chen Feng could feel his aura, and he should also be a martial artist, but he didn’t know what his realm was.
When Qianxunyi asked, Chen Feng also said directly: “Actually, I came here today and I have something to ask for.”
Chihiro Yi looked at Chen Feng curiously, and said, “Based on our understanding of your husband, it seems that things that can be difficult for your husband shouldn’t be simple things. Does your husband want us to help you deal with the Tianshan school? We can only say sorry.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect Qianjia to know him well, but Chihiro Art rejected the Tianshan School when he came up, and did not directly veto it would help Chen Feng.
Chen Feng said: “Naturally it will not be a matter of the Tianshan School. Although that matter is troublesome for me, it is not impossible to solve.”
Qianxunyi just smiled faintly, and did not comment on Chen Feng’s words, but Chen Feng knew that he must not believe it, but it was not important, and he was not here for this.
“And I came here today because I wanted to buy a message with Qianjia. I hope Qianjia can help with this small favor. The price is naturally easy to say.”
Chihiro Yi curiously said, “What kind of information does the sir want to buy, why not go directly to Zhanmeng? Their information is still relatively complete.
Chen Feng said: “That’s naturally because this information alliance is absolutely impossible, so I can only look for the most powerful family in this desert.”
Being praised, Chihiro Art is naturally still happy, but she will not just agree to it. She still asks: “I can’t guarantee that there is information that even the Zhan League doesn’t have, but I can’t guarantee that I will have it, but you might as well talk about it.”
Chen Feng said, “I want to find someone.”
“A crane travels for a thousand miles, alone in the cloud.”
Chihiro Yi just looked at Chen Feng and didn’t respond immediately. After a while, he said, “This person is a man of indifferent wolf. If you let him know, my thousands of families are looking for him, maybe they will think it’s me. Molang makes a move. So this is not because I don’t want to help, but because I really can’t help.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect it. He asked, “Is it possible that the thousand families are afraid of this desert wolf?”
Chihiro Yi smiled and said, “Sir, you don’t have to use this aggressive method. My Qianjia and Molang are just two forces in this desert. We have always kept the water from the river, so naturally there is no need to provoke them.”
Chen Feng said, “Isn’t it just a message? If he really knows, you can just push on me.”
Chihiro Yidao: “Sir, I have already said it. This is definitely not helpful.”
Chen Feng was a little disappointed. He could have bought this information, and he also believed that no one in this world would be unable to make ends meet with money.
Unexpectedly, Qianjia refused directly.
At this time, Qianxunyi said: “Although I don’t know what kind of grudges Mr. Xunyi has with this Duguyun, Xunyi still persuades Mr. Xunyi. Here in Mobei, the most taboo thing is to offend this Molang. The prey has never escaped.”
Chen Feng could feel the seriousness of Qianxunyi.

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I lost the plot right after Chen Feng wins the martial art championships!! After winning, all hermit families wanted to kill Chen Feng.. then suddenly Chen Feng become not so powerful… how the plot is like now??? I am confused!! Can anyone please enlighten me?? Thanks!

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