Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 865

So he naturally became curious, and asked, “Is this desert wolf so powerful?”
Qianxunyi probably guessed that Chen Feng must not know much about Molang, so he persuaded such a sentence, and Chen Feng asked now, he was not surprised, and replied.
“Speaking of desert wolves, it is natural to talk about wolves.”
“What wolves?”
Qianxunyi solemnly said: “The wolves are the minions of the desert wolves and the weapon for killing. Their existence is to kill people. As long as they can kill, they can have any means, and they are even in the place where they can kill. Don’t hesitate.”
Chen Feng was surprised and asked, “Will it be so terrible?”
“It’s so terrible. Desert wolves rely on wolves to get to their current position. And those who have hindered them have died under the fangs of the wolves.”
Chen Feng asked again: “If it is so terrible, it seems that Qianjia can’t stay in the desert here? What they want to do is never just succumb to Qianjia. Qianjia is now another enemy hindering them. .”
Chihiro Yi laughed: “Mister, I asked, but my Qianjia is not that easy to shake. No matter how rampant they are, they are just a pack of wolves.”
His confidence is like believing from the bottom of his heart, and it is the size of Qianjia that can make him so confident.
Since Qianjia refused Chen Feng’s request, Chen Feng had no need to stay.
“Thank you for the reminder, but the Mowolf and I can’t separate now. If we really meet the wolves, we can only do our own destiny. But there are many interruptions today, but I still look at Haihan.”
Chihiro Yi said, “Since your husband has come to my Qianjia, he is the guest. You may wish to stay for a few days as a landlord. Tomorrow night will happen to be the day when my Qianjia is married and engaged. It is better to leave after drinking the wedding wine. It’s not too late.”
Chen Feng thought for a while. Li Ziyue was only taken home, but there was no danger to his life. At most, he was locked up for two days without freedom.
As for the agreement with Qing Zhi, he still hopes to bring Li Ziyue with him, so there is nothing to worry about.
He agreed.
Chihiro Yi smiled and said, “I believe my younger sister will be happy to receive a blessing from my husband.”
Chen Feng also smiled, although he didn’t know who got married.
After being separated from Qianxunyi, he was taken to a secluded courtyard with green bamboos surrounding the corridor and cinnamon overflowing. Just staying here makes me feel at ease.
After sending Chen Feng, the escort left, and everything in the room was complete, not inferior to high-end hotels, and even more comfortable.
After just doing this for a while, Chen Feng felt bored and prepared to go out and take a tour.
As soon as he was out of the hospital, someone came to ask. It seemed that he was waiting here to see what Chen Feng had.
Chen Feng told him that he was going to turn around, and that person also introduced him.
“If you want to visit here, you can visit Baigui Garden at this time. The sweet-scented osmanthus has just opened up there. It’s a good time to visit.”
Chen Feng was also curious, so he nodded and followed him to Bai Guiyuan.
Qianjia’s garden here is very large, and it took seven or eight roads to finally smell the fragrance, the fragrance is tangy, and it is intoxicating.
“Guest, this is Baigui Garden. You can go inside by yourself. If I follow along, it will spoil the interest of watching. There are also some refreshments in it, which you can enjoy as you please.”
With that, he turned and left.
Chen Feng didn’t care, and was walking towards the garden.
On the face is a white-yellow osmanthus forest. The forest is very large, with large tracts of flowers falling on the ground, as if the entire forest is covered.
Chen Feng walked inward slowly, very quiet, as if he was in line with nature, and even his body and mind were much more relaxed.
After walking no less than a hundred steps, I finally saw the dim sum that the man just said, four or five bamboo and rattan tables and chairs, but it would not spoil the temperament of the place, but instead had a more tranquil atmosphere.
Chen Feng walked over and sat down, picked up a piece of cake on the table, and recognized it was sweet-scented osmanthus cake at a glance. After a bite, it tasted good.
He sat here leisurely, waiting for dinner time.
A gust of autumn wind blew, like a golden rain, which was particularly spectacular. It fell beside Chen Feng. Chen Feng gently swept away the flowers on his shoulders, only to see someone coming towards him behind him.
It was a woman, and Chen Feng took a closer look and saw it. It was the woman who was with Xianglan that day.
And Qian Xiaoyun didn’t expect that there were other people in Bai Guiyuan. He had already wanted to leave, but he didn’t expect to be an outsider, and even met once.
And since it was not a thousand family members, she didn’t have any idea of ​​avoiding it, so she walked over directly.
“Why are you here?” Qian Xiaoyun asked when he walked to Chen Feng’s side.
“The last time I met, I never asked your name. I didn’t expect you to be from Qianjia.” Chen Feng looked at her, but he didn’t take a closer look last time. At this moment in front of him, he took a closer look.
Beautiful eyes with a beautiful nose, light vermilion red lips, and long jet black hair, revealing classical beauty.
Chen Feng did not stare politely, but opened his eyes after a glance.
Qian Xiaoyun sat down on the chair beside Chen Feng and leaned back leisurely. Then he said to Chen Feng, “My name is Qian Xiaoyun. How about you?”
Chen Feng replied: “Chen Feng.”
Qian Xiaoyun looked at the sweet-scented osmanthus cake on the table and asked as if chatting, “How do you think this sweet-scented osmanthus cake tastes? Is it delicious?”
Suddenly asked this, Chen Feng was stunned, but after just tasted it, it was really good, and he nodded and said, “Thousands of people, that is naturally a good thing.”
I don’t know what Chen Feng said wrong, Qian Xiaoyun’s expression suddenly turned cold, and his tone was not good. “This sweet-scented osmanthus cake has nothing to do with Qianjia.”
Hearing what she said, Chen Feng probably guessed what might be the conflict between her and Qianjia, and he also changed the subject: “This beautiful scenery of Baigui Garden is only appreciated by you and me. It is also a kind of fate. I just I was idle and bored, so I came around.”
Qian Xiaoyun watched the sweet-scented osmanthus falling in the distance, and said with some sadness: “No matter how good the scenery is, there are times when it passes, but no one will pay attention to them when they pass. It is really sad.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “They have never expected someone to appreciate their beauty. They just do their own thing and let the hope spread as much as possible.”
Qian Xiaoyun looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, as if thinking that Chen Feng’s words were persuading him, a little angrily said: “You don’t know anything, you are just a guest, you can’t see the painful things at all. , But want to say something like this. You are a bastard.”
Chen Feng did not understand why he was scolded.

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