Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 867

Chihiro Yi was full of smiles, and seemed to look forward to this wedding very much. He pointed to the busy people aside and said, “Although it is a married daughter of my thousand families, such a show is rare. Only the gold and jewelry used for decoration have already been taken. Out of half of my storehouse.
As for other things, food, fabrics, lighting, everything is of the highest standard, even I feel distressed when I look at it, what a huge sum of money. ”
Chen Feng listened more curiously. When I swept through it just now, he didn’t pay attention. After hearing the introduction of Qianxun Art, he saw that the flowers and vases decorated on the scene were all valuable.
The man who can make Thousands of families pay so much attention must also be a big family, and Chen Feng has several choices in his mind for a big family that can match the thousands, but he is still not sure.
“Then the man who wants to come is also an indescribable identity, but I don’t know…?” Chen Feng asked again.
“It is indeed a child of a family. Speaking of his family and my Qian family are still friends for many years, this time the marriage is considered to be a kiss. If the husband has been to the southwest, he may have had contact with them.” Qianxunyi said.
“Could it be the Wu family in the southwest?” Chen Feng exclaimed, “That’s really amazing. The Wu family in the southwest is really no less than a thousand families in this desert. And as far as I know, the Wu family has also developed well in the past few years. , There is even a trend toward Kyoto.”
Chihiro Yi smiled, “We don’t care about it anymore. It’s just that Patriarch Wu’s youngest son is at the age of marriage. After the grandfather and Patriarch Wu make up the marriage, the marriage is set. Both families are happy, so they think Since it is a marriage between the two families, this pomp can not be small, so it is so extravagant.
Although it looked distressed, it was only once. Otherwise, if the people of the world know that our family is too shabby, they will be looked down upon. ”
Chen Feng sighed from the bottom of his heart that he was still a big family after all.
He said something good to Qianxunyi, and he still had things to go busy with, so he didn’t accompany Chen Feng.
Chen Feng walked around, and when he passed the living room, he did not expect to see Qian Ning sitting by the window. Early in the morning, there was a bottle of wine in front of him, and he had already drunk half of it.
Chen Feng thought for a while, and he walked over. As soon as he sat down, he smelled a strong smell of alcohol emanating from Qian Ning. Seeing this, he didn’t just drink it.
“Don’t you want to understand?” Chen Feng still leaned in the direction away from Qianning.
Qian Ning looked over with a drunk face, a pair of eyes were hollow, and there was no expression of death. He only recognized Chen Feng after looking at it twice, but he was reluctant to pay attention to it, and turned around and started again. Pour and drink by yourself.
Chen Feng smiled. Since Qianning was unwilling to respond, he was also going to leave and go to other places to see again. He rarely saw it in such an ostentation.
“Do you know who is marrying today?”
Chen Feng was stunned: “Isn’t it the little daughter of the Patriarch? What? It has something to do with you?”
Qianning shook his head and said firmly, “No, it has nothing to do with her. How could I have a relationship with her?”
He put his head on the table and shook his head vigorously, his drunkenness made it difficult for him to even make this action.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “But I think you drink this wine for her 80% of the time. Maybe she is your most important person.”
Just after finishing talking, Qian Ning slumped and leaned in front of Chen Feng. A stronger smell of alcohol made Chen Feng frown. He looked at Qian Ning disgustingly, but only covered his nose with his fingers. Push away Qianning.
“You know it again!” He was smiling wryly.
Chen Feng just made a random guess, but he got it right. He curiously asked, “I heard that the person she married was the son of the Wu family in Southwest China. How many people dream of it. Your important person is lucky enough. .”
Qianning shook his head. He could still hear Chen Feng clearly, and he didn’t know if he was really drunk.
“Wu family, Wu family is a fart.” He suddenly shouted.
Suddenly they looked at them, and even felt embarrassed with Chen Feng, but luckily they still knew Qian Ning, and no one came over.
“I’d better stay away from you, or I’m not surprised to be kicked out of Qianjia.”
Although he said so, Chen Feng was still sitting there.
“Hmph, you look at the scenery of the Wu family, you see that they are a big family, but no one of you talks about the shit.”
Qianning sneered, laughed ridiculously, but started to cry. Such a child who may be nearly eighteen years old, actually cried like a child.
But after only sobbing for a few seconds, he wiped away the tears.
“I feel painful when I look at you, or you will take your important person and leave. I have escaped from here.”
Chen Feng didn’t know how to say this.
But speaking out, she instead looked forward to Qianning’s response.
Qianning lowered his head, closed his eyes, and didn’t know what to think.
“I want to take her away.” Qianning murmured.
Chen Feng did not hear clearly what he was talking about, and asked, “What are you going to do?”
“You are right. I want to take her away. I can’t let her marry her surnamed Wu, or let her fall into the fire pit. I want to save her.”
This time Chen Feng heard clearly, but was taken aback.
For the engagement banquet that the two families of Qian and Wu are looking forward to together, if suddenly the bride disappears, the guests will be full of guests watching how the Qian and Wu families who are standing in front of the stage are going to deal with themselves, and what can they say.
Chen Feng can’t imagine, even can’t imagine the whole world’s jokes about these two families.
“Don’t do stupid things!” Chen Feng hurriedly persuaded.
Qianning shook his head: “This is not a stupid thing, this is what I should do, and it is what I must do.”
He seemed to wake up from drinking, but Chen Feng hoped that all he was talking about now was nonsense, and he would have forgotten everything after he slept.
“You wake me up, I’m going to take her away.”
With that, Qianning was about to stand up.
But Chen Feng pulled him back into the seat and said, “You can die if you want, don’t say it’s me.”
Qianning still stood up, neither agreeing to Chen Feng, nor seemed to refuse.
But the more it is, the more disturbing it is.
Chen Feng hurriedly followed, and he said, “Even if you want to take people away, but if you go there like this, you can’t do anything.”
Naturally, his intention was to delay staying in Qianning, and it was better to hope that he would dismiss this attention.
Qianning really stopped, standing there, as if thinking about how to do it.
“This is a thousand houses. I think you are more familiar than me. How many masters are there, and what can you resist? It’s not necessarily a simple matter even if you want to see a bride.” Chen Feng continued. .
Qianning seemed to listen, he was just impulsive in his heart, but not completely irrational.

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