Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 868

Chen Feng emphasized again: “And even if you can take her out, but have you ever thought about it, Qianjia, Wujia, they will let you go? Even at the end of the world, they will definitely find you back, do you think With their abilities, where can you hide? Can you be savages in the mountains?”
Chen Feng’s words finally angered Qian Ning. He looked at Chen Feng dissatisfiedly and said, “You told me not to be selfish, and that you made me stand up and protect my important people, but now it is impossible to tell me this. Are you just teasing me.”
His eyes were wide open, as if fire could be spewed out from there, I was afraid that there was still some sense, otherwise, he might have already acted on Chen Feng.
Naturally, Chen Feng didn’t want to get involved with him, and if he got into trouble, he would still be hated by thousands of families.
He also said in a calm tone: “I’m just talking about the disadvantages. If you have anything to do, you have to think about it first. When the plan is completed, it is not too late to start.”
“No, I can’t wait anymore. I have endured long enough. I can feel the pain she has been enduring. I want to take her away. I want to set her free.”
Unexpectedly, Qianning directly rejected Chen Feng.
“Then do it, I won’t stop you, waiting for you and her to die here, or be imprisoned forever, and it’s even harder to see each other. You just want to be the one you are today. It’s too late to regret the behavior.”
Chen Feng said angrily, Qian Ning seemed to be unable to listen if he wanted to speak well.
As expected, Qian Ning calmed down a bit. He knew that what Chen Feng said might become reality, but the pain accumulated in his heart was so far from reality.
He squeezed his fist tightly, clenched his teeth, and the muscles on his face were tense. It seemed that there was a force in his body that wanted to vent, but there was no place to vent.
Chen Feng was also very sympathetic to his pain. After thinking about it, he said, “Sit back first, and I will give it up too. Isn’t it just taking someone away? I already have experience. Maybe he will figure out a way for us. ”
Being involved by Chen Feng, Qianning still sat back in the position just now.
“First, we must know where she is and how many guards there are by her side, and second, we must plan the escape route…”
After noon, guests came one after another, but they were only visitors from a small family, and it was not so early for a large family.
But in this way, the entire conference hall of the thousand families also became lively. Three or two would easily meet their friends, and they would get together and start chatting, waiting for the start of the evening engagement banquet.
In this way, until about 7 o’clock in the evening, almost everything was ready, and the people of the big family began to show up one by one.
The southwest, northwest, northeast, southeast, and Kyoto, all big families come from either the head of the family or the long house in the family. They are all people who can represent a family.
In addition to these aristocratic families, there are big businessmen, or high-ranking politicians, not only in the northwest, but there are no few people who are related to thousands of families or want to get on the line of thousands of families.
As for the others, there are many others, so I won’t introduce them.
But it’s not only that, the most eye-catching is naturally the Qian family and Wu family. In the evening, the bridegroom officer of Wu family appeared.
In his early twenties, he is also a talented person with a strong body. Most of the princes from the family are martial arts, but they are not too thin.
Wearing a pure white dress, I am very relaxed in front of people, and talk freely. It is also gentle and gentle to people, which makes people feel good.
After a short while, I casually dealt with the greetings of many guests.
Standing in the corner, Chen Feng didn’t step forward. He just stood there and watched, and Qian Ning didn’t know where he went.
Maybe it is lively now, but some things are bound to happen.
Chen Feng didn’t know why he wanted to help Qianning. This was tantamount to looking for death, even more terrifying than death. At the same time, he offended Qian Jia, Wu Jia, he didn’t think he could do anything with his own forces.
While tasting the drink that was just taken from the waiter, someone walked towards him.
“Shao Chen, I didn’t expect to see you here.”
Chen Feng felt familiar when he heard the voice, and when he looked back, he became even more familiar.
Li Ziyue’s grandfather, the wolf master of the desert wolf, is one of the people Chen Feng least wants to see now.
He is also in a formal suit today, and the neat Tang suit makes him look more energetic, but the dragon head cane never leaves the body, and is still carried by his side.
Chen Feng was stunned, then smiled and said, “It’s really fate, I didn’t expect to meet the old man here, but it’s been more than half a month, I don’t know if your health is okay.”
Li Shizhi also smiled faintly: “Dragging Chen Shao’s blessing, the body is still healthy, but Yueer has been taking care of you for so long, but I still don’t thank you very much. If Chen Shao is free, you might as well go to the house to do it.”
This old fox remembers his grudges, and it seems that he is not good at all. Looking at Li Shizhi’s wrinkled smile, Chen Feng thought in his heart.
But there was still a polite expression on the face: “Don’t dare to disturb.”
The two smirked each, when a waiter passed by and Li Shizhi took a glass of wine, which broke their embarrassment.
He raised his glass and said, “Young Master Chen, the old man toasts you. When this happy day is over, there will be a lot of time later.”
Chen Feng just raised his glass, and the two looked at each other narrowly and took a sip.
When Li Shizhi left, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. This uneasy feeling of being stared at by a wolf hadn’t felt much before, but since he knew that he was the wolf owner and there were a group of murderous wolves underneath, his heart trembled unconsciously.
After a glass of wine reached the bottom, the glass was sent, and Chen Feng also left here.
But in the inner room at this time, some people looked melancholy.
Qianning stood at the door of the house, and the woman who was being carefully dressed up was the heroine tonight.
After waiting for the two girls to leave, Qianning walked in.
Only Qianning and the bride are left in the dressing room.
The bride obviously did not expect Qian Ning to come back here. She looked at Qian Ning in surprise and said, “Why are you here.”
Qianning said, “I want to take you away.”
His words were very calm, as if they were talking about a very common thing, such as eating, the weather is really good and so on.
The bride thought she had heard it wrong, she looked at Qian Ning in shock, and said, “You are crazy, you are saying this here.”
Qianning still calmly said: “I don’t have one, I just want to take you away.”
“You go back, I assume you have never come here.”
The woman also got serious. She seemed to believe that Qian Ning would indeed do this, but she knew that she could not leave with Qian Ning anyway.

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