Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 869

Qianning took a step forward, but the woman shouted, “Don’t come over.”
She took more than one step back.
Qianning had to stop, and he asked, “If you go with me, everything will be free. Don’t you want it? Go to a place where no one can cry you, go to a place where you can do whatever you want. local.”
The woman’s delicate face was shaking unconsciously, very slightly, but she still saw her inner anxiety.
Both eyes are very beautiful, the long eyelashes are fluttering slightly, and the blinking of the eyes reveals the light makeup on the eyelids.
But such a beauty is lost, I don’t know if it is because of Qianning in front of me or what.
“Let’s go, we will be fine, you believe me.” She didn’t seem to be so scared either, at least she wouldn’t retreat as excited as before.
“I don’t believe it. I only know that you have never been happy. If you continue like this, you will never be happy.”
But Qianning was also a paranoid guy, he insisted.
As he said, he took a step ahead again, but the woman just stood there.
“Did you know something?” the woman asked.
Qianning said, “Well, I knew it very early. The relationship between you and me, the vague memories in my memory, I remembered, I hate myself, and I have forgotten everything.”
“You shouldn’t think of it, they are not good for you. You were born in a thousand families, and grew up in a thousand families. The thousand families are your support. I am not. I am just an ordinary person. It’s no use, you should abandon me.”
The woman’s emotions were restrained, and she said what she thought was sensible, because she felt that this was the best way for Qianning and the best way for her.
But Qianning shouted: “Why do you choose the path for me. That is my own path, I have to choose it myself.”
He couldn’t wait to rush to hug the woman, but he was afraid to panic the woman.
The woman’s emotions are dissolving, she said: “Because I love you, I don’t want to make you suffer in life…”
“No, I don’t need it. If I were to abandon you and choose this kind of worry-free life, I would rather not have anything.”
Qianning snatched the woman’s words.
“why did you do this…….”
The woman squatted down holding the fluffy gauze skirt. She seemed to be crying, but she didn’t want to let Qianning see her crying and did so to cover up.
Qianning heard footsteps coming in, ignored the woman’s movements, just said something quickly.
“I will take you away, and when the dinner is over, I will take you away.”
After speaking, he turned and left, leaving everything behind.
When the woman raised her head again, there was no Qianning’s figure in front of her, but her eyes that had just been exquisitely dressed became worse.
It was the two girls who had just left. They seemed to have some details to add, but seeing the girl’s broken makeup, the two exclaimed: “Miss, how did you do this? It’s all spent.”
The woman stood up and cleaned up her mood. Years of life allowed her to easily restrain herself. When she talked to them, she smiled again and said, “It’s just a little too happy, so weep with joy.”
“Yes, the bridegroom of the young lady is the son of the Wu family. Not only is he handsome, but he is also very temperamental and talented…”
The woman didn’t listen to the two of them constantly boasting, she was just thinking of Qianning.
She didn’t know how Qianning was going to do it, but she knew that Qianning would definitely want to take her away, and she had to find a way to stop it.
The banquet began soon, and both men and women would naturally come out to meet the guests.
With a faint smile on the corner of the woman’s mouth, she was gentle and moving, gently holding the man’s arms, and walked out with the man’s steps.
From the corner, Chen Feng was also looking at the only heroine tonight, or even the protagonists of two different stories.
It is indeed very beautiful, and the eyes are also very beautiful. People say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but what the soul is thinking about will naturally see from where.
People present here may feel that there is nothing but joy, but Chen Feng sees loneliness.
“How is it, did she agree?”
Qianning approached Chen Feng, and Chen Feng asked directly.
“She didn’t promise me, but I have to take her away anyway.” Qianning’s words were still so firm.
Chen Feng was taken aback, but quickly recovered. He lowered his voice and said, “You are crazy, I didn’t tell you. If she disagrees, this matter absolutely cannot continue.”
But it seems that Qianning completely ignored: “Even if you don’t help, I will do it. I told her, I will definitely take her away.”
Chen Feng has a headache. Maybe he shouldn’t choose to help him from the beginning, and the drink in his hand has lost its flavor. It seems that he can only take one step to see.
The men and women who are slowly moving are the most eye-catching in this event, and they are also the focus of the audience’s attention.
On the stage, the emcee presided over the process of tonight. Everything seemed to be harmonious, and everyone was in joy.
The children shouted for joy, the adults were talking individually, the women were talking about gossip or fashion, and the men were about careers or women, occasionally chatting with newcomers and saying some blessings.
They look good, just like what Chihiro Art said, a perfect match for men and women.
Time treats everyone fairly, whether it’s lively joy, enduring pain, or forced distress, the dinner is approaching its end.
Chen Feng walked to Qian Ning’s side: “There will be chaos when you leave. If she agrees to put her in the dining car, I will help you create chaos. Whether you can take her out or not is up to you.”
After Chen Feng finished speaking, he ignored Qian Ning. This is what he could do. The other things belonged to Qian Ning.
Li Shizhi seems to have been staring at Chen Feng, even the contact between Chen Feng and Qianning, he always sees it.
But when Chen Feng took the initiative to approach him, he felt strange again.
The crutches in his hand were quietly set there, and he was also waiting for Chen Feng to come over.
“Master, I suddenly felt that the matter between us has to be resolved.” Chen Feng said with a smile after approaching him.
Li Shizhi was stunned. He asked suspiciously, “What do you mean?”
“In fact, it doesn’t mean anything. I think you will definitely not let me go. If this is the case, I might as well solve you directly. It saves me every day.”
Although Li Shizhi was surprised, he was still calm and said, “This is a thousand families. Do you dare to do something to me here?”

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