Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 870

Chen Feng flexed his hands and smiled and said, “When I finally met you alone, how could I let it go. When you leave, it won’t be so easy to deal with you.”
Li Shizhi took a half step back, but still couldn’t believe that Chen Summit really did it.
“Although you are in the pinnacle realm, don’t you think Qianjia is in your eyes?”
Chen Feng said: “This has nothing to do with Qianjia. As long as we really fight, then it makes no difference who did it.”
Li Shizhi looked at Chen Feng angrily: “Shao Chen really wants this?”
But before the voice was over, Chen Feng had already started. Since Qianning had promised to create chaos, this time was the best time.
And if you can really kill Li Shizhi here, that would be the best.
With a palm over, the target is Li Shizhi’s forehead.
But even though Li Shizhi was old, he was not completely out of parry. Chen Feng also deliberately let the chaos between the two last longer, so he kept his hands on his feet.
This palm could easily be avoided. Li Shizhi raised the crutches in his hand and pointed it at Chen Feng’s waist, with great strength.
After all, Chen Feng was higher than Li Shizhi in realm, and he easily avoided it, but the crutches suddenly became longer before sweeping Chen Feng, and that one was still a sharp blade.
But Chen Feng’s moves were gone, and he couldn’t change his moves anymore, so the sword made a cut directly in Chen Feng’s belly.
It is really unbelievable that Chen Feng actually suffered first when he came up.
Now that he was injured, he hurriedly moved away from him. After standing a little farther away from Li Shizhi, he sneered and said, “Sure enough, I am the owner of the wolf. This way I can still get hurt first.”
Although Chen Feng was injured, he still couldn’t confront Li Shizhi. The two drew a distance, and he did not dare to step forward. He said indifferently, “It’s just some life-saving means. I don’t want Chen Shao to try it first people.”
What he said was more serious than insulting Chen Feng. He was clearly saying that Chen Feng bullied the weak and didn’t talk about martial arts, but Chen Feng hadn’t refuted it yet.
He simply treated the wound and wrapped the wound with clothes to stop the bleeding, but the wound was deep, and soon the wrapped clothes were printed and dyed red.
At this time, there were already people watching them, but it was only the guests who came to watch the excitement, and no one dared to come forward to stop them, and the thousands of family members did not see it.
The excitement is not big enough, Chen Feng can only continue.
This time he was prepared for this old thing, and Chen Feng didn’t even think about keeping his hands. The moves were all fatal, and he was about to kill him here.
Li Shizhi also tried his best to resist, but Chen Feng was no longer merciful. After a few tricks, Chen Feng squeezed Li Shizhi’s wrist, his hand snapped, and the bone cracked directly.
Li Shizhi only frowned, and did not even make a cry of pain.
Sure enough, he was a ruthless character. With this endurance, Chen Feng knew that this guy was not easy to mess with.
But now he has no retreat.
If one of Li Shi’s hands was abandoned, if Qianjia didn’t come out again, he could easily kill the other party.
Not knowing whether it was intentional or just in time, Chen Feng’s straight arm was stopped by someone.
And it was not someone else who stopped him, but Chihiro Art.
He took Chen Feng’s arm and smiled: “Sir, what are you doing?”
Chen Feng said coldly: “Killing.”
With that, even Chihiro Yi who was obstructing Chen Feng’s presence was also included in the attack.
While parrying, Qianxunyi asked, “Sir, I know there are some enmities between you, but in my Qianjia, what you do like this makes my Qianjia hard to fall behind.”
His intimidation is self-evident.
Chen Feng said, “Could the face of your Qianjia family be more important than my life and wealth? He wants to kill me, and I don’t save myself. Do you still have to wait for him to do it?”
As soon as I finished speaking, I heard Li Shizhi solemnly say: “You suddenly started to frame it, you turned out to be such a despicable person, I think I saw you wrong before.”
Chihiro Yi also said in a bad tone: “Mr. Chen, I can’t be the master for the grievances between you, but since both of you are the guests of my Qianjia, then my Qianjia naturally has the responsibility to protect the safety of both. If you still If you insist on doing it, don’t blame my Qianjia for being rude.”
Chen Feng said: “It’s not what you mean to be rude or rude. I can survive by killing him. I can’t control whether it is in your thousand family or where.”
With that said, Chen Feng’s moves were changing, and he worked hard to bypass Qianxunyi’s block and attack Li Shizhi directly.
But after fighting with Chihiro Art, he discovered that his strength was not as refined as he seemed.
The moves are fierce, precise, and not even fancy.
If it weren’t for Qianxunyi who just wanted to stop Chen Feng, if the fight really started, Chen Feng might have been injured.
The chaos has attracted a lot of people, and at the same time, Qianning also quietly touched the heroine’s room.
People are curious, and will go to watch when there is excitement, except for the woman who has something in her heart, and Qianning who wants to take the woman away.
The woman is sitting in front of the vanity mirror in the room, and she hasn’t removed her makeup until now. Since the banquet is over, all she is thinking about is the Qianning that might be coming.
I was thinking about how to refuse and how to persuade Qian Ning, but when she heard the door of the room knocked, she suddenly forgot all the words she had just thought of.
Without waiting for her consent, the door was opened.
Sure enough, it was Qian Ning, he looked very excited, and she could feel the excitement in his eyes even if he was so far away.
And looking at him so longing, she felt that if she promised Qianning, what kind of scene would it be, and fled with him to a place where no one can find them, simple life, worrying about chai, rice, oil and salt, or watching him like him A girl from a small town…
She hurriedly contained her unrealistic thoughts, looked at Qianning, and said, “I told you…”
But the words were interrupted again.
“If you don’t go with me, then I will die in front of you now…”
“Don’t…” the woman shouted.
Qianning smiled bitterly: “I can’t bear it anymore. If I continue, for me, it is no different from death.”
The woman looked at Qianning seriously. She said, “If you die here, I will die with you immediately.”
“I don’t want to die here. You and I will leave. I will take you away and escape from here.” Qianning explained hurriedly.
But even so, the woman still couldn’t make up her mind. A blood stain had been bitten under her teeth on that lip, but she didn’t seem to notice it.
“I don’t have much time…” Qianning was unwilling to urge, but Chen Feng’s noise outside would not last too long.

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