Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 871

In Qianjia’s garden, even in the dark, the faint light shining from the flowers adds colorful fun out of thin air. At the same time, the flowers are also in full bloom, forming a beautiful scenery.
Qianning by the side of the road is slowly pushing the dining car, walking by the side of the road, lowering his head, but looking at the people on the side of the road from time to time.
Wearing a waiter’s uniform, there is no public park, and it won’t attract much attention.
Even Qian Ning relaxed a little by himself.
However, he stopped, and a man stood at the intersection ahead, seeming to be waiting for him.
The young master of the Wu family, none of the guests present today did not know him, and Qianning even knew him earlier.
He was still in that white dress, as if waiting for Qianning, he didn’t even have time to change his clothes.
“The one you want to take away is my fiancee, I can only stop you.”
Even so, he smiled when he spoke.
They planned with Chen Feng. At this time, it was the woman who was hiding under the dining car. She hadn’t refused Qian Ning’s plea and wanted to flee here with Qian Ning.
Qianning looked at the man standing in front of him, his face was gloomy and coldly said, “She won’t follow you, and she won’t belong to you.”
Young Master Wu pointed to the dining car in Qianning’s hand, and said flatly, “I don’t want to argue with the people of Qian’s family. Put down the dining car and you can go.”
But Qianning held the dining car tightly, showing no sign of letting go.
Young Master Wu said again: “Then don’t blame me for doing it.”
After speaking, he came to Qian Ning’s front in an instant, and kept grasping Qian Ning’s wrist, as if he wanted to let him go.
Qian Ning also immediately blocked, and his hands were also very fast. He knocked out the opponent and stretched out his hand. At the same time, he also kicked out, trying to push the opponent back.
There are only a few breaths between the two, no more than a dozen moves, but each can’t help each other.
In terms of strength, Young Master Wu’s family should be only the late stage of Huajin, not much different from Qianning.
If he didn’t succeed, he could only take the initiative to retreat, and after seven or eight steps, he said, “Sure enough, he is the person who has the most hope to attack the grandmaster in a hundred years. It is only at this age that he has reached the later stage. I did not expect it to be. You want to take away my fiancee.”
It is not difficult to guess the identity of Qian Ning. With the strength and age, coupled with the identity of Qian Clan, it is naturally easy to guess Qian Ning’s body.
But now Qianning didn’t care. When he was about to take away the woman, he was destined to be targeted by the Qian Family and Wu Family. It was just that the man in front of him couldn’t solve him, so he couldn’t leave here.
“But even if you are strong, you can’t leave here today.” Young Master Wu said again, he smiled contemptuously, but didn’t care about the woman in the dining car, he was more interested in Qianning.
Qian Ning was anxious, but he had no choice, either to go forward forever, or to be trapped by Qianjia forever.
Loosing his hand pushing the dining car, he lowered his head and lifted the cover. The woman was sitting quietly and obediently inside, hugging her knees, but didn’t know what was happening outside.
At this moment, Qian Ning came in, and she also looked at Qian Ning suspiciously, as if she wanted to ask what happened.
Qianning didn’t wait for her to ask, she whispered: “It’s okay, you believe me.”
As for her, Qianning’s firm eyes were something she had never seen before, and it seemed to give her strength. She nodded and responded to Qianning.
Qianning took out the sword from her side. The long sword he had carried half of the time was out of its sheath. The light of the sword was cold, and there was a cry of contention, like weeping.
Qianning has never been good at fist and kick, long sword is.
Young Master Wu looked at Qian Ning in a daze, at this time Qian Ning’s whole aura changed.
If Qianning was only a person just now, but now it was just a block of ice, cold and without any emotions, it seemed that only the sword in his hand was left in this world.
Young Master Wu swallowed, he felt the pressure, but did not give him too much time to think, Qianning’s long sword was already close.
With one sword away, another sword, endless, endless.
He had never seen such a fast sword, and had never seen such a steady hand.
“You want to kill me?” Young Master Wu exclaimed.
A sword pierced the Young Master Wu’s throat and wiped out a blood stain. This was a killer move and a merciless killing intent.
But Qian Ning completely ignored him, but continued to send out twelve swords, the swords were fierce and merciless.
Young Master Wu could have avoided the Eighth Sword, but the Ninth Sword was already within reach. He seemed to have no choice but to exclaim in his heart.
“No. I’m going to die here.”
The sword body was like a cage-breaking tiger, fiercely pounced and bite.
But after he had accepted his fate, the tip of the sword stayed at the distance he had told him, and he never stabbed.
Young Master Wu stood there, slowly raising his head to look at Qianning. Qianning was still that face, and there was no change from beginning to end.
Qianning said coldly: “I won’t kill you.”
With just this sentence, Qianning didn’t give any reason. He took the sword back and walked to the dining car again.
Walking back from the edge of life and death, Young Master Wu was also shocked in a cold sweat, but he could no longer think of fighting against Qianning.
And Qianning had already pushed the dining car again and walked towards the back door.
“That woman, take good care of her for me.” Young Master Wu cried out these words hard.
But Qianning didn’t seem to hear it.
Speaking of both ends, Qianning has solved his troubles, but Chen Feng is not so lucky.
Qianxunyi’s martial arts is definitely on Chen Feng’s paper. If he does not rely on the reversal of the exercises, Chen Feng will naturally not be able to beat the opponent.
His move just now was easily resolved by Qianxunyi again, and even Qianxunyi forced him back with a palm.
“Thousands are really amazing!”
Chen Feng praised.
Qianxunyi also stopped, just to guard against Chen Feng’s continued trouble with Li Shizhi, but he accepted Chen Feng’s admiration without humility.
“If Mr. Chen wants to learn more about the kung fu of my thousands of families, I will naturally accompany me at any time. But for today’s matter, I hope that Mr. Chen will see the face of my thousands of families and put it aside for the time being. As for how you will solve them in the future, my thousands of families will naturally not Will intervene.”
Chen Feng judged the time, almost Qianning should be able to escape, but the thing that wanted to kill Li Shizhi was still prevented, which is a bit regrettable.
He didn’t have the determination at the beginning, and said indifferently: “Since you have said so, I will not take his life for the time being. Just let him remember that this life is only temporarily placed on him, but I am Go over and bring it anytime.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Qianxunyi just smiled, and he ignored who was responsible for the fate.

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