Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 872

Li Shizhi’s eyes burst into flames, but he was embarrassed now, and he couldn’t say anything cruel.
This somewhat inexplicable farce ended in an inexplicable way.
And when everyone gradually disappeared, Chen Feng didn’t dare to stay for a moment. He ran away quietly looking for the direction of the door while no one was paying attention to him.
If you waited until Qianjia found out that the person was missing, he would naturally think of him, otherwise it would be hard to explain Chen Feng’s meaningless behavior.
When they got out of the gate, the banquet guests naturally drove back. Chen Feng stood on the road and stopped one of them directly.
That person was kind enough to let Chen Feng get in the car.
The other party took the female companion and looked at her in her forties, but the woman was only in her early twenties. The two looked like father and daughter, but there was no similarity in their faces. The woman drove the car and the man It is sitting in the co-pilot.
When he was outside the car, Chen Feng looked at the two of them. The man should be a potbellied businessman. The car is not expensive, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it is also the kind that can’t be bought.
After Chen Feng stopped the car, he was very enthusiastic and smiled and let Chen Feng get in the car, but the smile that looked like it was professional. He should be used to showing a smile in front of people, so naturally it can’t be so much. Powerful character.
And the woman just glanced at it, she looked pretty, but she didn’t have that amazing feeling.
After Chen Feng got in the car, he thanked him, “Thank you, brother, otherwise I won’t be able to go back.”
The middle-aged man also smiled and said, “It’s just a small matter, but I didn’t expect to meet Shao Chen here.”
Chen Feng curiously asked, “What? Do you know me?”
He didn’t expect the other party to know him, but he didn’t know him.
The middle-aged man said: “Chen Shao is really a noble person who forgets things. We still met once, in Yanjing. At that time, I had a few words with Chen Shao?”
Chen Feng still didn’t remember, but smiled politely: “Oh, I said why you are so familiar.”
The other party could definitely see that Chen Feng was pretending, but he didn’t reveal it. He still smiled and said, “Before I set off today, I was still thinking about whether I would meet Shao Chen when I came here. I didn’t expect to actually meet him. After all, in this kind of place, Qianjia must invite Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng said, “It just happened to be here, so I came here.”
The other side said: “Shao Chen is a man who does big things. There are millions of funds flowing every minute. Naturally, it is impossible to be free like us. It is just that these thousand families are big families in the desert, and we also want to be in the desert. To expand some business, I have to come over to join them in this way.”
Chen Feng really didn’t know the meaning of what he said, but he looked at him with enthusiasm. The driving woman looked at Chen Feng through the rearview mirror from time to time, but Chen Feng also pretended not to see it, but just dealt with it in a perfunctory manner. Middle-aged man.
The middle-aged man said again: “It is really a blessing to my old Chen to be able to solve Chen Shao so close. I have always regarded Chen Shao as my role model. I know all the things you do. , That’s what you did in Cangzhou, that’s really called a hard air.”
Chen Feng said haha, “So I still have someone who I admire, I really don’t know.”
The man said very seriously: “Shao Chen, someone who is such a powerful person must admire you. You don’t know. When I was in Yanjing, I always listened to people talking about you. Someone even treated you to that genius. Compared with the businessman Hu Xueyan, he said that you are the Hu Xueyan of the 21st century. No one can match your ability to make money. As long as you do it, countless amounts of money will be credited.”
He really got more and more ridiculous, and even Chen Feng felt that he was indifferent, and there was no important point in his words, just keep talking, keep talking.
Chen Feng looked at other places again, such as the woman wearing a low-cut outfit.
And the woman noticed that Chen Feng was looking at her, and immediately blinked at Chen Feng, pursing her lips, her expression was full of temptation, she had to tell Chen Feng directly that she wanted Chen Feng, if not in the car, Chen Feng felt her Will rush over.
Some can’t stand this couple.
He couldn’t talk to the man, and the woman didn’t even dare to look at it.
I was irritated, but seemed to notice that the car was driving to a desolate place.
He interrupted the man who was still chattering, and said in doubt, “Where is this going, I can go to a nearby hotel.”
But the other party seemed to completely ignore Chen Feng’s question, and just continued to say how happy he was to see Chen Feng, and how he was learning Chen Feng.
This is already very wrong. Chen Feng stepped forward and grabbed the man’s back collar and asked seriously, “Who are you?”
The man was dragged by Chen Feng and didn’t resist. He just smiled and said, “Shao Chen, as expected, he still didn’t remember who I was.”
When asked this question suddenly, Chen Feng was also stunned, but immediately he said, “What do you want to do? Stop, or I will kill you.”
The woman didn’t seem to react, Chen Feng shouted at her, she was even more afraid that she didn’t know how to control the car, only knew that she kept driving forward.
Keep crying and yelling no.
Can’t control this, Chen Feng already took the woman’s hair with his other hand, and pulled her over. The steering wheel was suddenly pulled out of control, and the Mercedes was also drifting aside on the road.
However, fortunately, the woman managed to control her and didn’t hit it out.
There was a river beside the road outside, and Chen Feng didn’t want to fall into the water at this time, and a little angrily let go of the woman.
It’s just that for that man, he has already pinched the other person’s neck, the fat neck is pinched, and thick fat is piled on the back of the neck.
The man’s face turned flush, and Chen Feng asked fiercely, “You don’t believe that I killed you?”
But he really didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. Even if Chen Feng tried harder, he would die.
At this time, the woman finally stabilized herself, and she slowly stopped the car to the side of the road.
Chen Feng watched the car stop and felt a little relieved, but he did not let go of the man’s hand.
“Then you go to die…, what? When will you treat me…”
He pinched the opponent’s hand and released it. Chen Feng’s body was paralyzed. He didn’t expect that the other party would have done something to himself a long time ago.
The loosed man coughed violently there, while the woman shrank where she seemed to know that Chen Feng was poisoned, and she was not so afraid, at least she didn’t get out of the car.
Chen Feng fell backward, as if he was numbed, and his consciousness seemed to be losing. He didn’t want to, but all the struggles were useless. He also couldn’t understand why a car would encounter this kind of thing. .
Even the last blur was lost, and he passed out completely.

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