Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 873

A dark basement, there is no light around, the air is filled with the rancid smell of sunshine all year round.
A mouse was squeaking and gnawing at something, and suddenly the harsh rubbing sound of the wooden door bearing frightened it away.
And as the wooden door opened, someone lit the lamp in the corner. A dim tungsten lamp was hung in the center of the basement, but it was only visible to people, but not careful.
Chen Feng was tied up and sat on the only chair in the middle of the basement with the light that had just been lit above his head. He bowed his head, looking like he was still in a coma.
The person who came in was wearing a cloak, covering his whole body, and he couldn’t see if it was a male or a female, thin or fat.
He walked to Chen Feng and put something in front of Chen Feng’s nose and mouth. After a while, Chen Feng woke up leisurely, but his head hurt badly.
When Chen Feng woke up, the man wearing the cloak stepped back and kept a distance from Chen Feng.
Chen Feng opened his eyes and found that he was tied up, and he could still remain calm. After struggling, he couldn’t break free, so he gave up.
Then he looked around, he naturally saw the mysterious guy standing in front of him, but his gaze did not stop. He continued to scan the surroundings and found that the environment he was in was just a closed space. He looked at the other person.
That guy didn’t speak until Chen Feng settled down, “Hello.”
He greeted softly, his voice was deliberately lowered, but it was still not easy to distinguish his gender.
Chen Feng said, “I’m not good, but I don’t know who you are, but what about the man and woman?”
However, Chen Feng was not afraid because he was trapped here, because he knew that even if he was afraid, it was useless.
The humanity said: “They sold you to me at a very cheap price. And you are mine now, but I don’t want to kill you now. I will let you live and live forever.”
Chen Feng couldn’t understand what he meant, or at least couldn’t understand why he was sold.
He said, “Since you don’t want to kill me, there must be another purpose, money? Or what?”
Chen Feng was always looking at the exposed part of the other person, but the light was only shining in front of him, and the position where the person was standing made Chen Feng unable to see his face clearly.
“Money? I know you are rich, but I don’t need it.”
Chen Feng glanced at him more, and then said, “If it’s not money, then I will be of no use to you.”
“No, you are very useful. The things you know, the secrets of your body, and those who want you.”
Chen Feng was finally touched by these words, and he couldn’t be calm, and asked, “Who are you on earth?”
The man chuckled, “Ho ho, you are excited, you know that I understand the secret of your body, this is your own secret, but you have never told anyone, but I know. You ask me Who is it, I’m just a person who has been watching you for a long time.”
He asked in a low voice, “Are you afraid?”
Chen Feng did feel a little scared. He knew what his biggest secret was, and as he said, he had never told anyone.
But Chen Feng just stared at him coldly and didn’t answer his question.
He didn’t care either: “You are a sinful person, a wicked person between heaven and earth. You smell of decay. You have begun to crawl with maggots, but no one sees it, and no one chooses to wake you up. They just Pretending to be blind, they are equally sinful.”
It seems that Chen Feng has done something terribly detestable, he is scorning Chen Feng, even gritted his teeth.
“What did I do wrong…” Chen Feng asked.
“you shut up!”
Before Chen Feng asked, he was even more angry and cried out.
Chen Feng just wanted to ask himself what the sin in his mouth was, but he didn’t have any patience to care about it.
“Sinners, you no longer have the right to appeal. All that awaits you is torture.”
Chen Feng didn’t speak anymore. Believe that he said it, the other party would not hear it either. He could only take a step and look at it one step at a time.
At this time, the wooden door that was not very clear in the darkness heard the sound of opening again. Chen Feng looked at it curiously. At this time, another guy in a cloak walked over.
His height seems to be a bit shorter than the one in front of Chen Feng. After entering, he just glanced at Chen Feng and walked towards the one in front of Chen Feng.
After whispering a few words in the ear of the other party, he turned and left.
The door was not closed, as if it was reserved for the one inside.
“Wait, your time is almost here.”
After speaking, he also left the room. Before leaving, he turned off the light and closed the wooden door creakingly.
Now here is back in the darkness, the smell in the air is still there, and occasionally I can hear the sound of mice running, but Chen Feng seems to fall into a deep sleep, and he has no sound.
I don’t know how long to wait until the sound of the wooden door opening again.
But the person who came in still didn’t react, and there was pitch black in front of him, and he fell heavily to the ground.
It was Chen Feng who knocked him out. Looking at the food falling on the ground, this person was just a food delivery person.
Chen Feng didn’t have much time. When he heard the sound of the wooden door, he instantly reversed the practice, and instantly washed away the weakness of his body, and he could also break free of the restraints.
But the exercise is only half an hour, and he needs to escape from here in this half an hour.
After opening the wooden door, there is a gloomy corridor in front of him, and there is no light in sight, as if walking underground.
Chen Feng didn’t hesitate to hesitate. He kept heading forward along this dark corridor. On both sides of the corridor, there were places like the room where Chen Feng was. The same old wooden doors seemed to rot at any time.
Chen Feng didn’t even stay, and rushed straight to the end of the tunnel. His exercises made him unable to exercise restraint. He made heavy footsteps in the tunnel. As the walls continued to echo underground, someone soon discovered him.
Before reaching the end, someone stood there waiting.
I couldn’t see the figure in the dark, but they were wearing the same cloak, but for just a second, the two people standing at the end crooked their necks and went down.
Chen Feng did not stop because of them, and continued to rush upwards. With the sound, more people stopped him, but Chen Feng was like a god of murder, and no one could stop him.
But this land boundary is like a maze, only the corpse is left behind, but there is no exit in front of him.
A figure suddenly blocked Chen Feng’s path, and he forced Chen Feng back with a punch.

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