Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 875

The woman gathered the hair around her ears, and the pair of crystal pendants hung under her earlobes, shaking gently, and Chen Feng was dumbfounded for a while.
That body is a reverie posture, but I don’t know how to kiss Fangze.
But while watching, the woman glared at Chen Feng before he stopped, and then thanked very solemnly: “I don’t know how to repay such a great kindness. If the lady has anything to do, please don’t hesitate to give me instructions. . Even if you’re crushed, you’re fearless, and you’re bound to go through fire and water.”
The woman chuckled.
“My sister said that by looking at you, you know that you are not a good person, and she is right. You can be a good person with a slick look. And you are talking to me now, just like this, don’t you feel embarrassed? ?”
The smile was quiet, and even the smile had to be restrained.
Chen Feng was a little dumbfounded, and said: “This is wronging me. At least I shouldn’t be a bad person in this way, and judging people by appearance, this is not what a good person can say.”
The woman angrily said: “You can talk, but you scolded us. You really saved a white-eyed wolf. It would be better not to save you if you knew it.”
Although the woman seemed to be angry, wherever she saw what she meant to be angry, she seemed to be laughing at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng smiled bitterly. As expected, a mature woman is no easier to deal with than that kind of little girl. Since he couldn’t say anything, he had to change the subject, he said.
“I am like this. If someone comes in again, he will really become a bad person. Is there no clothes I can wear?”
The woman was not very angry: “Where are your clothes? The clothes you wore were not only stinky to death, but also splashed with blood. My sister looked at it and threw it directly at you. Moreover, there are only two women here. Why? With the clothes you wear, it’s not that you still want to wear women’s clothes.”
Since Chen Feng wouldn’t want to wear women’s clothes, he waved his hand quickly, but being naked like this is not an option, and the sister whom the other party has been talking about has not seen until now. I don’t know what she looks like, will she be like her So beautiful.
“Then what should I do, I can’t just go out like this, if your sister sees it, it’s probably the bad guy in her eyes.”
The woman looked at him and seemed to think that it was not very good, although she didn’t think there was anything after watching him for so long, but she was always not very decent.
She took a look, and then walked out directly. Chen Feng was puzzled. After she left again, she held a gray cloth in her hand and didn’t know what it was for.
She said, “You can cover it with this first.”
After speaking, he threw the thing over, Chen Feng took it in his hand, and looked at it. It looked larger than the countertop, like it was used to cushion a table.
“This too…”
Just about to say a few words, he caught a glimpse of the woman staring at her, and he quickly changed his words: “It’s probably very cool, and it’s a little fashionable.”
After Chen Feng finished speaking, the woman smiled very satisfied.
When Chen Feng remembered that he didn’t know the name of the other party until now, he first introduced him: “My name is Chen Feng, can you tell me what your name is? It is really rude not to know the name of the benefactor until now.”
“You are Chen Feng?” The woman seemed surprised when she heard the name Chen Feng.
“The Chen Feng that the Tianshan faction is chasing?”
Even they knew their names, and Chen Feng didn’t know whether to be happy or depressed. This Tianshan faction seemed to have to kill his own, and the whole martial arts world that it was preaching knew the same.
Chen Feng nodded helplessly and said, “You don’t want to sell me to the Tianshan faction, do you?”
Unexpectedly, she really thought about it seriously: “I heard that the Tianshan faction offered a high bounty?”
Chen Feng looked at her in surprise, but then she suddenly smiled and said, “It’s funny, my sister and I won’t do anything to kill people for money.”
Chen Feng wouldn’t be so scared because of this. The big deal is that he would run away again. He didn’t believe that the Tianshan Sect could suddenly come from the northeast to the desert.
However, I still said, “Then I will once again thank the lady for not killing. If they are forced to escape again, I don’t know if I can run away. By the way, you haven’t said you yet. What is it called? I can’t help but call you?”
She looked at me and smiled softly, “Do you really want to know my name? My name is Fengqi, the phoenix of the phoenix, and the habitat of the phoenix.”
“Fengqi, Fengqi.” Chen Feng muttered both sides of his mouth before looking at Fengqi and said, “I always think this name is not suitable for you?”
Feng Qi asked in surprise, “Why? I always think my name is very good!”
Chen Feng said: “Phoenixes are all hot, but when I look at you, I always feel like a mountain spring, very quiet, but sometimes ripples, but it will return to quiet again soon, which makes people very reassuring. .”
Feng Qi didn’t expect Chen Summit to look at her like this. Although she didn’t think there was anything, she retorted, “Maybe you don’t understand me at all. When you really understand me, you will find that I will be hot. your.”
Chen Feng just smiled. How to get to him and how to really understand it, at least will be the future.
As the two talked and laughed, a shout came from outside the door, it should be the older sister Feng Qi was talking about.
“Come!” Feng Qi also responded, and then ran out.
Chen Feng looked at the opening door and wanted to see the sister, so he wrapped the tablecloth around his body. The length could actually wrap his shorts, but it was not long enough at the knees, but it was enough. Now he looks like a wandering man.
Dressed in a tablecloth and walked out the door, this is a courtyard with three or four depths. It is very classical and looks like an old house from a long time ago.
Walking through this corridor, it seemed that Feng Qi could be heard talking to people.
Chen Feng did not go in immediately, but stood at the door curiously, wanting to hear what the two sisters were talking about.
Hearing that elegant voice, Chen Feng knew Feng Qi, and only heard her say: “Sister, that guy doesn’t look like a bad person, can I wait until he is healed, and then let him leave.”
Chen Feng didn’t expect Feng Qi to speak for him just after getting along.
But then a cold, clear voice directly refused: “No, when he wakes up, let him leave. We will not take in outsiders here, and we are still an unclear outsider.”
Chen Feng was just stunned, imagining what a cold person would be in his mind.
Feng Qi is much more kind. She said, “But sister, if he gets hurt after he goes out, then we are not saved.”

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