Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 876

The cold voice sounded again: “Can we still take care of him for the rest of our lives? Even if there is no accident today, he will definitely die in the future.”
Chen Feng sounded strange, how could this be like cursing him.
Feng Qi said, “Sister, if you don’t want to keep him, you can drive him away by yourself. I won’t go.”
“I will naturally go, eh, is he awake? Did he just talk to you.” The woman guessed that Chen Feng had already woke up.
However, Chen Feng felt that he was not good at hiding, he deliberately increased the sound of footsteps, and walked towards the room where the two sisters were.
But when he turned to see them, Chen Feng was stunned.
It was actually a pair of twins, sitting together, grinding herbs, just looking at the faces of the two, Chen Feng couldn’t even tell them apart, but for a moment, he guessed that it was the older sister and that it was the younger sister.
The one who looked expectant and had a slightly narrow eyes was definitely Feng Qi, and as for the other person who looked cold and seemed a little glaring at him, it should be Feng Qi’s older sister.
“Um, I’m bored alone, so I will come out and go around?” Chen Feng explained with an awkward expression.
But the cold-faced woman sternly said: “Where are you eavesdropping?”
Chen Feng didn’t expect to be discovered, his expression became even more weird, and he flatly refused: “No! Just heard a few words when he approached.”
Chen Feng was stared at by his elder sister, he didn’t change his expression at all, and the elder sister who seemed to see nothing gave up.
“The best way. Since you are here, then I will tell you directly.” But as she was talking, she suddenly paused, as if watching Chen Feng wearing weird clothes on her body, but it was just too much. At a glance, without saying anything, he continued.
“The injury on your body is healed, and the remaining toxins are all cleaned up. You can go.”
It’s not at all polite to speak directly like this.
Chen Feng looked at her sister, then looked at her sister again, Feng Qi also seemed helpless, her eyes told Chen Feng that she had nothing to do.
Chen Feng said, “Naturally, it is inconvenient to bother me more, but this is already a life-saving grace. I think I am not an ungrateful person. Please let me repay you one or two, otherwise, I won’t feel good in my heart.”
But my sister directly refused: “You don’t have to repay us, and we didn’t want you to repay. Just leave, and never come here again.”
So decisive, what can Chen Feng say, he glanced at Feng Qi, and said to his sister: “If this is the case, I have to say goodbye. As for the life-saving grace of the two of you, if you have a chance, you can go to Yanjing to find I, no matter what, I will do my best to repay.”
He turned around and was about to leave, but his sister suddenly said, “Wait!”
Chen Feng looked back suspiciously, his sister seemed to look at him more carefully, and then said, “Are you Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng thought she was just like Feng Qi, surprised that he was chased by the Tianshan faction, and was ready to nod, but her sister said again, “Emperor Lin Qing, do you know him?”
Chen Feng was stunned. He naturally knew Emperor Lin Qing, and there must be many people who knew him. He was a master.
Chen Feng nodded and said, “I have had contact, but it is only a general acquaintance.”
“Then his daughter, do you know Lin Wanqiu?”
Chen Feng was even more surprised, and said, “I know, and I’m very familiar.”
“You actually know Sister Wanqiu?” This time it was Feng Qi’s turn to be surprised.
“We do know each other. If we talk about it, there is still a relationship between men and women. I just don’t know why the two of us also know Wanqiu, or is there something to find her? If this is me, I will return to Yan. Jing, I will tell Wanqiu the matter.”
But I didn’t expect my sister to sneer: “With your current situation, can you still go back to Yanjing?”
Chen Feng was embarrassed. As long as the two masters of the Tianshan Sect were still alive, he really seemed unable to return to Yanjing.
“One day, I will naturally go back, but not now.” Chen Feng said seriously.
My sister’s expression moved a bit, Chen Feng felt as if the expression in her eyes was not as indifferent as she started, but she didn’t know if it was his illusion.
My sister began to use medicine to grind over the herbs again, but she said flatly: “According to common sense, since you are already healed, you absolutely can’t live anymore, but we have some friendship with Sister Wanqiu, so if you still want to If you continue to stay here for recuperation, it is not impossible.”
Chen Feng also didn’t expect that when there was still a turnaround, even with Feng Qi, he seemed very happy.
“Naturally, I hope I can leave after recuperating here.” Chen Feng said hurriedly.
But my sister continued: “Since you want to stay, then you need to abide by the rules here.”
Chen Feng didn’t think there was a problem, so he nodded and agreed.
“Every day, follow us up the mountain to collect medicine. After we come back, we will get sunburned medicine and grind medicine. You need to do all these.
But before Chen Feng could agree, Feng Qi said, “Sister, is he still in good health? Just let him do these things.”
Instead, Chen Feng said, “It’s okay, I almost have no problems.”
But as soon as he finished speaking, Feng Qi took a fierce look.
Chen Feng can only pretend that she hasn’t seen it. Fortunately, her sister looked back at Feng Qi, which made her hurriedly pretend to be very serious.
“Are you tempted? How can you say good things for him? The key is that he still doesn’t appreciate it.”
Feng Qi hurriedly retorted, “Sister, what are you talking nonsense. If you say this again, I will ignore you.”
The elder sister ignored it, but continued to look at Chen Feng.
“Since you think it’s okay, then stay here for the time being. After two days, you will be completely healed before you leave.”
Chen Feng also nodded.
In this way, Chen Feng lived in this quiet little courtyard. He lived in the west wing of the garden, while their sisters lived in the east.
Although it is quiet here, it is not too far from the town, even a little past, which is the city.
Chen Feng had no clothes problem, and Fengqi went to the market the next day and bought him two sets.
“How about it, is it a special fit?”
As soon as I bought it, Feng Qi couldn’t wait to let Chen Feng put it on. It was a simple long-sleeved jacket with an ugly cartoon pig embroidered on it. The light color made Chen Feng always feel that Feng Qi just wanted to. Just scold him.
However, the whole set of clothes did fit unexpectedly, as if Feng Qi had seriously measured Chen Feng’s figure.
“Can I change one, it can be simpler.” Chen Feng and Feng Qi discussed.
But the result was naturally rejected by Feng Qi, just because she thought it was good-looking.
After wearing it for two days, the clothes that Chen Feng was not satisfied with were only visible to the Chang family sisters, and Chen Feng didn’t care.

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