Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 877

In the next few days, life became very ordinary. Every day I helped the Chang’s sisters to gather medicine, or just did some work that the Chang’s sisters found to be physically demanding.
It seems to be the same as the life in the small courtyard of Qingzhi, but with two beautiful twins, it will not be boring.
And in the past two days, Chen Feng also knew the name of that sister, Chang Longling, and his sister Fengqi together a dragon and a phoenix. It is estimated that their father hoped to be a boy and a girl, but he did not expect that they would be two daughters. .
Long Ling said very little. He mostly dealt with medicine every day. Otherwise, he looked at medical skills in the study and seemed to enjoy it. Chen Feng wanted to talk to her, but when he saw her eyes, he didn’t think of anything.
Fengqi is still easier to communicate with.
“Why do your sisters stay in this kind of place alone, don’t everyone in your family care about it?”
After dinner one day, when Feng Qi came to inspect Chen Feng, Chen Feng asked.
Feng Qi inserted a silver needle into Chen Feng’s acupoint. She said, “My sister and I are orphans. Later, we were adopted by the master and lived in this small courtyard. At most, we just went to the town to buy some things. I don’t know what it looks like outside.”
She said her voice was very plain, she didn’t seem to care much about her own life experience, but when she said outside, she seemed to be full of longing thoughts.
Chen Feng was a little guilty. He shouldn’t have gone to investigate this sad thing. He apologized: “I shouldn’t ask, but I didn’t expect you to be orphans. What about your masters?”
Feng Qi didn’t care, and said flatly: “It’s been so many years, and the master has taken us very well. In fact, compared to other children, my sister and I are much happier, and there is nothing to resent.
As for the master, he died the year before. My sister and I entrusted him to be buried next to the medicine garden in the mountain. He has been with medicine all his life, and naturally still likes to smell the medicine after death. It is estimated that he is also willing. ”
Following Feng Qi’s words, Chen Feng imagined the old man’s appearance, which is probably the same as the current Long Ling. He only studied these medical techniques all day long, and even looked a little sloppy.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng asked again: “Then you will stay here all the time? Haven’t thought of going out for a walk.”
Feng Qi had finished applying the needles, and now Chen Feng had a dense row of small needles inserted into his body, which seemed to have been a hedgehog. She looked at it, and after there were no omissions, she sat next to Chen Feng.
It seems to be what Chen Feng said, and some look forward to this outside.
“My sister likes it here, I want to go out for a walk, but my sister should be unwilling, so I gave up. If I were to choose between my sister and outside, I would actually be more willing to stay with my sister.”
Chen Feng sighed: “The relationship between your sisters is really good.”
Feng Qi was also particularly proud and said: “That is, I like my sister the most. She doesn’t want to laugh, she always looks cold, but in fact, the sister is actually very weak. When the master died, She always cried secretly while I was asleep, and pretended not to let me know. In fact, she didn’t know it. When I got up, she heard it.”
Chen Feng also laughed. It is estimated that the ice beauty must be very bleak when she cried, but this kind of scene is not something that everyone can see.
“I really can’t imagine Long Ling crying. I thought it was absolutely impossible for her to cry. Looking at her, the temperature seemed to be two or three degrees lower.”
“Yes, my sister is so temperamental, but don’t tell her. I told her about her. If she gets angry, I will suffer. She will definitely let me catch snakes by myself. I hate snakes the most. ”
“Are you afraid of snakes?”
“Well, that kind of creamy look is disgusting to look at.”
“Well, that’s right. If you haven’t been out, how could you know Wanqiu? She has always been in Yanjing. Have you ever been to Yanjing.” Chen Feng remembered the relationship between the Chang’s sisters and Wanqiu. Asked.
Feng Qi seemed to be in the memory.
“I have known Wanqiu for a long time. When she was a child, she and her father came to see the doctor for medical treatment. She was alone. She looked at us and didn’t dare to speak, so she kept hiding behind her father, but the teacher was not allowed to see the doctor. Someone is watching, not even a child.”
“Di Lin Qing asked your master to see a doctor?” Chen Feng asked in surprise.
Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng with a very fussy attitude: “There are many people who are looking for a doctor, not just Emperor Lin Qing. If it weren’t for the master, he would have died long ago. After the master died, there are now many people. Come to see my sister for medical treatment, aren’t you one of them?”
Chen Feng thought about it, it was true, but he was still surprised, even Lin Qingdi had to come to see the doctor, what an amazing medical skill that was.
But then Chen Feng didn’t have so many thoughts, and even the strange pain from his body could be removed completely. This kind of medical skill is indeed rare in the world.
Feng Qi explained about Wanqiu.
“That girl, when her father was kicked out, she would cry into tears, but no one paid any attention to her. In the end, I brought my favorite doll to her and coaxed her. I didn’t cry. And during the days when his father was treating the illness, she became familiar with our sisters, and some contact later.
Chen Feng nodded. She was still thinking about why such a skilled person seldom heard his name.
At this time, Chen Feng’s acupuncture and moxibustion had to be pulled out, and Feng Qi put them away one by one. After the acupuncture and moxibustion, his body felt a lot easier, as if he had relieved some burden on his body.
“This acupuncture and moxibustion is really effective, I feel that I suddenly become relaxed.” Chen Feng sighed.
Feng Qi said: “The exercises you practice have always put a burden on your meridians, so every time you reverse the exercises, you just turn over the silt in the meridians of your whole body again. It’s fine if you don’t die. You’re fine. After using it again and again, I’m not afraid to die like this.”
Chen Feng was also very helpless, he naturally didn’t want to use it, but every time he had to be a last resort, it might be that he was really lucky, and he hasn’t really been killed yet.
“If you keep on conditioning like this, the silt in the meridians has cleared a lot. If you reverse the exercise, it should not be that serious. If you can achieve no stagnation, you probably won’t feel even a bit of pain, but that kind of It’s also unlikely. Individuals will still have this kind of problem.” Feng Qi told Chen Feng.
Chen Feng had never thought that there was such a possibility, so naturally he was overjoyed and said to Feng Qi.
“Meeting you is really my greatest luck.”

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