Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 879

But since Long Ling didn’t pursue it, he naturally wouldn’t ask himself for being bored.
When I go back to my room and lie on the bed, I still can’t sleep, and I always think of those fragrant scenes in my mind.
Ping Ting is curvy, white and red.
After being tossed and turned around most of the night, he gradually fell asleep.
When I woke up the next day, the whole person looked much haggard.
When Feng Qi saw him, he exclaimed, “Have you been a thief last night? Why do you look so tired?”
Chen Feng said in a huff: “I’m a thief, am I going to steal you?”
Feng Qi joked a lot with him, but said angrily: “Bad guy.”
But then he smiled and said, “I don’t know if you didn’t steal. Maybe you guy wanted to sneak in?”
Chen Feng didn’t want to argue with her, but he was still a little worried about Long Ling’s reaction. She was too calm last night, and it was definitely not what an ordinary woman would do, so Chen Feng was a little worried about whether she would do anything else.
“Is your sister up yet?” he asked.
However, hearing Chen Feng’s question, Feng Qi became curious too: “Why did you suddenly ask my sister, she seems to have read and saw it late last night, and she hasn’t woke up yet.”
Chen Feng thought to himself, probably because of that incident, Long Ling didn’t sleep well either.
Feng Qi looked at him strangely, and Chen Feng had no choice but to find a reason and said, “That is, when I got up last night, when he saw the light in the study room was on, he asked a few more questions.”
But looking at Feng Qi with a look of disbelief, Chen Feng said again: “Then what do you think it is, I won’t miss your sister the least.”
Feng Qi said with a smirk, “Who knows, maybe you just like my sister’s cold temper.”
Chen Feng glared at her.
Feng Qi ignored it, and just continued: “But if you really like my sister, I can help you. If your sister can find a companion, I’ll be very happy.”
However, Chen Feng looked at Feng Qi so worrying and thought it was funny, and joked, “Your sister is going to find someone, so what do you do? You will be alone at that time. Are you not lonely?”
Feng Qi said, “If my sister is willing, I will follow my sister. If she is not willing, I will stay here until I grow old and stay with the master.”
As he was talking, suddenly he heard Long Ling’s unwavering voice.
“Whether you are willing or not, what are you thinking about.”
Looking at the door, Long Ling’s face was also not good, but it seemed that he had made some cover, which was not so serious.
Chen Feng just glanced, avoiding his gaze. Although Long Ling made him forget, how could this kind of thing be forgotten so easily.
And Long Ling seemed to choose not to look at him either. The two usually didn’t touch him, and now they are even more repulsive.
Feng Qi felt a little strange, but he couldn’t tell where exactly was the problem.
After breakfast, Chen Feng was going to help them grind medicine, but at this time someone came over from a small road far away.
Chen Feng guessed that it was the person Feng Qi had mentioned before going up to the mountain to find a doctor. When that person entered the house, he went to meet with Long Ling. After less than half an hour, he left.
Chen Feng has been in the pharmacy and doesn’t know what it is.
He waited until noon before he met Feng Qi, and he asked.
“Isn’t that person looking for a doctor this morning?”
Feng Qi nodded, “Well, you see, he did seek a doctor, but not for him, but his master.”
Chen Feng asked curiously, “Who is it?”
“I don’t know, my sister didn’t tell me either. However, it looks like a big family.”
“Will we go then? Or his master will come over?”
“May have to go to the doctor, I see my sister seems to be preparing the medical box for the doctor.”
Chen Feng nodded, wondering what kind of person he would be. Looking at Long Ling’s temperament, if he was just an ordinary person, he would never be able to see a doctor, let alone a visit.
In the evening, a Benz came to the intersection, and the man who came in the morning walked up from the foot of the mountain again.
At this time, Long Ling and Feng Qi were all ready, standing at the door waiting for him, while Chen Feng was standing aside. They thought about it and asked Chen Feng to follow along, doing a coolie in the medical box.
After the man came up, he saw Chen Feng standing together and seemed to be taken aback. Maybe he didn’t expect a man to appear in this small courtyard in Lanzhi.
But he didn’t say much, he just said hello to Long Ling, and led the three of them to the foot of the mountain.
The three of them got in the car one after another. Chen Feng naturally sat in the front row. The man was the driver, and he was quiet along the way. Except for a few whispers from the sister behind, he was silent all the way.
But when he came to the place, the gate in the forest garden, Chen Feng had been there.
This is the villa where thousands of families are here, and Chen Feng also escaped from here, but he did not expect that he would come back here again on the last lap.
However, thinking that there is no evidence that he did it, Qianjia can never ask him for a crime based on a little guess, and the person who ran away is still Qianjia himself. If there is no evidence, they estimate that they are not willing to disclose it.
Thinking like this, he has already come to the house.
The Chang family sisters seemed to have seen such an exquisite residence for the first time, and Feng Qi kept looking around with her eyes, but Long Ling was much more calm.
Chen Feng walked out of the Mercedes and was thinking about someone from Qianjia who was sick, and Qianxunyi had already greeted him.
He saw Chen Feng at a glance, and his expression trembled unnaturally, but today it was the Chang’s sister who was receiving him, and he walked in front of the Chang’s sister with a smile on his face.
“I’m really sorry for bothering the two to come home. My thousand family also knows the rules of the two, but my father is seriously ill and can’t get out of bed. Otherwise, he must go to the house. I hope that the two Haihan will be one or two.”
Long Ling said, “The old man and my master are old. Even if we don’t have that token, the younger sister and I still have to come to see the old man. This is how we are a junior.”
After meeting each other, Qianxunyi looked at Chen Feng curiously and asked, “Do you two know Mr. Chen too?”
Speaking of a few people, naturally they looked at Chen Feng.
“I never thought that after my husband left without saying goodbye that day, he would meet again in this way. It is really impermanent. Sir, these days have always been good.” Chihiro Yi smiled and said to Chen Feng.
Chen Feng listened to what he said, but he didn’t tear his face. Naturally, he would not puncture the matter himself. He also said with a polite expression: “Thank you for your concern, these days have been very comfortable.”
After the polite words, Qianxunyi still has to take them in, after all, the illness of the old man is still the most important.

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