Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 88

“Young Master Bai, it’s not good.” Liu Yiyi looked embarrassed. If it was normal, she would also accept the card. The one million platinum card, and the friends and classmates around her, would not envy her.
But at this juncture, with Chen Feng on his side, it would be bad if Chen Feng mistakenly thought that she and Bai Guangyi had some ulterior relationship.
“There is nothing wrong with us. We will be a family from now on. This platinum membership card is my meeting gift for you. If you really like it here, I can give you a diamond membership card.” , The diamond membership card here is 10 million yuan, and it is not something you can do if you have money. You have to be powerful and powerful, and can be seen by the shareholders of Kowloon International.
“Then… OK.” Liu Yiyi reluctantly smiled and said. Bai Guangyi’s remarks were made in front of Chen Feng and A Hao. Sending her membership card was only one aspect, and more, Bai Guangyi wanted to blow Chen Feng and A Hao’s arrogance.
But Bai Guangyi didn’t know that Chen Feng, who was backed by the Chinese super giant, was now completely treating him like a monkey.
“Yiyi, the orchard, hunting grounds and shooting ranges you see now are actually just the outer garden of Kowloon International.” After driving for another few minutes, Bai Guangyi’s smile became mysterious.
“Outer Garden?” Liu Yiyi was a little surprised. This has been driven for tens of kilometers, and it turned out to be only Outer Garden. How could Jiulong Village be so big? And according to Bai Guangyi’s meaning, Jiulongzhuang still has an inner garden, but she has never heard of it before.
“Yes, Outer Garden!” Bai Guangyi smiled triumphantly. “In fact, Jiulongzhuang and the inner garden are the core industries of Jiulongzhuang, but most people don’t know the existence of the inner garden.”
“The inner garden can only be reached by the upper class in Jinling.” Bai Guangyi’s tone carried a strong sense of ostentation. As he spoke, he glanced at Chen Feng and Ahao behind him, mockingly said: “You two country guys, luck is pretty good. Gu Dongchen’s old dog was kept in the inner garden by me. When I go to see Gu Dongchen later, you can open your eyes and take a good look at the scenery of the inner garden. It may be the last picture you can see in your life.”
Chen Feng smiled disdainfully, he knew what Bai Guangyi’s confidence was.
Not surprisingly, this Kowloon International was created by a group of wealthy children with the same status as Bai Guangyi. Those wealthy children must have such and other forces behind them. These forces are Bai Guangyi’s reliance on.
After driving for another two minutes, the car finally stopped.
Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he turned out to be a European-style castle full of retro style.
In front of the castle, there are many security guards wearing black suits and headsets. This group of security guards is obviously more professional than the outside security guards.
Their eyes were sharper, like eagles, and even Chen Feng discovered that many of them had been on the battlefield, and the mercenary aura on them was obvious.
It is hard to imagine that such a heavily guarded castle would be built in this deep mountain.
Chen Feng immediately put away his previous contempt. The owner of this castle is very ambitious and not simple, unlike a fool like Bai Guangyi.
Bai Guangyi got off the car first, followed by Chen Feng and Ahao.
When he came to the gate of the old castle, a leading security guard approached with a smile, “Young Master Bai, Qing Ye is already waiting inside.”
Bai Guangyi nodded slightly and said, “I’ll take them in now.” After finishing speaking, he gave Chen Feng a glance and provocatively said: “Hillboy, now I regret it too late. I really want to get in. If you think about it, it will be difficult. Up!”
Chen Feng smiled, did not answer, and walked directly into the castle gate.
Bai Guangyi sneered, wait to go in, I will make you too late to regret!
After entering the castle, Chen Feng discovered that there was no one in the huge castle!
At this time, Bai Guangyi took out a card and swiped it to open a black technology door with an elevator leading to the underground.
“It turned out to be underground…” Chen Feng was clear in his heart.
The four people immediately entered the elevator, Bai Guangyi pressed the 5th floor underground, the elevator began to sink, and reached the 5th floor after a few seconds.
The moment the door opened, there was deafening music and screams.
Chen Feng frowned and looked at it, only to realize that what appeared in the dim and dim lights turned out to be a bar.
Crazy men and women shook their heads in the dance hall.
On the table of the deck, there are all kinds of precious wines and many illegal pills.
Most of the people sitting on the deck sofa are the wealthy and successful businessmen outside the world, as well as upstarts in politics.
However, at this moment, these elites did not show the elegance of the outside world at all. They showed their ugliness and hugged each other. Chen Feng even saw a famous second-tier female star in Jinling.
This actress usually walks the innocent route, but here, this innocent female star has a flushing complexion, no one else is holding a male model’s tongue and kissing, and the male model’s big hands are wantonly kneading on the female star.
Bai Guangyi is not surprised at all this, obviously he has long been used to it.
Only Liu Yiyi’s pretty face was full of incredible expressions, some could not believe that there was such a dark place in Jiulong Village.
He walked more than a hundred meters forward, left the bar, and entered a boxing ring.
There is only one arena in the boxing arena, but there are many auditoriums around.
At this moment, two vigorous figures on the boxing field are fighting, but surprisingly, it is the two boxers who are not wearing any armor, and they are completely fighting each other.
The moves used by the two men were not free fighting moves, but murderous techniques rumored in the military.
Recruit death!
It was only a while, and one of them was already soaked in flesh and blood, and he was beaten as a man, obviously unable to survive.
It was another whip leg, and the bloody figure flew out and hit the ground outside the ring.
In the audience, many people stood up excitedly, their faces flushed.
There are also many people who look gloomy and curse bad luck.
“Grass! I also said that this waste is the provincial fighting champion. I can’t hold it for ten minutes. It’s really rubbish.”
“Lao Tzu has crushed five million on him, and it’s all overwhelmed.”
Chen Feng is not surprised. These people are obviously gamblers, but they are betting on the lives of others.
This kind of life-and-death arena is very common in foreign countries. It is banned in China, but it can’t hold back people who are interested in profit to open it secretly.
Right now, this boxing arena is a secretly opened black boxing arena, and looking at the gambling in the bonus pool, the bet is not small, it has almost reached 100 million, and such a large amount is rare in foreign countries.
Chen Feng suddenly became curious, who is the boss behind the Kowloon International? In such a big and dark place, the guests here do not worry about their privacy at all. Obviously, they have confidence in the energy of the boss here.

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