Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 880

Walking up the steps, Feng Qi asked Chen Feng in a low voice, “Do you know people from Qianjia?”
Chen Feng carried a medicine box on his back and followed him step by step. Feng Qi asked, and he also whispered, “I caused trouble when I came out of his house, and then where did you go?”
Feng Qi curiously asked, “Could it be that they harmed you? It looks so big here, and at first glance, it’s not a good person.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, Feng Qi had some thoughts, and he really couldn’t keep up. If this place is big, then he must be a bad guy.
But think about it, at the beginning, Long Ling treated him as a bad guy.
“Don’t talk nonsense, if they hear you, you will be in trouble.”
When everyone entered, Chihiro Yi wanted to rest in the hall first and then talk about other things, but Long Ling said, “It’s important to see the patient first, and talk about the others later.”
Although Qianxunyi felt that he was a little impolite, he naturally hoped that he could get an early diagnosis, and Long Ling said so, he was not insisting, and took the Chang sisters and Chen Feng into the backyard.
Before entering the room, he smelled a strong medicinal scent in the garden outside. Long Ling asked suspiciously: “Herraceus, Thousand Butterflies, Solanum, Fragrant Lingzi, these are all treatments for unsatisfactory feelings. Drugs, isn’t it because my father has been a problem with my heart recently.”
After Long Ling finished speaking, Qianxunyi exclaimed: “It’s not a loss for Mr. Tu’s master to guess so accurately just by smelling the fragrance of medicine. It’s really amazing.”
Long Ling said indifferently, “It’s nothing, it’s just the basic knowledge of the healer. You don’t have to compliment me anymore. If you can’t see the old man himself, I can’t tell what the hell is wrong with him.”
Chihiro Yilue was a little embarrassed, but didn’t say much, and continued to take the three into the room.
The curtains of the room were closed and it was a little dim. There were already people inside. A woman in her thirties, dressed in casual clothes, was observing in front of the instrument on the side.
And the biggest thing in the room is the bed placed, and there is a person sleeping on it. He is in a coma at this time. It should be the old man Qian Xun Yi said.
It seems that in order to treat the old man Qian, Qian’s family has taken great pains. The medical equipment in this room is not worse than the hospital’s, and it should be even more advanced.
But since the Chang’s sisters are invited, that means that Western medicine has no way to rescue the old man, or it is very difficult.
“This is my father, who has been in a coma since a month ago. There is nothing to do in the hospital. It just says that heart failure can’t be cured with the current medical technology.”
But Long Ling didn’t want to understand this, she walked directly to the bed.
Originally, as Mr. Qian, not everyone can touch, so when Long Ling walked over, Chihiro Yi did not stop him, which surprised the nurse sitting in front of the instrument.
Long Ling first opened his eyelids and looked at the old man’s eyes, then took off the breathing mask and looked at the old man’s mouth, and finally he gave the old man his pulse.
After this set was over, half an hour passed.
Before Long Ling went to meet Chen Feng and the others, Chihiro Yi asked impatiently: “How is my father’s illness now? According to legend, Mr. Tu’s medical skills are superb. There is no one in the world that his old man cannot save. I Miss miss, there must be a way.”
Although it was only a compliment, Long Ling coldly froze, and said solemnly: “First of all, no one in this world can treat any disease, even my master can’t do it. Second, as for the sickness of the old man, it may be more severe than I thought. It’s complicated, so I can’t guarantee a complete cure.”
But even so, Chihiro Art is still very happy.
“The young lady still has a way. If there is a way, you can. No matter what you want, I hope that the lady will treat her father. I must be grateful. No matter what, as long as it is owned by me, it can be given to the young lady. ”
Long Ling said, “Thank you later. I need to do some checks for the old man. You and the others will go out first.”
Qianxunyi naturally did not respond. Although the female nurse hesitated, she still walked out of the room in the eyes of Qianxunyi, and finally Qianxunyi looked at Chen Feng.
Long Ling said, “Some things need his help, so he needs to stay here.”
Chihiro Yi didn’t speak either, and after closing the door, only three of them were left in the room.
Chen Feng didn’t expect that he would come here, and he was the old man of Qianjia in front of him.
If he threatens to hold Mr. Qian now, it is estimated that everyone in the Qian family will listen to him, but he is just imagining.
At this time, Long Ling said, “What are you still doing there? Bring the medicine box.”
Chen Feng woke up after being shouted like this. He took the medicine box and handed it to Long Ling.
Feng Qi also looked at the old man’s body, and said to Long Ling, “Sister, this body doesn’t seem to be sick, it seems that someone has been poisoned.”
When Chen Feng heard it, he looked over in surprise. He was about to ask clearly. Long Ling said indifferently: “This has nothing to do with us. We are at least responsible for saving people. We are not in charge of other things.”
She glanced at Chen Feng fiercely again, and said, “Go out and shut me up, don’t say anything.”
This was the first time Long Ling had spoken to him since last night, although it was a warning.
Chen Feng immediately promised: “I will never say anything.”
“It’s best to be like this.” After Long Ling finished speaking, he looked at the old man again and checked his body.
Mr. Qian seemed to be 70 or 80 years old. In fact, even if he was saved at this age, he might not be able to live for two years, but there is no way. Whoever makes Qian Jia is rich.
Although Long Ling said to let Chen Feng help, at most he only asked Chen Feng to help lift the old man, so that Long Ling can check more places. The proper thing is just coolie.
The three of them did it for another half an hour before Long Ling took it out of the medicine box and started acupuncture.
Let Chen Feng support her, she began to give the old man acupuncture. Compared with Fengqi’s acupuncture, Long Ling’s skill feels more superb. The silver needles are continuously dropped on each acupoint without stagnation, just a few moments. The old man’s body has already been pierced with needles.
“Did you know? Even the master is admired by her sister’s injection technique.”
Feng Qi looked intently at Long Ling’s acupuncture, and she whispered to Chen Feng.
Long Ling, who was over, gave Feng Qi a white look, seeming to blame her for being talkative.
But Chen Feng had a deeper understanding of Long Ling. Although he knew that her medical skills must be very powerful, he did not expect it to be so amazing.

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