Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 881

When everything was over, Chen Feng put the old man down again and put on the ventilator again.
“Is that the end? What kind of disease did the old man get?” Chen Feng asked curiously.
Long Ling glared at Chen Feng, seeming to blame him for his curiosity.
Originally, Chen Feng had planned not to ask again, but Long Ling said by himself: “The poison of chills.”
When Long Ling finished speaking, Feng Qi was surprised and said, “It’s impossible, the master said, this kind of cold poison is already peerless. Isn’t my sister mistaken?”
Chen Feng, who wanted to ask questions, was even more curious now.
“I also thought I had read it wrong, but I checked it four times and the results were the same, and if I had to choose an answer, I can only believe that someone has practiced this kind of cold toxin again.”
Feng Qi was silent, and Chen Feng still couldn’t understand, “Is this poison not good?”
Feng Qi replied: “Emperor Lin Qing was also infected with this poison when he came to see the master. At that time, the master only delayed the onset of cold symptoms on Emperor Lin Qing, but he could not completely cure him.”
Chen Feng was astonished. Although he knew that Emperor Lin Qing came to treat the disease, he didn’t know what kind of disease it was. He didn’t expect it to be the same as Father Qian.
“But why do you want to say that he is peerless? Isn’t Lin Qing also caught this kind of cold poison? It’s only 20 years since now.” Chen Feng asked curiously.
Feng Qi said, “It’s because of Emperor Lin Qing. After he asked his master about the requirements for making this poison, he searched for it, and then started killing. Relying on Emperor Lin Qing’s prestige, it would be extremely difficult to cultivate. The materials for the preparation can no longer be refined, and the cold poison is abruptly eliminated from the world, but I didn’t expect that some people would escape the catastrophe back then.”
Thinking of the horror of the grandmaster, Chen Feng knew it.
But then he said: “But since Mr. Tu can contain this cold poison, then Long Ling should be able to.”
Chen Feng looked at Long Ling, and Long Ling nodded naturally.
However, Feng Qi stopped and said, “Sister, let’s go back! We can’t help with this, nor can we help.”
Long Ling sighed, “I know what you are worried about, but the relationship between the old man and the master, and there is a dragon pattern jade pendant, we must do this.”
Feng Qi said anxiously, “But the poisoned person…”
Long Ling interrupted her and said, “You don’t need to say any more. We are in Qianjia now. Even if someone wants revenge, it has nothing to do with us.”
Feng Qi always obeyed Long Ling’s words, and this time was no exception. After Long Ling finished speaking, Feng Qi stopped talking, but with an expression of resentment on his face, he was still making a silent protest.
Chen Feng looked at Long Ling’s expression cold again, and he was even more afraid to say anything.
The three left, and Chihiro Yi was waiting outside.
Seeing the three people coming, Chihiro Art rushed over in anxious manner.
He is a very elegant person, but now because of such anxiousness, he also seems to lose his demeanor.
It’s just that no one would point him to anything. He came up and asked, “Miss Chang, how is my father now?”
Long Ling said indifferently: “I have said before, I just try my best. But I may not see any changes now, so I may have to disturb you more in your house in the next few days.”
Listening to the meaning, Chihiro Art is already very pleased, at least the answer is not completely incurable, or useless words like God’s will.
He hurriedly thanked: “Thanks to both of you. I am willing to stay and treat my father-in-law. The affairs of this residence will naturally be arranged.”
So Qianxun Yi took the three of them to the small courtyard of the guest room, and they were with the place where Chen Feng visited last time, even the bamboo hut.
Only this time it was the three of them.
“It’s already late, so I won’t bother the three of you to rest, and I will come to accompany them tomorrow.”
When he left, Feng Qi didn’t have any curiosity. If she had followed her interest when she came in, she might have seen the bamboo forest outside the yard.
Long Ling ignored her and just entered his room. Although it was just a simple inspection, it seemed to be exhausting, and she looked a little tired.
And Chen Feng approached Feng Qi and said with concern: “Don’t worry too much. Isn’t this still me? I will definitely protect your sisters.”
Feng Qi glanced at Chen Feng. It seemed that because of Chen Feng’s words, he was in a better mood, but he still screamed, “I really encountered something, what’s the use of you.”
Chen Feng was a little unconvinced. He said, “How can I be useless if I am a person of the pinnacle level? As long as I am not at the master level, I can guarantee that few can beat me.”
Feng Qi snorted: “If you can fight like this, how could you still be saved by us. No matter how powerful martial arts are, sometimes it is fake. Those who want to harm you can always find a way to harm you.”
Chen Feng smacked his lips and didn’t know how to argue, so he had no choice but to replied: “Even if they definitely want to harm you, I will stand in front of you and take everything down for you.”
Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng in a daze, but he didn’t seem to expect Chen Summit to say so.
I don’t feel a little blushing, they don’t seem to be so close to Chen Feng yet.
But because of Chen Feng, Feng Qi no longer had the worries he had just now, and his emotions eased a little. Chen Feng gave Chen Feng a white look and said, “Hmph, your mouth is slippery, you must not be a good person, let’s go.”
After cursing, she ran away, leaving Chen Feng alone in a daze.
On the second day, Qianxunyi came to the courtyard early, and asked a few people if they were comfortable last night, then asked others, and took a few people to have breakfast.
On the way, Chihiro Yi said, “I may not be able to accompany the three of you today. There are some things at home that I need to deal with. However, I have already found someone to accompany. It’s done for a few people.”
Naturally, Long Ling had no opinion, and just nodded, while Chen Feng and Feng Qi both listened to Long Ling, so naturally they would not have any opinions.
After breakfast, Chihiro Yi brought that person, and the introduction was only Chihiro Yi’s nephew, who seemed to be of the same generation as Qianning. He was called Qianqiu, with a delicate face and a slender posture, just like another Chihiro Yi’s. Replicas are all elegant and elegant.
But when Qianxunyi left, Qianqiu seemed to become more active, and her attitude towards the Chang family sisters was extremely enthusiastic.
“Two sisters, if you have anything, just tell me. Uncle has already told me that as long as you say it, you must do everything well.”
And it seems that Chen Feng is completely absent in his eyes.
Sure enough, no one can stop the charm of this pair of sisters, but it is a pity that the Chang’s sisters don’t seem to see him much.

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