Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 883

This is naturally a way, but the hope is very slim. If you don’t meet the Chang family sisters, you may not even have this kind of hope.
And when Chen Feng was thinking about it, Qian Qiu was still thinking about the Chang’s sisters. He asked, “Do you have anything else to ask?”
Chen Feng shook his head, and he asked anxiously: “Then you can speak up, now you can tell me your relationship with them.”
It was impossible for Chen Feng to think of the impact of this incident on the Chang family sisters, so he put it aside for the time being, and just smiled at Qianqiu: “In fact, our relationship is very unusual.”
“Why is it so unusual? You and them will never be…” Qian Qiu looked at Chen Feng suspiciously.
However, Chen Feng stopped speaking, only showing a smile, a smile that hid a lot of meaning.
Then he left.
After Qianqiu looked at the Chang’s sisters, the eyes became strange, and she didn’t have the enthusiasm, and seemed to avoid it.
This made the two sisters very strange, and Long Ling would naturally not ask. Feng Qi asked Chen Feng curiously: “Why did he suddenly seem to have changed his temper? Did you do something?”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “Where do I know, what does this have to do with me, I am not the roundworm in his stomach.”
Feng Qi didn’t believe it at all: “You are the only one here who will do to him. It’s not you, is it us! Say, let’s be honest.”
But Chen Feng naturally didn’t dare to say what he had deceived Qianqiu.
Because of the change of Old Man Qian’s face, everyone in the Qian Family was in a state of excitement, and seemed to wait until the Old Man woke up.
On this day, Chihiro Art seemed to have come to visit a few people specially, said something of concern, and then left.
When he left, Feng Qi sat on the stone bench in the courtyard like a boring one.
Chen Feng leaned in and said, “Is it boring? Your sister works so hard, why can’t you learn from her.”
Even when she came outside, Long Ling always brought her medical skills. As for the misunderstanding between her and Chen Feng, it seemed that it had really passed. She didn’t say anything, and Chen Feng was even more afraid to say it. Something is separated between people, and the relationship is even further stretched.
Feng Qi said boredly, “Since there is an older sister who has watched it, I have watched more, but it’s just another older sister, wouldn’t it be very boring.”
Chen Feng listened to her, thinking that if there are two Longlings at the same time, it would really be possible to keep them in the summer without turning on the air conditioner.
He smiled and said, “You are just looking for reasons for your laziness.”
Feng Qi also laughed, “Then do you think sister is better, or me?”
“Of course it’s you. The personality is particularly good.” Chen Feng said without thinking. This is a standard question and there is no other answer.
But Feng Qi still looked calm and said, “You didn’t even think about it. You must be lying to me. As expected, you are a liar, not sincere at all.”
Chen Feng also said helplessly: “This is something I don’t even think about. I can naturally answer it so quickly.”
Feng Qi was puzzled: “Is that really the case?”
“That must be true! Otherwise, if I think about it for a long time before answering, you must say me again.”
Feng Qi smiled, as if it might really be what Chen Feng said.
While the two were talking, the bamboo forest outside the courtyard was blown by the wind, making a rustling noise.
Naturally, this book was nothing, but Chen Feng suddenly noticed something was wrong. This was an intuition of danger.
But before he could relax, a cold light directed at Feng Qi.
Chen Feng also immediately blocked Feng Qi behind him, fending off the sword for her.
After that sword stepped back a few steps, Chen Feng saw the person coming.
A short and needless man dressed in black and holding a long sword in his hand was a face that Chen Feng did not recognize.
Chen Feng understood why that person came to assassinate Feng Qi.
He just didn’t want the thousand fathers to wake up.
But before Chen Feng could think about it, the sword swooped over like a poisonous snake. It was originally righteous, but the awe-inspiring long sword became extremely wretched in the hands of this short man.
There is a kind of rat in an underground tunnel, which is annoying, but it is not easy to get rid of it no matter what.
One sword after another, there are some yin, heart and other places.
But Chen Feng only used his strength to break the move, and had no idea of ​​fighting with the opponent, so the opponent could not take advantage of it at all.
Feng Qi looked worried, but she didn’t have any martial arts. After being pushed back a few steps by Chen Feng, she just kept hiding from the sidelines.
But I was still worried about Chen Feng in my heart.
But when Chen Feng was fighting with that person, a sound suddenly came from Long Ling’s room, which seemed to be Long Ling’s painful cry.
Feng Qi didn’t dare to stay for another moment, and hurried towards the room where Long Ling was.
At the same time, Chen Feng also heard the call, but he couldn’t win the opponent for a while, and he was even more anxious.
He felt in his heart, and he didn’t know whether the sequelae that Feng Qi told him would really eliminate a lot, he directly reversed the practice, and then suddenly the speed and strength seemed to increase a lot, and at the same time he became murderous.
And when the mouse-like guy rushed up again, he was not as relaxed as at the beginning. Chen Feng almost didn’t give him any chance to back off, and would tear off a piece of his flesh every time.
Only after a few tricks, the short man is completely unrecognizable, and he doesn’t seem to be able to see any intact place on his body.
Chen Feng didn’t let him go until he completely died, and it was only a short minute in between.
But even if it’s only a minute, there are already many things that can be done, such as killing a person.
Chen Feng had already smelled the smell of blood, and he rushed to Long Ling’s room. Sure enough, Long Ling had fallen to the ground, and Feng Qi had just been forced to the ground by the man.
Without saying a word, Chen Feng rushed to the guy with the knife in his hand. After reversing the technique, this guy was hardly Chen Feng’s enemy.
The same tragedy appeared on this person again, and the screams were continuous.
Feng Qi was terrified. She had never seen such a terrifying side of Chen Feng, just like a demon, bloodthirsty and cruel demon.
Even when the scarlet eyes looked at her, she thought she was going to be killed by Chen Feng, and she didn’t even cry out of fear.
At this time, Chen Feng was also the most uncontrollable moment for reason. Killing was his all, but naturally he was not completely uncontrollable. Chen Feng shouted to Feng Qi: “Go, get out of here.”
Feng Qi had difficulty even standing up now.
“I don’t know how long I can control, you go, I am not myself now.” Chen Feng shouted again.
Feng Qi finally knew that he had to stand up, holding on to the wall on the side, so he could stop if it was very difficult.
Chen Feng seemed very painful there, but Feng Qi didn’t dare to pass.

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