Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 884

“Hurry up!”
After Chen Feng finished speaking, he could no longer restrain himself, and rushed towards Feng Qi.
Feng Qi screamed in horror, and she even closed her eyes in despair.
But then a sword stopped in front of Chen Feng, a palm was slapped on the blade, and the master of the long sword was forced back a few steps, at the same time Chen Feng was also stopped.
Before Chen Feng stepped forward again, five or six long swords came one after another, blocking Chen Feng’s path.
With the new prey, Chen Feng also lost the idea of ​​dealing with Fengqi.
Fighting with those five or six people.
However, even after reversing the exercises, Chen Feng is only a person now, no matter how brave he is to die, he will only be suppressed in the end.
It looked like a beast in a cage, constantly whining and roaring, but it was still unable to break free from the iron cage made of steel.
Chen Feng only had less than half an hour, and the owners of five or six long swords were from a thousand families, but seeing Chen Feng so careless, they couldn’t do anything to harm Chen Feng unintentionally.
After getting out of danger, Feng Qi finally calmed down. She was also afraid that the Qian family would really hurt Chen Feng, so she shouted to them: “He is in a state of unconsciousness. As long as this half an hour has passed, he will It can be back to normal.”
The thousands of people didn’t know the truth or not, they just started discussing while fighting with Chen Feng.
Fortunately, Chen Feng is now under the siege of five or six people, and there is no way to fight back, so a few people will naturally know the true and false after only half an hour.
If it is true that Chen Feng is still the case, then it is not impossible for them to want to deal with Chen Feng.
After Feng Qi finished speaking, he ignored Chen Feng. Long Ling’s life and death were unknown now, and she was still anxious for her sister’s life.
It may also be that Fengqi arrived in time. Long Ling just passed out in a coma, and the wound was bleeding, but it did not hurt the vitals. Feng Qi hurriedly treated her for her. Perhaps after a while, Long Ling would wake up.
As for Chen Feng, he was also suppressed for half an hour, and when the time for his exercises came, his mind was completely awake, but the physical pain continued.
He doesn’t know if he is much lighter than before, but now he only knows that the pain is still unbearable, the kind of tingling from the body’s various meridians, like skin cramps.
The Qian family stopped the sword, but for a moment, he passed out in pain.
Suddenly, Qianxun suffered such a thing, and Qianxunyi was naturally very annoyed. Seeing that Old Man Qian was about to get better, he did not expect anyone to assassinate Chang’s sister.
If he didn’t succeed, it would be fine. In these thousand houses, people still hurt Long Ling. How could he not be furious.
Looking at the thousands of masters in front of him, he was surprised that no one came in.
The anger that should have been vented has long been vented, but it is not just their fault in the end. When it needs to be comforted, it still needs to be comforted.
“They treat my Qianjia as a street, come and walk if they want. This is a great challenge to my Qianjia, and I know you are not angry, but it is like this now. They have jumped on our heads, can it still be Continue.”
After he finished speaking, naturally those thousands of people were also angry.
It’s just that they don’t seem to be able to do anything.
Chihiro Yi said: “We will keep the small courtyard well these few days, and the few will arrange their own time. When the old man wakes up, we will make plans. If we can completely know who those guys are, we can be shameful.”
After explaining to the Qian Family, the small courtyard where Chen Feng was located became the safest place in the entire Qian Family.
Chen Feng woke up in the early morning of the next day. He slept in his room and there was no one beside him when he woke up.
As if waking up in a small courtyard in Lanzhi, Chen Feng didn’t seem to feel any physical pain.
It seems that what Feng Qi said is correct. He has indeed reduced a lot of burdens. The pain that would have taken seven days to bear is now only one day, and if the conditioning continues, it may be shortened to a shorter time.
But this is just his thoughts.
After he got up, he remembered that when he saw Long Ling that day, she seemed to be injured, and after getting dressed, he ran to Long Ling’s small courtyard.
Encountered Fengqi on the road.
“How is your sister now?” Chen Feng asked.
Feng Qi seemed to look very haggard. Although she didn’t suffer any harm, it was the first time for her to be frightened. Now even the look in Chen Feng’s eyes is a bit repellent.
But she still replied: “My sister is not life-threatening, but she was shocked. She may have to rest for a while before she wakes up.”
When Chen Feng heard that there was no danger, he let go, and he also noticed Feng Qi again, and he cared about it: “Then you, I remember what happened last night, but it really wasn’t my intention.”
Chen Feng also apologized for his last action.
Feng Qi shook his head and said, “I know, you don’t have to apologize. If it weren’t for you, I might be the same as my sister, or already dead.”
She is so sorrowful. In her heart, she just hopes to live with her sister in the small courtyard forever and not to pay attention to these inexplicable things.
But now, she has nothing to do.
Her expression was lonely, she could no longer see her original appearance, the vitality hidden under that demure expression seemed to be completely annihilated by all this.
Chen Feng felt uncomfortable in his heart, and said, “It was my fault. I promised to protect you and your sister, but still hurt her. I was too useless.” He blamed himself.
Feng Qi no longer shook his head and said, “You have done a good job. I know you really want to protect us. When I see you go crazy, I know it. You should only do it when you are in distress. The choice, but for my sister and me, you still did that.”
As Feng Qi said, Chen Feng knew the kind of pain, so he tried not to use the power of the reversal method, but last night, he almost hesitated for a while, and made a resolute choice.
“I…” Chen Feng didn’t know what to say.
“Go and see my sister.” Feng Qi suggested.
The two walked side by side and walked towards Long Ling’s room.
When I entered the room, I could smell the scent of herbal medicine, just like the smell of Long Ling. As long as you get closer to Delong Ling, you will always have the scent of this herbal medicine.
But at this time she was lying on the bed, still in a coma.
Covered with the quilt, Chen Feng didn’t know where she was injured. Feng Qi said, “My sister’s injury is only a promise in my heart. It’s a fluke to get her life back. If it’s a while later, the person just needs to make up for it. , May really not be saved.”
Chen Feng was also surprised.

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