Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 888

After Feng Qi drank the water, although he didn’t respond so quickly, his lips were indeed moist, with drops of water hung on the corners of his mouth, like raindrops falling from a lotus leaf.
“What are you looking at?”
Chen Feng shook his head hurriedly.
But suddenly Feng Qi seemed to be aware of something, her face suddenly blushed, and she looked at Chen Feng in horror.
Chen Feng was also stagnant. He didn’t know what happened, and was preparing to ask concerned, only to find Feng Qi glared at him and said, “You did it?”
Chen Feng didn’t know, so he looked at Feng Qi in confusion and said, “What?”
“My clothes!” Feng Qi shouted.
Chen Feng knew that she must have misunderstood, and hurriedly explained: “Your clothes are soaked. If you let you sleep like this, you will definitely catch a cold, so…”
“Get out!”
Before Chen Feng could finish explaining, Feng Qi widened his eyes and roared at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng also had to leave angrily, fearing that Feng Qi would really misunderstand him, he still wanted to explain, but seeing Feng Qi’s eyes, I was afraid that she would go violently here.
After he got out of the room, he still went to see Long Ling. She was much better now, but she couldn’t get out of bed. She was originally a doctor, so they knew their situation very well.
Seeing Chen Feng coming in alone, she asked curiously, “Where is Feng Qi?”
“She administering the needle to the old man by herself yesterday, she was so tired that she passed out,” Chen Feng explained.
Chen Feng thought that Long Ling would at least ask a few questions worriedly, but didn’t want her to be silent and just nodded.
Instead, Chen Feng asked curiously: “Why don’t you care about her asking a few more questions?”
Long Ling explained plainly: “Feng Qi knows that she can do that step, so she probably thought about passing out, so this kind of thing naturally has nothing to worry about for her.”
Chen Feng said, “You trust her very much.”
Long Ling nodded and said, “I have always been like this.”
The two looked so consistent, but their personalities differed a lot, but in terms of their feelings towards each other, they trusted and cared for each other so much that Chen Feng couldn’t help being moved.
“Sister, is your health better?”
While talking, Feng Qi’s voice came in.
Both of them looked towards the door, Feng Qi changed into an apricot gown and culottes, which looked a lot more lively than before.
“Are you all right?” Chen Feng asked concerned.
In exchange for Feng Qi’s gritted teeth, Chen Feng hurriedly kept silent.
Long Ling said, “How do you think of wearing this dress, don’t you like it a lot?”
Feng Qi replied, “The clothes were all sweaty yesterday. It just happened that I wanted to change my mood because of the things in the past few days, so I put her on. What does my sister think? If it looks good, I should try it on.”
Chen Feng listened to the side, but he also imagined what it would be like if Long Ling really wore such a suit and stood with Feng Qi.
But Long Ling shook his head and said, “This doesn’t suit me, I’ll just forget it.”
Chen Feng’s face showed only a touch of imperceptible loss, but it seemed that Feng Qi had caught it, and she gave Chen Feng a vicious look.
Then the two sisters talked about the injection yesterday.
“If you practice more, it won’t be so difficult.”
It’s just that Feng Qi nodded with a smile, and didn’t say whether he would work hard in the future. This is all about the future.
In the next two days, after Long Ling had a rest for a day, he helped Feng Qi to administer the needles when he got better. Therefore, it did not cause Feng Qi to pass out, but he was still very tired, and Chen Feng had to help each time. To come out.
Although Feng Qi was very reluctant, she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t let Long Ling or Qianjia people support her.
It seemed that because of this incident, Feng Qi seemed to avoid Chen Feng deliberately and did not talk to him. Chen Feng took the initiative to find her. She looked at Chen Feng angrily, making Chen Feng not know what to say.
The seven days passed quickly. Long Ling said that after seven days, if Mr. Qian can’t wake up, then the chances are slim, but if he wakes up, there will be basically no problems.
Therefore, the arrival of the seventh day caused the thousand family members to mention their throats, for fear that the old man might not wake up.
When the injection was still being administered that day, many thousands of families and children gathered outside the ward, but because they knew the rules and were afraid to disturb the Chang family sisters, they were all vacant within six or seven feet.
Chihiro Yi stood in front with a serious face.
“Patriarch, if the old man really can’t wake up…” someone suddenly worried.
Chihiro Yi said coldly: “Don’t think too much, wait for everything to come out. The Chang’s sisters are not ordinary people. Starting from Mr. Tu, they are masters of doctors. We have to choose to trust them.”
The man can only nod his head: “Yes!”
Even so, Chihiro Art is not worried.
Qianjia has encountered so many things recently, which has caused a crack in Qianjia. Although it is not too subtle, if the old man is really dead, then the crack will inevitably be enlarged.
And because of the recent irritability, he has no time to deal with it, so the best thing is to wait for the old man to wake up, so that he can relax this time.
He even hoped that Mr. Qian could wake up more than any other family member.
And just as he thought about it, the door of the ward finally opened.
Chihiro Yi immediately caught up: “You have worked hard, how is my father now?”
Long Ling said: “I’m already awake.”
A smile appeared on Chihiro Yi’s face immediately, which may be the best message he has heard recently.
“Thank you for the rejuvenation of several wonderful hands, my thousand family will definitely thank you again.”
Long Ling was disgusted with the noise, and said, “You don’t have to stay with us here, go in and see people.”
Hearing Long Ling’s order, he stopped being polite, and immediately took the thousands of family members into the ward. Suddenly, there was a rush of people in the room.
As for what they said, these are not what Chen Feng and the others care about.
And it seems that Father Qian woke up, making Qian’s more busy. After dinner, he didn’t see Qian’s coming alone, let alone a heavy thank, he didn’t even hear a verbal thank you.
Sitting on the stone bench in the garden, Feng Qi looked a little unhappy. Chen Feng thought she was also upset about this matter, so he leaned in.
“Thousands of people are really nothing.” Chen Feng cursed.
Feng Qi didn’t seem to pay attention and was shocked.
Finding that Chen Feng was by the side, Feng Qi asked angrily: “Why are you here, you rascal.”
Chen Feng was scolded, but felt that there was no reason, and asked: “Why are you still mad at me? I told you about that day. I didn’t mean it.”
It seems that the more Chen Feng said that, the more unhappy Feng Qi was.
“You said you didn’t mean it, who knows, dirty, thief.” She cursed again.

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