Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 889

Chen Feng was also annoyed, and his voice improved a little. “What do you want me to do there, I can’t ignore you. Let you lie on the ground and sleep for the whole night.”
When Chen Feng said this, Feng Qi didn’t know how to refute it, but it was her who was obviously taken advantage of. He felt wronged, and Feng Qi became more and more angry.
“You are a bastard.” She cursed, turning her head to ignore Chen Feng.
Chen Feng also knew that what he had done was a little too much, so he hurriedly softened, and said, “Isn’t it OK for me to apologize? I was wrong. You just say what I want you to forgive me. You can’t keep facing me like this. Right.”
Although he was still very tired these two days, Feng Qi was in a coma that day, and he was much better after training. His face regained water color, and his thin lips were red and eye-catching, and his cheeks that could be broken by blows looked more like Water is going to ooze.
Hearing Chen Feng’s apology, Feng Qi pursed his mouth, still unhappy, but turned his head and looked over.
“You know it’s wrong?”
Chen Feng nodded: “Yeah! It’s wrong.”
“Well, looking at you for being so sincere, I will forgive you.” Feng Qi said with great enthusiasm.
However, this made Chen Feng somewhat unresponsive: “What did you say?”
Feng Qi muttered again, “What are you doing, I don’t want it!”
Chen Feng waved his hand again and again: “No, it’s not.”
When Feng Qi saw the wound in Chen Feng’s hand that had just formed a cocoon, she immediately felt a little distressed on her face. She hurriedly held Chen Feng’s hand, looked at the wound, and gently touched it with her hand, and asked: ” Does it still hurt?”
One hand was held by Feng Qi, the tentacles were slightly cool, Hua was smooth and greasy, and it was really comfortable. Looking at Feng Qi’s worried expression again, Chen Feng was fascinated for a while.
Noting that Chen Feng was stunned, Feng Qi shot and slapped him on the face: “Bad, you know how to bully.”
Chen Feng woke up and said hurriedly, “I will not bully you, but I promised to pass you through and protect you.”
Feng Qi felt soft, and didn’t want to care about what Chen Feng looked at her.
But just as he was about to say something, some footsteps came from outside the garden, and Feng Qi hurriedly distanced himself from Chen Feng.
And Chen Feng was not good at keeping Feng Qi, he just turned his regret into anger, and prepared to send it to the incoming person.
Soon, Qianxunyi walked in with a few thousand family members, with a smile on his face, he would naturally be so happy when Father Qian wakes up.
And the four people behind him, each with a silver suitcase, seemed to be a group of people going to trade.
Long Ling seemed to have noticed the people inside, and she walked out slowly.
When Chihiro Yi came to a few people, he smiled and said, “The two sisters of the Chang family are really good at medical skills. They actually cured my father in seven days. Such a wonderful ability to rejuvenate, I am afraid that it is better than what has been said by the outside world. It’s even more magical, and naturally it is impossible for my thousand families to treat a few people badly.”
Having said that, he asked the four people behind him to place the suitcases in front of Chen Feng.
Long Ling asked: “What does this mean?”
Chihiro Yi replied: “Naturally, I would like to thank a few people for their thanks. Although it is not a valuable thing, it is also a piece of my heart.”
Long Ling waved his hand and said: “We are treating the old man because he has a good relationship with his family and his teacher, and we have a token to prove it, we will do it. It is definitely not for these things.”
Qianxunyi just smiled, but had already let those people turn on everything.
Among the four boxes, only one box was filled with the present day, and the others were all things like data files.
“Except for this tens of millions of cash, this is a villa in Tianqiong Garden.” He pointed to one of the boxes and said, “Although it is not the most luxurious house in China, it can be said to be the most luxurious in Mobei. If you don’t want to, you can sell it.”
What he said was very simple, but Chen Feng knew that the top five of the most high-end housing in the whole country in this Tianqiong Villa was definitely not excessive, and it was said that it was a top-notch housing that could not be bought by the rich.
It seems that just this house is more valuable than the ten million one now.
But not only that, Chihiro Art once again introduced to the back: “These are some jewels that Qianjia kept in the Swiss bank safe. Although some of them are very old, their appearance will not be in line with the current aesthetics, but they are also There is some value that those emperors always tout, and it is probably not easy to see it on the market now.”
Compared with the Chang’s sisters who have no idea about these things, Chen Feng will be amazed. Although he doesn’t know what the jewels are, the things that can be stored in the Swiss bank safe are nothing but storage costs. Small expenses, so jewelry that is not very precious will never be placed there.
But before Chen Feng’s surprise was over, Chihiro Yi pointed to the last box.
“This is also something I really think is a thank you gift. Ten percent of my Qianjia Group shares.”
This thank-you gift may also be considered the worst evaluation among these.
If Qianjia can always maintain its current status, then he is something that is more valuable than the previous ones combined, and if it decays, it may be just a few pieces of white paper and worthless.
However, being able to take out 10% of the shares at once shows the courage of Qianxunyi. If there is no courage to give up, ordinary people would never make such a decision.
After Qianxunyi finished speaking, Long Ling said, “We can’t collect these things.”
Even Chen Feng was stunned. It was definitely worth it, and even quite fair, to exchange the life of the thousand fathers.
Not only Chen Feng, but Qianxunyi didn’t expect it. He asked, “Is it because Miss Long Ling dislikes this? If you think it is less, I will add it to you. Daen is like this, and it makes you so scared in my thousand family. We should all give you a satisfactory thank you gift.”
But Long Ling still waved his hand and said, “I have already said that we are not helping the old man for these things.”
Chen Feng wanted to accept it for the Chang family sisters, but it was enough for them to accept the accidents that took their lives out.
But he is not two.
“These things are of no use to our sisters. On the contrary, they may distract us and be unable to study the path of medicine, so let’s ask Thousand Patriarchs to take these things back.”
Chihiro Yi really doesn’t know how to deal with it. He hasn’t really seen anyone who is not tempted to see such wealth.
But it was really ugly to take the things back with him like this. He could only try his best to persuade: “If Miss Long Ling doesn’t need it, we can also let us take care of it temporarily, as if it’s hanging on to our thousand family.”

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