Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 890

But even if Qianxunyi said so, Long Ling still shook his head and said, “Thousand Patriarchs still bring these things back. The master taught us that some things are absolutely impossible to do. If you really insist on letting us take it, we can’t face it anymore. For the teacher, you can only expel yourself from the teacher.”
“This…” When the words were forced to such a value, Qianxunyi really couldn’t find a reason, and he couldn’t let Long Lingzhen drive himself.
Chihiro Yi insisted again and again, he naturally has his reasons, this matter is related to the face of Qianjia, if the matter goes out, they will not care whether the Changjia sisters did not accept it, but only care about Qianjia even decent thanks. Does not come out.
But Long Ling’s attitude was firm, and he was helpless.
At the end, I can only take someone to leave, but when I leave, I still politely said: “Although the two refused to accept these things, I still have to thank both of you very much. If it were not for you, my father would not wake up. ”
Long Ling just nodded, and watched Qianxunyi leave the courtyard.
Feng Qi walked to Long Ling’s side and asked softly, “Sister, now that the old man’s illness has been cured, can we go back.”
Looking at the empty courtyard gate, Long Ling thought about it for a moment, and said: “I originally intended to observe for a few more days. Father Qian just woke up, and we don’t know if it will get worse in the future.”
“But sister…” Feng Qi anxiously wanted to dissuade Long Ling.
Long Ling comforted: “Don’t worry, I know what you think. I am also worried that those people will harm us and our safety, so I thought about it, or wait until tomorrow morning, we will say goodbye to the thousand family masters.”
Hearing Long Ling’s decision to leave, Feng Qi danced happily, holding Long Ling’s body, shaking constantly.
“Knowing that my sister will definitely not bear the heart to worry about me being here, we will go back tomorrow and go back to the small house, ignore the affairs of the family, and do our things peacefully and peacefully.”
She looked really happy, and Chen Feng was happy for him.
Early the next morning, Long Ling took the two to bid farewell, and Qianxunyi asked to stay on the spot.
“My father is healed. I really need more care for the two of you here. I hope to stay for a few more days. When my father gets better, it won’t be too late for them to leave.”
Long Ling said: “The old man’s illness has passed the critical period, and he has been recuperating on time. Taking medicine according to the prescription we gave can suppress the onset of cold poison. Our sisters are no longer needed, please don’t worry about the family.”
Chihiro Yi smiled bitterly: “I know that the thoughts of a few of them are also the incompetence of my Qianjia, which makes a few fearful. If some are willing to stay, Qianjia will naturally guarantee the safety of them. And if we really want to leave, we too. It’s really shameless and I’m trying to stay, so if that’s the case, I will arrange for someone to send a few people back.”
Seeing that the persuasion could not be kept, Qianxunyi was also decisive, but he didn’t want to really befriend the Chang family sisters, and was very polite in words.
The one who sent them away was still the one who came after them that day. He didn’t speak much and had a calm temper. He just asked a few necessary words along the way and remained silent all the way.
The green hills were still there, and under the morning sun, they looked more energetic, just staring from a distance, and sighing in my heart.
How to pass is how to come back. Chen Feng was carrying the medicine box behind the two of them. The Qian family was helping to carry the luggage, and soon saw the courtyard gate at the foot of the mountain.
But I didn’t expect that there were many people standing at the door. When Chen Feng and the others came up, a group of people went and cast their sights.
Seven or eight are men. Except for an old man with a rickety figure, everyone else looks young and guards next to that old man in turn. Several of them are in black formal wear, and one looks the youngest. Man, wearing a casual shirt and a pair of fashionable jeans.
These people are fairly common to dress up, but the old man is just a very loose pale yellow robe, with a belt around his waist, a hairpin on his head, and a bun on his head, giving him the feeling of an ancient monk.
The old man sat on the stool, and this group of people seemed to be waiting for the Chang’s sisters.
Chen Feng was a little concerned, but he didn’t see the other party’s malice, so he just fell behind and looked at the situation before reacting.
Just a few steps, seeing the Chang family sisters come back, the old man also got up from the stool, all the people in the group had serious faces, only the young man in the white shirt was not taking it seriously.
“Excuse me, but Mr. Tu’s two disciples?”
Even if the old man stood up, his body couldn’t do much, and he couldn’t see his face clearly when he bent over. He walked up to the group of people and asked the Chang’s sister.
Long Ling stepped forward and said, “This is indeed the residence of my master Tutu, but my master has passed away for more than two years. I don’t know what happened to this old gentleman?”
Hearing that Mr. Tu was dead, the old man trembled suddenly. It seemed that he didn’t know about it. He regretted: “Such a medical saint has already left. It’s really sighing.”
The few people beside him were slightly weakened like old people.
Long Ling comforted: “Please don’t be sad, the old man. There was no regret when the teacher died, and he went away peacefully. Did the old man come to the small hospital for medical treatment?”
The old man put away his sad thoughts, and then said to Long Ling: “Misunderstanding, the old man is not seeking a doctor, but looking for an item. A valuable thing.”
Long Ling seemed very surprised. It may be that Mr. Tu didn’t tell her, but she couldn’t reject the other person directly because of this. She just said: “The master didn’t tell us about this, but it may be. The old man has forgotten it. The old man might as well go inside and talk carefully. If it is really such a thing, we will definitely return it to the old man.”
The old man nodded: “That’s fine, I’ll bother you.”
Long Ling opened the door of the yard. The group of people didn’t mean to go in, but the old man and the young man followed behind.
Chen Feng passed by them and took a look at their figures. All of them should be the kind of martial artist who has practiced martial arts. It is estimated that they are the bodyguards of this pair of people who look like grandparents.
But he didn’t say anything, just walked in with things.
After putting down the luggage of a few people at the door, Chen Feng let the thousand family members leave, and the grandfather and grandson had been taken to the lobby of the courtyard.
Long Ling was by his side, Feng Qi should have gone to make tea for the two guests.
There is no hot water in the tea, and it may take a while. Chen Feng quietly came to the side hall and listened carefully to their conversation.
At the moment when he just entered, Chen Feng felt that the old man seemed to have glanced at him intentionally or unintentionally, so he was also paying attention.
But at first it was just a little greeting. The old man recounted his and Mr. Tu’s acquaintance, and remembered it for a while.

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