Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 891

“This thing is something passed down in my family’s time. If it weren’t for the sudden disaster at home, we wouldn’t have troubled your master…”
Just as the old man was about to start talking about the treasure, Chen Feng was suddenly slapped on the shoulder.
Because his mind was placed next door, he unexpectedly neglected his side, but he woke up, only Feng Qi was looking at him suspiciously.
She lowered her voice and said, “You are eavesdropping, I want to tell my sister to go.”
The posture was actually about to walk into the lobby. Chen Feng was anxious and took her hand before stopping her body, and asked suspiciously, “What are you doing?”
Feng Qi smiled like a treacherous trick, and said, “You eavesdrop on what my sister is saying, so naturally I am going to tell her.”
Chen Feng was afraid that she would really pass, and hurriedly explained: “I don’t look like a good person, the old and the young, I am worried that Long Ling will suffer?”
Because of the deep affection of the sisters, Feng Qi also changed his face when he heard that, and asked anxiously, “What did you find? Did they deliberately compile the things stored by the master and then deliberately approach us.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly: “You really can associate, I just think something is wrong. First follow the observation, if something really goes wrong, and it will not be too long, you will directly define the person as a bad person.”
After listening to Chen Feng, Feng Qi snorted, and said in an angry tone, “You are just eavesdropping. Why are you still looking for a reason.”
Chen Feng had no choice but to say, “Well, even if I am eavesdropping, I am also protecting Long Ling, so please don’t make trouble.”
Feng Qiben just wanted to make a joke with Chen Feng, so naturally he wouldn’t really go to the lobby, snorted, and then went back to the kitchen to see if the water was ready.
And when I interrupted, I don’t know how much I missed, I just listened to it again.
Inside it happened that Long Ling opened her mouth, and she said, “In this case, this matter may really have been forgotten by the master, but our sisters have never been accounted for by the master. So the old gentleman asked about this thing, we may be unable to do anything. , Let alone where he put it.”
The old man seemed to sigh softly.
And the young man sitting there seemed to be a bit grumpy: “I don’t think you don’t know, you are deliberately embezzling. If you are not greedy, it would be weird.”
The old man looked at the young man and sternly rebuked, “Jie’er, Hugh is rude.”
And it seemed that the young man was quite afraid of the old man. As soon as the old man finished speaking, he lost his voice. He just sat firmly on the chair and looked at Long Ling angrily, his eyes coming out.
The old man then apologized to Long Ling again: “I made Miss Chang read the joke and hope to redeem her sin, and since Miss Chang doesn’t know where this thing is, the old man will not disturb the two here much, just hope The two of you can pay more attention afterwards. If you find that thing, you can contact the old man, I would be very grateful.”
Compared with young people, the elderly have much more profound skills in nurturing qi. They are not arrogant or impetuous, and they look like everyone.
Long Ling was also a little guilty in her heart. This should have been their initiative to apologize. After all, things were missing in their hands. But if the old man said so, she was even more embarrassed. She stood up in a hurry and said apologetically, “Mr. What is this? This is that we didn’t keep it properly. It should be that we say sorry. If we find it, we will notify the old man immediately.”
But the old man just smiled and didn’t say much.
I wanted to keep the tea away, but the old man refused, and took the young man to leave.
Long Ling said that he wanted to stay, but in the end, he had to take the two out of the courtyard.
When Long Ling returned to the lobby, Feng Qi came over just in time with tea, but when she saw someone left, she complained a few words, but she also curiously asked Long Ling, “Sister, why did they leave like this? , My tea has just been brewed.”
Long Ling said indifferently: “Let’s go if you leave, probably because I didn’t get the things back, and I felt a little unhappy. But this is not our problem. The master did not say anything related to this matter.”
Chen Feng also came out. He was curious about what it was just now, so he asked Long Ling, “What is that?”
Long Ling looked at Chen Feng and hesitated for a while. After hesitating, he said, “I heard it is a bead, the size of a lotus seed. But I have never seen it before in my memory.” She looked at Fengqi again and asked, “Feng Qi. Qi, do you have any impression?”
Feng Qi thought about it seriously, but only shook his head and said, “No.”
Although Chen Feng heard something, it was just something insignificant, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. The Changjia sisters just remembered a little, if they really found this thing, it would not be too late to contact the old man.
However, things are not so simple.
The stars shifted in the middle of the night, and there was no sound.
Chen Feng suddenly opened his eyes. When he reached his state, sleeping was only a way to maintain physical strength, but it was not necessary, so he still maintained a high degree of alertness to the outside world.
The rustling sound had lasted for a while, and finally aroused Chen Feng’s alertness. He sat up and listened carefully to his surroundings.
But soon he confirmed that there were people around him, and it was the Chang’s sisters who were naturally worried in his heart. He was afraid that they would have disturbed the other party and asked them to do something out of the ordinary. Chen Feng just carefully opened the door of his own room and touched it out.
At a glance, it turned out that the surroundings seemed to be moving, and in the yard where the Chang’s sisters were, Chen Feng also saw people, and she was even more afraid to let the other party discover herself, thinking in her heart, ready to confirm that their sisters are all right. , He can shoot.
It was so dark that the other party couldn’t see clearly for a while, and Chen Feng quickly moved along the wall to the opposite yard.
Soon after he came to Fengqi’s room, Chen Feng wanted to knock on the door to wake up, but immediately knew the stupidity of this idea.
After experimenting with the handle, Feng Qi didn’t have the lock. Chen Feng thought in his heart, didn’t he have the potential of a satyr, and he was so relieved.
But he also knew that it was not these times when the door was unlocked, which saved him the time to pry the door. He carefully opened the door of Feng Qi’s room, followed the darkness and swiftly got in.
Feng Qi felt that someone was shaking her body, and a voice calling her came from her ear, but at first he thought that she was in a dream, but when she became stronger, she knew it was not, and immediately opened her eyes.
A black shadow stood in front of her, panic made her want to yell, but before the sound came out of her throat, her mouth was covered by the other party. She struggled a few times, but the black shadow’s strength was great. It’s amazing, no matter how she moves, she can’t struggle.

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