Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 892

In this situation, it is natural to be afraid, and for a woman, it is even more of a disaster-like fear.
Feng Qi even had his eyes streaming out, but at this moment he heard the other party’s voice.
“Fengqi, it’s me. I let you go, you must not call out.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s voice, Feng Qi was relieved, but he seemed to remember that even if Chen Feng, he could not do this, and even more wanted to question Chen Feng.
Feng Qi just struggled wherever he was, but did not nod his head and said that Chen Feng didn’t know what she meant, and he dared not let go. He said, “There are people outside, we can’t disturb them. You nodded when you understood. ”
Only this time Feng Qi understood, and immediately nodded to Chen Feng.
When the restraints were released, Feng Qi took a big breath, then looked at Chen Feng in horror, and asked in a low voice, “Is there someone outside?”
Chen Feng nodded.
“Who is it? Do you want us?”
Chen Feng replied: “I don’t know, but it’s definitely not a good person. You hide first, and I have to go to remind Long Ling.”
Feng Qi grabbed Chen Feng and seemed unwilling to let him leave, “I’m afraid!”
Chen Feng also comforted: “I will protect you, you hide first, I will bring Long Ling over in a while. I promise, it will be soon.”
Chen Feng held Fengqi’s soft bare hand, the softness of the opposite sex, Chen Feng had already experienced, but every time he held Fengqi, he seemed to feel a different feeling. Fear and trembling.
Chen Feng shook his hand tightly, and then passed on her confidence to Feng Qi, and she said with a bit of dismay, “Then you must also protect your sister.”
Chen Feng nodded, and after releasing Feng Qi, he immediately went to Long Ling’s room.
But just after touching it, he found that Long Ling’s door was actually open, and the light in the room was turned on. His heart was thunderous, and he immediately rushed in.
Sure enough, there was no Long Ling’s shadow in the room, but when I looked inside, there was no trace of confusion, it was as if Long Ling had walked out by himself.
Looking left and right, Chen Feng didn’t find a figure either. It is estimated that those guys might have taken him away.
Chen Feng didn’t dare to stay longer, he was still thinking about Feng Qi in his heart, but fortunately, the two rooms were not far apart, so he walked around the wall and arrived.
Fortunately, there is still no movement here.
When he saw Feng Qi in the closet in Feng Qi’s room, Feng Qi asked worriedly, “Where is my sister?”
Chen Feng couldn’t hide it either, so he had to talk about the matter just now.
Feng Qi was about to cry immediately, and Chen Feng hurriedly comforted: “Don’t cry, now is not the time to cry, we have to save your sister.”
But it’s really not easy to stop, Chen Feng didn’t insist too much, just said: “I can’t leave you here alone…”
But before the words fell, Feng Qi’s door was pushed open, and two figures jumped in.
And they were surprised to see two people actually standing in the room, but Chen Feng didn’t even wait for them to react, so he hit them on the forehead with two punches.
The two fell to the ground pitifully, without even a shout.
“Hurry up!” Knowing that they had already begun to do it, and now is not the time to linger, Chen Feng immediately pulled Feng Qi and was about to escape.
And as soon as they left the house, someone immediately spotted them and chased them up immediately.
Chen Feng was unwilling to waste time on them, and he was also afraid of accidentally hurting Feng Qi, so he just pulled Feng Qi.
But after two steps, he found that Feng Qi was walking too slowly, so he could not help but hugged her in his arms and ran outside.
Feng Qi was just afraid. When Chen Feng hugged her, she did not resist, and even felt more at ease.
But when she thought of Long Ling, her heart became uneasy again.
After running out of the gate, Chen Feng saw a car parked on the far side of the road. It must have been the group of people driving over.
And he immediately thought that Long Ling might still be there.
But at this time, the guys chasing behind him had also ran out, and the loud shouts had already been heard by the guys outside.
So now Chen Feng is like a lamb being slaughtered.
At this moment, Chen Feng noticed that a comatose woman was being put in a car. Chen Feng didn’t think too much, and immediately chased after him.
Feng Qi also saw there, and shouted, “My sister, Chen Feng, chase after him.”
Chen Feng was already riveting enough, and he caught up with him as much as possible, but the car was already started, and when Long Ling got in the car, the car started immediately.
No matter how fast Chen Feng is, he cannot reach the speed of a Mercedes at full speed.
“Chen Feng, my sister she was taken away by those people.” Feng Qi’s heart immediately became flustered, but Chen Feng didn’t have time to talk to her.
The two or three guys who stopped in front of him rushed towards Chen Feng with weapons in their hands.
Chen Feng held Feng Qi with his hands restrained, but even so, he still flew a few feet and kicked the opponent, like a thousand pounds, making those guys unable to stand up anymore.
With the lying guy left behind, Chen Feng had already ran to a car. He opened the car door, put Feng Qi in first, and then took the driving position himself.
Before the group of chasing guys touched him, Chen Feng had already started the car.
Not long after chasing the car and leaving, you can still see the front car with its tail.
The speed of the car was very fast, and the accelerator was stepped on by Chen Feng.
Feng Qi even just sat down and was pushed onto the chair again by inertia. She had never experienced such a speed before, and when she stabilized her body, she could only feel the two sceneries disappear quickly.
I thought the speed would stabilize quickly, but there was an obstacle in front of him, and Chen Feng even shook the steering wheel, as if caught off guard and bypassed.
But again let Feng Qi check some of them fell under the chair.
“Squeeze the seat belt.” Chen Feng didn’t look at her, his eyes kept looking forward.
Just a car headlight, plus a dim street light, at such a fast speed, if there is a danger, it is no different from looking for death.
But neither of the two who were worried about Long Ling had any thoughts of slowing down. Feng Qi was flustered, but after squeezing the seat belts, more attention was also in the car in front.
It was very close to the car in front, and the other party finally noticed Chen Feng. The speed actually began to soar. After a while, he reached the same speed as Chen Feng. The distance between the two was maintained, and there was hardly anymore. Pull in.
At this moment, people are worried. Long Ling is still there. If the opponent is not well controlled, Long Ling is also in danger. Chen Feng is even wondering if he should lower his speed to ensure Long Ling’s safety.

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