Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 894

When Ah Si heard it, he agreed with excitement.
“I will make him unable to forget that feeling, and even make him like it.”
Chen Feng felt the chrysanthemum tighten as he listened, and felt sick in his heart.
But his hands kept moving, and between the guy’s legs and feet, he blocked more than a dozen whips.
And hearing Ah Si’s laughter, the young man also laughed: “A Si, you are really a real treasure. I knew it was absolutely right to bring you out this time. If you can subdue this guy, I Let my grandpa give you the weapon you always wanted.”
Exchanging moves with Chen Fengzheng, he didn’t expect that he could still be distracted and talk to the young man: “Master Jie, don’t regret it. Since you are willing to give me that thing, then I need a little real skill in that place. .”
While speaking, the whole person’s momentum seems to be a lot.
Chen Feng was kicked seven or eight steps away, standing there, trying to take a breath, but Ah Si didn’t give him any chance, as if he was bound to win that weapon.
Ah Si was already in front of him, and Chen Feng couldn’t hesitate any longer, either he tried desperately, or he was tortured in this way.
He made up his mind. After kicking over that hard leg like steel, Chen Feng even grabbed Ah Si’s ankle with one hand at a speed faster than that of the opponent, so that Ah Si could no longer make any money.
Ah Si could not twitch out, and was surprised, but looking at Chen Feng’s scarlet eyes, there was no reason to feel a trace of palpitations in the bottom of his heart.
However, he quickly stabilized his mind and yelled: “There is still a hidden strength. That is just right, so you can die clearly, and see how your fourth master is going to play with you.”
After speaking, Chen Feng grabbed the strength of his ankle, Lin Kong kicked out the other foot, and kicked Chen Feng’s left forehead with his right foot.
But just as Ah Si flew up, Chen Feng let go and pushed Ah Si into the air. Suddenly, Ah Si couldn’t take advantage of his whole body and could only watch Chen Feng throw a punch.
The punch looked slow, but it seemed to have a feeling of pressure from Mount Tai. For the first time, Ah Si felt scared, but this kind of scared emotion did not help him in any way, it just made him want to struggle inside.
Although slow but so accurate, Chen Feng punched Ah Si’s rising right leg, like a wooden stick violently hitting a boulder, and suddenly only the sawdust would fly up and the stick body would break.
With one punch, Chen Feng didn’t stop there. Then there was another punch, but still hit the same place, as if he was afraid that the punch would not work, and he made up the punch.
But Ah Si screamed in pain and screamed as early as the first punch. When the second punch passed, the voice didn’t even stop, but he couldn’t make a louder voice again.
Seeing Ah Si landed and howled, the young guy finally realized what had happened. He was anxious to get back into the car and wanted to use Long Ling to blackmail Chen Feng.
But now that he has gotten out of the car, it is not so easy to get up again.
He even grabbed Chen Feng by his arm just as he turned around.
Naturally, this guy wanted to break free of Chen Feng’s restraint, but the struggling arm no longer reacted the next moment. Only the killing Chen Feng was left in his eyes, and he tore off his arm abruptly.
Ah Si was still wailing on the ground, and there was an answering voice immediately. In the wilderness of this morning, it seemed to be a morning wake-up song.
But if the person is not four, then Chen Feng will never stop, one arm here and the other arm are also directly torn off by Chen Feng as if to be symmetrical.
The blood shot out continuously from both sides, like an open hand faucet, flowing rushingly.
The pain echoed, and even Feng Qi, who was sitting in the car, saw such a bloody scene, and his expression turned paler.
However, Chen Feng’s movements did not stop because of this. He was only bloodthirsty, but did not have the tendency to abuse. It was like letting the young master Jie get out of pain earlier, and Chen Feng broke his neck directly.
At this moment, a voice came from not far away, but Chen Feng did not react at all.
Chen Feng had no interest in the four of them, but continued to look at Ah Si who was still struggling on the ground.
He jumped up and jumped in front of Ah Si. He was about to do the same, but he was blocked by his hand.
Even looking at the opponent and discerning who the opponent is, Chen Feng has already hit his master with that hand.
The person who came was one of the bodyguards standing beside the old man with Ah Si, and besides him, four others followed him.
Seeing Chen Feng’s move, the few people also surrounded him, and the five immediately fought with Chen Feng.
Like the strength of A-4, Chen Feng can easily deal with one, and he can also deal with two a little bit, but now there are five martial arts guys who are not even weaker than A-4, even if Chen Feng reversed the technique, he could not do it. .
Chen Feng can only continue to withstand the attacks from those guys, but fortunately, he doesn’t feel any pain now, and his moves will not be slowed down by the pain in his body.
But this doesn’t mean that he can’t be injured, even everything is only half an hour, when the exercise is over, he is a fish that anyone can slaughter.
And half an hour looks very long, but it is just a few tricks. Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng worriedly. She knew Chen Feng’s weakness, and her palms would be squeezed and bleeding, but she couldn’t help. Chen Feng is half past one.
Even after watching Chen Feng staying on for half an hour, his face was full of pain and blood was bleeding on his body, and he fell down without any strength to fight back.
She looked at it with the same pain on her face. Those guys did not let off Chen Feng’s thoughts at all. She thought about going down and begged them to let them let Chen Feng go, but the pain filled her whole body.
She couldn’t do anything, the feeling of dizziness hit, like Chen Feng who passed out, she fell on the chair in the car.
Chu Yang finally sprinkled his own sunshine on the earth, warming every place, forests, roads, people, and Chen Feng who fell on the ground and the Chang family sisters in the car. .
everything is over.
Feng Qi didn’t know how he woke up, but it was like being at home, warm in the quilt, a little tired and unwilling to get up.
And what happened is just a dream, everything is false.
But Feng Qi knew it was not. She saw Chen Feng fall with her own eyes and saw someone die, so she opened her eyes suddenly.
It was discovered that she was not in the car or even outside, but in a warm house.

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