Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 897

Feng Qi handed a lunch box to Long Ling, and then said, “Is our attitude a bit too bad?”
But Long Ling said coldly: “They took Chen Feng away. This guy is here, there is no way to completely escape the suspicion. He may have pretended everything, even if he knows where Chen Feng is, he won’t tell us. ”
Feng Qi asked curiously: “Then what are we going to do? They control Chen Feng, but they seem to ignore us at all. Why is this?”
After thinking about it, Long Ling replied, “I guess they were not instigated by the old man Qian when they broke into the small courtyard. So when he found out, he felt very guilty for us. It was also because of the relationship between him and the master. The relationship makes him even more difficult to deal with us.”
Feng Qi asked hurriedly, “What about Chen Feng?”
Long Ling said, “Didn’t you say that Chen Feng killed that Master Jie? This kind of hatred is unforgivable. Even if Master Jie made a mistake first, it will still attract their hatred. So if we If Chen Feng can’t be rescued, he must be ill-advised.”
Feng Qi also looked worried, but didn’t know how to do it.
It has been a day before the Lord Qian finally showed up in front of them.
About the evening, Bai Su came over and knocked on the door of the two sisters. In the last two days, Feng Qi had been with Long Ling because of fear, and even slept on a bed at night.
Feng Qi opened the door and found that it was Bai Su. He still asked in an angry tone, “Why are you again?”
Bai Su said: “Grandpa Qian is back, he wants to see you, do you have time now?”
Hearing that the old man was back, Feng Qi immediately shouted to Long Ling excitedly: “Sister, he is back.”
Long Ling nodded and said, “I heard it, you don’t need to repeat it again. Let’s go over now.”
So Bai Su took the two and walked towards the other side of the area.
“What the hell are you looking for Grandpa Qian? I’ve been waiting for these two days. Is it because Grandpa Qian owes you what money?” Bai Su asked curiously.
“This matter has nothing to do with you.” Long Ling’s tone was still cold.
But Bai Su said: “If I know the cause of the matter, I can help both of you. My relationship with Grandpa Qian is pretty good. I think if I can say a few more words, it shouldn’t be wrong.”
Long Ling asked curiously: “You said you have a good relationship with him, what is your relationship? It is impossible for Master Qian to do something that he shouldn’t have promised because of a word from you.”
Bai Su said: “That may not be that serious, but if it’s about money or something less important, I can still worry about you.”
Long Ling became more and more puzzled, but these words were very unbelievable. Everything about money was called a trivial matter, and it seemed that there was no other major matter.
Long Ling did not continue under his words, and after a while, the three of them had already arrived at Master Qian’s study.
Bai Su knocked on the door in front and heard Master Qian’s voice, he opened the door, and the three of them walked in together.
Long Ling looked at Bai Su curiously, as if the dialogue between them and Master Qian did not require his participation.
But Bai Su didn’t seem to see it at all, walked to a chair in the study and sat down directly.
And Master Qian didn’t even mean to drive him away, so Long Ling had to endure it.
Entering the study, the old man was sitting at his desk looking at something, and when Long Ling and the others entered, he kept these documents aside.
The old man looked good, as if he could not see the pain of losing his son at all. After seeing the two sisters, his face fell silent a little, and said to Xiao Nan: “I’m really sorry. It’s so busy that the old can’t get away. I don’t know how the two young ladies are staying here. This white boy should follow my instructions and take good care of them.”
Therefore, Long Ling and the others have no good feelings for Bai Su, but they have been taken care of very well in the past two days. Long Ling nodded seriously and said, “Even though we have been here for two days, we are not willing. , The place where we stayed…”
The old man knew he was ashamed, and when he heard Long Ling say this, he immediately apologized: “The old man is too stubborn and unbearable. I also blame me for not teaching well. His parents died early, and the old man has been used to it. Character. Although he did that kind of thing without his knowledge, he was still guilty.
If there is anything that can save the two young ladies, Lao Yu will do his best to do it, no matter what it is. ”
Long Ling was dissatisfied and said, “Can you make up for our losses with such a sentence? I was so scared for so long that I almost thought I was going to die.”
The old man lowered his head, just listening quietly.
“My master kindly took care of that item for you. Although he may have forgotten to explain it, you can’t do anything to us because of this, and I almost let my sister and I die.”
The old man said guilty again: “It is indeed an old fault, but now that the matter is over, you can only try to make up for it. If the two of you have any ideas, you can say it.
And Long Ling was waiting for this. She knew that the old man would never let Chen Feng go easily, but he was also very guilty of Long Ling and them. If he could use this guilt to rescue Chen Feng, Long Ling would like to try. Give it a try, although the hope is not great.
Looking at the old man, Long Ling said, “We want to return to Chen Feng. He must be in your hands and give him to us.”
But when he heard Chen Feng’s name, the old man’s face changed immediately.
He said coldly: “This is absolutely impossible. Except for this thing.”
And Long Ling also insisted: “We don’t need any other compensation, we just need you to give him to us.”
The old man was silent and looked at the two sisters coldly.
Feng Qi hid behind Long Ling with scared gaze on his back. Long Ling was also scared, but he still stood there steadily.
There was a stalemate for more than a minute, but Bai Su, who was still sitting in the corner, broke the silence.
“I probably listened to this matter once, and I understand a little bit what you mean.” He said, looking at the old man: “Grandpa Qian, is it because you have some last resort to let the man named Chen Feng go? ?”
The old man thought about it, but nodded.
Bai Su looked at the sisters again and said, “Is that Chen Feng very important to you too? Does he have to come back?”
Long Ling didn’t know what medicine he sold in the gourd, but he nodded.

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