Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 898

Bai Su smiled and said, “If you say so, you must find something that can replace that Chen Feng, or one party is willing to pay the price.”
His words are meaningless. Naturally, there is only one Chen Feng, and neither of them can give up. How could a satisfactory result be obtained.
Bai Su felt the look in Long Ling’s contemptuous eyes, but he didn’t seem to care, and continued: “May I give Grandpa Qian a price to buy this man’s life.”
The old man looked at Bai Su with emotion and asked in disbelief, “Bai boy, do you know what you are talking about?”
Bai Su nodded indifferently, and said, “I naturally know that it is just the price of a life. I think if Grandpa Qian is willing to sell, I can definitely give a suitable price.”
Bai Su sounded very loud, and even Long Ling couldn’t help wondering again who this man was.
“Boy Bai, Grandpa Qian thinks he is not bad to you, why do you treat Grandpa like this?” the old man asked.
But Bai Su said disapprovingly: “That’s naturally because my surname is Bai! What I want to do, then I can do something. No one can stop you, including you, Grandpa Qian.”
The old man was so angry, looking at Bai Su, he couldn’t say anything.
What Bai Su said was right, just because his surname was Bai, he could have nothing to fear.
Seeing that the two people looked like they were fighting each other, Long Ling consciously didn’t say a word, and if Bai Su was willing to help her rescue Chen Feng, she would naturally be grateful.
The old man looked a little indifferent, and such a change made him very unable to adapt.
Bai Su smiled and said, “Grandpa Qian can think about it. I don’t think the two sisters should be in a rush.”
He looked at the two sisters of the Chang family, and continued: “But it’s better to think about it as soon as possible. As for the conditions, I think Grandpa Qian must also know.”
Bai Su stood up and walked towards the two sisters: “We can leave first and let Grandpa Qian think about it.”
He said this to the two sisters, Long Ling thought for a while, and still took Feng Qi and followed Bai Su out.
When he walked out the door, Long Ling asked curiously, “Bai Su, the Bai family? What kind of Bai family is it? You can let the other party let go with just this sentence.”
Bai Su smiled and said, “It’s just an influential family. Now the whole martial arts world has basically never heard of his name.”
“You don’t want to say, forget it.” Long Ling naturally took his words as an excuse. If he could oppress the old man in the room with this sentence, this Bai family is not as unbearable as Bai Su said.
“If you think so, so be it, I don’t have much to say.” Bai Su also didn’t want to say anything more.
After Bai Su sent the two Chang’s sisters back to their room, he walked into the lobby alone.
At this moment, there was no one inside. He walked to the center of the lobby and stood alone for a long time before someone walked towards him.
If the old man is here, he will be surprised why Ah San is here.
Ah San walked to Bai Su’s side and said respectfully: “The man named Chen Feng is in the basement now.”
Bai Su nodded: “Take me over.”
Asan replied, “Okay.”
Although this is Qian’s villa, all the keys in the dungeon are under the management of Asan, taking Bai Su all the way down without any hindrance.
Soon they came to the dark dungeon where Chen Feng was.
Asan opened the door for Bai Su, Chen Fengyi in the room was in a coma.
Ah San asked, “Does it need to be awakened?”
Bai Su did not answer, but walked to Chen Feng and looked at Chen Feng carefully.
Chen Feng’s current state is very bad. He is so angry that he may die at any time.
But to his surprise, even if he suffered such a heavy injury, Chen Feng has not died yet.
Bai Su asked, “What is going on with him?”
So Ah San carefully explained what happened between Chen Feng and Qian’s family.
After listening, Bai Su laughed: “I didn’t expect this guy to be so fierce that even Shaojie would dare to kill him. Do you know where he came from?”
Asan replied: “I’ve checked. This guy is from Southern Jiangsu. I heard that he came from a big family in Southern Jiangsu.”
“A big family?”
“Naturally, it is impossible to compare with Young Master Bai, but I heard that the family is almost finished now because of this guy.”
Bai Su said: “Forget it, let him wake him up, I want to ask him something,”
The water in the bucket next to him was still full, and Ah San picked it up and woke up Chen Feng again.
Xiaohui looked at a different guy in front of her, and asked curiously, “Who are you again?”
Bai Su said: “You don’t need to know this. If you want to survive, just answer a few questions obediently.”
Chen Feng naturally didn’t want to be instructed by such an arrogant guy, but closed his eyes and recuperated his spirit.
He knew that he had fallen into the hands of this group of people. There is a high probability that his life is hard to protect, but Chen Feng is not afraid of death, and naturally there is nothing else to worry about, but he is still a little afraid of the current situation of the Chang family sisters.
Bai Su didn’t care about Chen Feng’s attitude, and continued to ask, “You should know Feng Qi and Long Ling, right?”
Hearing the names of the two sisters, Chen Feng opened his eyes: “They are in your hands?”
Bai Su looked at Chen Feng’s nervous look and chuckled lightly: “The two are worried about you, and then you worry about them so much. It’s really touching. But it’s a pity that you are just a waste.” Suddenly His face turned cold, and he looked at Chen Feng very upset.
“Tell me, how are they?” Chen Feng shouted at Bai Su.
Bai Su returned to that indifferent posture and said flatly: “Only I can ask you questions. What is your relationship with the two sisters? If you still want to see them, answer me honestly.”
Chen Feng was really worried about the two Long Ling, but Bai Su used them to threaten him, and he seemed to have nothing to do.
“It’s just friends. You let them go soon.” Chen Feng replied helplessly.
Bai Su laughed again: “Very well, as long as you answer my questions seriously, I can promise to save you.”
Bai Su tore off Chen Feng’s torn clothes, revealing the scars inside. The whiplashes were already glowing white, oozing yellow and red liquid, which looked shocking.
“The injury is really serious.” But as he said, he pressed the biggest wound on his chest with his hand.

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