Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 899

There was a painful expression on Chen Feng’s face, but Bai Su didn’t mean to stop.
“I don’t actually mean much, I just want to be friends with the two sisters, but unfortunately, they met you first, which makes me really unhappy. So…. ”
Before he could finish speaking, Chen Feng said, “You want me to leave them.”
Bai Su laughed: “Sure enough, he is a smart person. If you agree, I will save you immediately.”
Chen Feng looked at him coldly, but didn’t say a word, the meaning was already beyond words.
Bai Su’s smile immediately cooled down, and he slapped Chen Feng with his backhand, and shouted fiercely, “Trash, you should stay in the trash.”
It seemed that because he didn’t get what he wanted most from Chen Feng, Bai Su continued to stay here impatiently, said something to Asan, and the two closed the door and left here.
Only Chen Feng remained in the dim basement.
In Long Ling’s room, Feng Qi and Long Ling were lying on the bed together, both seemingly tired.
Feng Qi put his face close to Xiao Nan’s neck, and gently sniffed the smell of Long Ling’s body. The faint smell of orchids made Feng Qi feel very peaceful.
Even if something happened recently, she can forget to sleep peacefully.
Long Ling also seemed to feel the anxiety in Feng Qi’s heart. He stretched out his hand to gently hug her in his arms, lowered his head, and his chin just touched Feng Qi’s soft hair, but it seemed that it had not been like this for a long time. Qi hugged intimately.
Long Ling whispered, “Fengqi, it seems we haven’t been like this for a long time.”
Feng Qi replied softly, “Well, it’s been a long time, but every time I’m beside my sister, I feel very worried.
Long Ling said: “With you by my side, I will feel a lot more relieved. After the master is gone, only our two sisters are left to depend on each other.”
Feng Qi raised his head and glanced at Long Ling’s face. The two of them looked like mirrors, only seeing the same face, but with different expressions.
Long Ling’s face is always slightly cold, but at this time his eyes are full of tenderness.
Feng Qi is still as usual, with a bit of innocence, she stretched out a hand and put it on Long Ling’s waist, and whispered: “I also miss the master, but I know that my sister can always Staying with me, I don’t feel so sad.”
Long Ling nodded and gently kissed Feng Qi’s forehead.
The two sisters comforted each other, but they also knew that the matter about Chen Feng was what they were most worried about now.
Still Feng Qi asked, “Does that Bai Su really want to help us rescue Chen Feng?”
Long Ling was also not sure: “That Bai Su looks like a very gentle person, but it always makes people feel that he is always hiding something in his heart, making it impossible to see him.
I think he is definitely not a simple person, nor is he what we see. ”
Feng Qi agreed: “Every time he talks to me, his eyes look very clean, but I don’t know what to do. I think that he wants to do something, although I can’t say it, it makes me feel I feel uncomfortable.”
Long Ling smiled lightly: “Then ignore him, stay away from him.”
While the two were talking, the door of the room was knocked.
“Are the two young ladies asleep?” Bai Su’s voice came from outside the door.
I just talked about him, but he knocked on the door without expecting that immediately, people couldn’t help wondering if they were eavesdropping.
Both sisters were a little flustered, and Long Ling replied, “Is there anything wrong with Mr. Bai? We are already asleep. We can wait until tomorrow if we have anything to say.”
“If this is the case, then I won’t bother too much. I originally wanted to talk to the two about Chen Feng. I just went to see him.” The voice outside the door said.
When Bai Su said that they watched Chen Feng, the two sisters immediately said, “Mr. Bai, please wait a moment.”
After the two sisters hurriedly sorted out, Feng Qi went out and opened the door to Bai Su.
The two wore clothes sent from the villa, just a few simple styles, pure white T-shirts and black pants, but they looked like two sculpted dolls on the two sisters.
Feng Qi led Bai Su in, and let him sit on the chair in the room, but she still retreated to Long Ling’s side.
Long Ling didn’t agree with Bai Su, and asked directly: “Mr. Bai said that he had met Chen Feng. I don’t know how he is now? Can Mr. Bai take us to see him?”
Asking two questions in a row, Long Ling’s face was full of worries.
Bai Su smiled and said, “Miss Long Ling really cares about the man named Chen Feng! But you also know what he did. Grandpa Qian can’t easily spare him no matter what he says.”
Long Ling naturally knew in his heart, but at least he also wanted to know Chen Feng’s life and death.
Bai Su also saw the worries on the faces of the two sisters, and immediately said with relief: “Although Chen Feng has indeed suffered some injuries now, but in general, he is not worried about his life. Don’t worry too much for the two of you. Grandpa Qian and I said After that, when he releases Chen Feng, with the medical skills of the two young ladies, he can definitely be cured.”
Feng Qi was a little anxious, looking at Bai Su expectantly, and said, “Can’t you take us to see him? I want to know how he is now?”
But Bai Su showed a look of embarrassment: “It’s really not that I don’t want to take you to see him. Even if I can let Grandpa Qian let him go, at least Grandpa Qian still doesn’t say anything. I really can’t presume too much. many.”
Feng Qi wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Long Ling. After thinking about it, Feng Qi knew that this request was too difficult.
She sat back a little bit dejected, and Long Ling asked Bai Su at this time: “Mr. Bai came here so late, shouldn’t he just want to tell us about this?”
Bai Su looked at Long Ling with appreciative eyes, and smiled: “There are indeed other things I want to tell the two of you.”
Long Ling said, “Mr. Bai might as well speak directly.”
Bai Su said, “Since Miss Long Ling is so direct, then I won’t be oblivious. It’s just that I helped the two young ladies with a purpose.”
Naturally, Long Ling had long thought that Bai Su must have some thoughts. She also asked calmly, “What does Mr. Bai want, money? Our sisters seem to have nothing to help Mr. Bai except for this medical skill. ?”
Bai Su shook his head and said, “Do you think I will be short of money? Although I have heard about the medical skills of the two young ladies, I really don’t need it that much.”

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