Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 901

The three of them were walking on a quiet path by the lake. The wind blowing from the lake had a fresh taste, and the occasional unknown bird calls were so crisp and sweet.
There are pedestrians around from time to time, and in this quiet place, they also secretly enjoy half a day of leisure.
Along the way, Bai Su would introduce something, tell some stories he heard, and sometimes make fun of them occasionally, but the two sisters just agreed and smiled, as if they were a little bit cautious and not so comfortable. .
Several people walked around the lake for a long time, and they were a little tired. Bai Su proposed to rest in the pavilion next to him for a while.
The two sisters followed him.
At this time, there were three or four people sitting in the pavilion. They saw Bai Su and several people coming, especially when they noticed the two Long Ling. The eyes of several guys were straight.
Although being looked at like this made Long Ling very uncomfortable, they still sat down beside the pavilion.
I thought that I could leave after a short rest, but I didn’t expect one of the three or four people to come over, with long hair draped over his shoulders, with an evil look.
He seemed to completely ignore Bai Su and went straight to the two sisters.
“Little sister, come out to play, are you interested in being with your brother!”
Before Long Ling and the others could speak, Bai Su coldly said to the long-haired man, “Get away!”
At this time, the long-haired man put his gaze on Bai Su, pointed at Bai Su fiercely, and said to him, “Boy, let me stay away if you know him.”
Bai Su didn’t talk too much nonsense. He directly raised his hand and grabbed his finger. When he broke it back, the man screamed in pain.
The long-haired man covered his injured finger with his other hand, and shouted at Bai Su: “I am going to kill you.”
Several people who were probably with him, kept looking at this side, and saw Bai Su doing their hands, and rushed over immediately.
One of them asked the injured long-haired man: “What’s the situation?”
“This kid broke my finger and fucked him.” The long-haired man shouted.
The two of Long Ling watched this sudden situation in horror, and Bai Su had already stood in front of them and protected them behind.
The three opponents raised their fists together and moved towards Bai Su, but Bai Su’s figure was agile. Those few people couldn’t touch Bai Su’s body at all. Without three or two punches, they were easily put down by Bai Su. land.
Only the man with the fingers in his hand was left, and he said with a panic: “You fucking wait with Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu calls for someone to go.”
After speaking, the few people who were lying on the ground slowly getting up, turned around and ran away by themselves.
Several of his companions also left the pavilion with them.
Bai Su turned around to look at the two sisters at this time, and asked with concern: “You haven’t been frightened, are you?”
Both Long Ling shook their heads. Although they had driven away a few people, Long Ling was still worried about what the long-haired man had just said, and asked carefully, “Will they come here?”
Bai Su smiled and said, “That kind of bastard is originally a scum, that is, he can say some cruel things, so I don’t need to take it seriously.
Seeing that Bai Su looked completely indifferent, Long Ling and the two were also a little relieved.
The three of them sat in the unmanned pavilion and took a rest for a while. Seeing that the time was almost the same, Long Ling suggested to go back.
Although Bai Su wanted to stay a little longer, he did not veto Long Ling’s words.
The three rushed back, but didn’t expect that they would actually run into a few people who had just ran away at the intersection.
The long-haired man also deliberately wrapped his injured finger. Behind him, he followed a dozen people, who seemed to be the one he had found to deal with Bai Su.
“Boy, you fucking run again.” The long-haired man said arrogantly.
Bai Su once again protected the two sisters behind him, handed a key to Long Ling’s hand, and said in a low voice: “Wait a moment if the fight really starts, you will run into the car, I’m afraid they will grab you and threaten you. I.”
Long Ling nodded.
At this time, the group of guys had rushed over, and seven or eight of them had tools in their hands.
Bai Su shouted: “Run!”
The two of Long Ling hurriedly ran towards the position of the car, but apart from the seven or eight who were sorry for Bai Su, several others had been staring at the sisters of Long Ling.
Seeing Sister Longling running away, she immediately chased after her.
Although the two of them were already trying very hard to escape, they couldn’t match the physical strength of a few bastards after all. One guy reached out and grabbed Feng Qi’s hair.
Feng Qi screamed, and could only turn around and struggle. Long Ling watched Feng Qi being caught, and stopped to help her.
But the two who came up immediately grabbed Long Ling’s arm. Their strength was so great that no matter how Long Ling struggled, they couldn’t get rid of it.
The sound of the two struggling and shouting finally attracted Bai Su’s eyes.
“Let them go!” he shouted at the group of people.
But naturally those guys wouldn’t do this. The long-haired man even yelled, “Stop for Lao Tzu. If you dare to do it again, Lao Tzu will scratch this little girl’s face.”
The knife in his hand had reached Fengqi, and when he entered Fengqi, he shouted again.
Bai Su looked at them fiercely, but still helplessly stopped his movements.
Then someone went up and punched Bai Su’s face, wiped his lips, and made Bai Su spit out a mouthful of blood.
“Damn, isn’t your kid very good at fighting?”
Then came another punch, which hit Bai Su’s stomach.
Bai Su bent down weakly.
Long Ling shouted at them: “Don’t hit him again.”
The long-haired man standing next to her smiled and said, “Why, Xiao Niangpi feels distressed. Now that he feels distressed, my elder brother stops fighting. Now I can be friends with my elder brother.”
Long Ling stared at him, and the guy didn’t care, he just smiled and touched Long Ling’s face. Long Ling wanted to avoid him, but was caught by someone, where could she hide.
The slightly squishy hands touched her face, causing her to frown in pain.
But the long-haired man seemed to be happy to see Long Ling’s pained expression.
There were a few pedestrians around and looked over here, and the guy beside the long-haired man said, “Those people may want to call the police. Let’s take them away.”
The long-haired man looked around, and it was really not good to stay here anymore, and shouted, “Tie up that man for me and take them along.”
As a result, Bai Su and Long Ling were taken to a long van, tied up, sealed their mouths, and couldn’t do anything.
Back in the Qian’s villa, in the basement where Chen Feng was, stood in front of him, a thin man.

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