Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 902

This man is wearing a black leather jacket, with a neat haircut, and a neat beard on his lips, which makes people feel that he is more mature.
Chen Feng suddenly opened his eyes and saw the guy in front of him.
But this guy didn’t do anything to him with the previous people, and Chen Feng asked curiously, “Who are you?”
The man whispered, “I’m here to save you. You can call me Baixing.”
Naturally, Chen Feng had never heard of this name, but he didn’t care, he just asked, “How are you going to save me?”
Bai Xing said: “Just take you out like this.”
Chen Feng curiously asked, “Is there no one to stop you, but I killed the grandson of this family, they won’t let me leave easily.”
Bai Xing nodded and said, “I know. But they won’t stop you from going out with me.”
Chen Feng just looked at him, as if asking him to verify if what he said was true.
Bai Xing didn’t speak any more, took out a key from his pocket, walked to Chen Feng’s side, and untied all the shackles on his hands and feet one by one.
Chen Feng was very weak now. Without the support of the shackles, he fell directly to the ground.
“Believe me now?” Bai Xing looked down at Chen Feng and said.
Then he squatted next to Chen Feng, took another pill from his pocket, and said to him, “This medicine can stimulate the potential in your body, allowing you to move for at least two hours.”
He put the pill in front of Chen Feng, and Chen Feng said, “Should he not be that simple?”
“As for those side effects, are they necessary for you? As long as they are not dead, they are better than they are now.” Bai Xing said naturally.
Chen Feng seemed to be persuaded by him and ate the pills in front of him in one bite.
Sure enough, strength began to emerge on the body, and the body began to become hot and dry, but it was like the glimmer of the dying person.
After a while, Chen Feng could finally stand up, and he coldly said to Bai Xing beside him: “You are not afraid that I will kill you now.”
Bai Xing didn’t have any fear: “Do you think it is necessary? Even if you kill me now, you can’t get out.”
As they were talking, two people ran over from the door of the dungeon. They seemed to belong to the Qian family.
One of the guys shouted at Bai Xing, “Young Master Bai, why are you doing this? Although the boss promised you, he never said that you would take this person away.”
Bai Xing replied indifferently: “Even if I want to deal with that guy, that is the Bai family’s own business. It is not your turn to tell me. Get out of me.”
After speaking, he walked ahead first, and Chen Feng followed.
When passing by the two of them, they did not move, and even wanted to say something, after being glanced at by Bai Xing, they held back.
When he reached the top, the rickety old man was already waiting here. He saw Bai Xing and asked, “You want to deal with your brother, I can help you, but this person, you must stay.”
Bai Xing looked at him disdainfully and said, “Old man Qian, you think I don’t know what you are thinking. That guy wants those two women, but I just can’t make him wish. And if you want to deal with him, Then give me a good job. I won’t lose any points for what you deserve.”
Then he ignored it and walked directly outside the door.
Chen Feng also glanced at the old man, and Chen Feng left like this in the eyes of the other party’s extremely angry.
There was already a car waiting for them outside the door. Bai Xing let Chen Feng get in the car, but he didn’t know where he was driving. Bai Xing remained silent all the time, and Chen Feng did not ask.
When he finally came to an abandoned factory, Bai Xing slowly said, “The two women who followed you are inside. You are now able to bring them out, but the guy with the surname Bai, you can’t move. .”
Although Chen Feng didn’t quite understand what he meant, he knew that the two women he was talking about were Long Ling.
So weirdly asked: “Why are they here?”
“You don’t have to worry about it, just bring them out. Remember, don’t touch Bai Su.”
The guys in the factory are a group of little guys. After coming up, Chen Feng grabbed a guy and asked, “Where are the two women?”
The man showed Chen Feng the way in horror, but Chen Feng still knocked him unconscious.
And he went all the way in, no one could stop him.
When Long Ling saw Chen Feng standing in front of the door, they were also very surprised.
Chen Feng rushed to unlock Long Ling’s seal, and Xiao Nan exclaimed, “Chen Feng, how could it be you.”
As Chen Feng untied Feng Qi, he replied, “Someone saved me.”
“But how do you know we are here?”
“That person told me too.”
With that said, he had already untied all the ropes bound on the two of them.
Feng Qi hugged Chen Feng with excitement, and couldn’t help crying.
Chen Feng stroked her back and comforted: “Okay, stop crying, haven’t I come back?”
But Feng Qi held him tighter instead.
“Let’s go, there is not much time left.” Due to physical reasons, Chen Feng did not dare to stay here more.
But Long Ling stopped him and said, “We have to save Bai Su, and he has also been arrested.”
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “He doesn’t need to save it. He directed and performed all of this.”
Long Ling looked at Chen Feng in surprise, and said, “How is this possible? I saw him being beaten and injured with my own eyes.”
Chen Feng said: “That must be fake too, let’s go, time is running out.”
But Long Ling hesitated. She really didn’t seem to want to believe that all of this was fake.
After thinking for a long time, he said, “I think we still have to save him. Even if it may be false, it may be true. He was caught for our sake.”
Feng Qi seemed to agree with Long Ling’s statement.
She also looked at Chen Feng expectantly. Chen Feng could feel that her body was really getting closer and closer to the limit, but Sister Long Ling asked so, and he could only nod helplessly: “Okay, then.”
The three of them went to the place where Bai Su was detained together, but before entering the door, they heard a voice coming from inside.
“Young Master Bai, I think it’s almost time. Why don’t you go out.”
And another voice that sounded more refined said: “Don’t worry, when they feel desperate, especially in the situation of starvation and poverty, my presence is more likely to arouse the sense of worship in their hearts.”
But he might never think that when he said this, the two people who originally needed him to save were standing outside the door and hearing them clearly.

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